Egyptian E-learning Platform

 Egyptian E-learning Platform

Egyptian E-learning Platform

In this topic, we explain how to enter the Egyptian e-learning platform and benefit from the services provided in it, including files, classes, and other links for e-learning at the different stages of education.

At first, you can access the e-learning platform through the following link:

Egyptian e-learning platform

You will go directly to the home page of the e-learning platform, which is as follows:

Through the main page of the platform, you can choose the service you want, which is as follows:

irst: the electronic educational platforms page

It is the page through which you can choose the electronic educational platform affiliated with the main platform, which you can benefit from according to the educational stage, whether it is in curricula, special education, or other platforms.

 E-learning platform page

Second: the electronic services page

It is a page specialized in providing various electronic services such as:

  • Create the unified account
  • Application for admission to the first grade of primary school
  • Kindergarten admission application
  • Inquire about the result of the basic education completion certificate
  • Online training and professional development platform
  • Egyptian Schools Directory
  • Examination platform
  • Online payment of expenses
  • Our children are abroad

Electronic services page

Third: The entry page for the Egyptian Knowledge Bank

Through this page, you can enter the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and benefit from the services it provides, periodicals, files, books and educational research in various fields.

The entry page for the Egyptian Knowledge Bank

Fourth: The departments page of the e-learning platform

It is a page that includes a link to the departments of the main e-learning platform and includes many departments as follows:

  • General administration for the development of music education
  • General Administration of Education Museum and Documents Library
  • Office of the Director General of Special Education (Educational Inclusion)
  • General Administration of Libraries.
  • General administration of the productive school
  • Home Economics Development Office
  • Agricultural Education Development Office
  • General Administration of Human Resources
  • Art Education Development Office
  • General Administration for the development of computer and information technology
  • General Administration of Examinations
  • Stem Schools Management
  • General Administration of Environmental, Population and Health Education

Departments page of the e-learning platform

Fifth: Citizens Service Complaints page

It includes a set of complaints services as follows

Within the framework of developing and improving the educational process, the Ministry of Education has allocated communication channels for parents, students and teachers to communicate with the Ministry and its affiliated directorates in order to solve the problems they face, and communication takes place as follows:

 *. Citizens Service at the Ministry’s General Office: Phone: 27946145 Fax: 27963734 Hotline: 19126 Email:

*. Contact us website portal:

*. Government Complaints Portal: To communicate via the call center, a number has been allocated: 01207000081 To communicate via WhatsApp: 01207000082 To communicate by personal submission: Mass Reception Hall (Ward Hand) in the Public Court

*. Please note that the complaint should include the following data: – The need to write the complainant who sends his complaint via means of communication (websites – fax) with the following data (three names – national number – phone number). Sending it via (mail – telegrams)

Citizens Service Complaints Page

Sixth: Contact us page

The direct contact addresses through the platform include: