Cloud Computing Definitions

 Cloud Computing Definitions

Cloud Computing Definitions

Cloud Computing appeared as a term in the late sixties, but its applications actually started in the year (2000 AD) and the integration of its systems in the year (2009 AD). In scientific meetings and conferences in the field of communication and information technology [1].

Cloud computing technology is a means to provide computer applications to users without the need to purchase, install and support them on computers, and contribute to the educational process through services provided in the form of tools for communication and collaboration, including (e-mail, contacts, and calendars) and office applications (creating and storing files). , and share it) and platforms for applications represented in the creation of educational websites, and this is shown by identifying what they are.

The concept of cloud computing (Cloud Computing)

Many definitions have been developed to define what cloud computing is, as the European Agency for Internet and Information Security (ENISA) has defined it as a general concept that includes Software as a Service, Web 2.0, 3.0, and other recent trends in the world of technology that share in meeting the needs of users with dependence. on the Internet.

It is also known as one of the technological methods that are characterized by speed and flexibility, in which computer services are provided to learners via the Internet, without the need to possess knowledge, experience, or even control the infrastructure that supports these services [2].

Mel and Grance convey the definition of the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as an electronic entity and structure that allows users to freely and freely use electronic programs and applications at any time and place via the Internet with minimal time and effort [3].

It is also defined as: a set of services based on the Internet through which each individual can store his information and data on a server (the cloud) in which each individual is allocated a certain storage space, and it provides him with a set of applications, programs and work platforms that allow him to perform some work and use Social media tools and web services 2 [4].

And it is defined as: the use of all technological resources and components, including hardware and software, and presenting them to beneficiaries through the electronic cloud of the Internet with flexibility, ease, and speed through computers or mobile devices to meet all needs [5].

It is defined as a technology that relies on transferring the processing and storage space of the computer to the so-called cloud, which is a server that is accessed via the Internet. Thus, information technology programs are transformed from products into services that allow learners to access them at any time and anywhere [6].

Nazik Al-Tahawi and others (2018) defined it as a technology that relies on transferring computer processing and storage space to the electronic cloud, i.e. converting information technology programs into products and services through a set of programs that meet the needs of users.