The Egyptian Russian University | Comprehensive report on specialties and expenses

 The Egyptian Russian University | Comprehensive report on specialties and expenses

The Egyptian Russian University

Comprehensive report on colleges, presentation, and the most important features
The Egyptian Russian University is one of the most famous and prominent private universities in Egypt, which is developed with a European academic system within the framework of achieving goals that qualify students for the best opportunities in the labor market.

So what is the Russian University and where is it located? What are the expenses and conditions for applying to the university?

Let’s get to know, my friend, all the details of the Russian Egyptian University.

About the Egyptian Russian University

Within the framework of global progress and renaissance in various fields and the technological development that has affected the core of business, trades and professions, the world has become in need of developing the curriculum and method of education in line with that development, especially the Egyptian method of education in universities, which is no longer sufficient in most of them.

The Egyptian Russian University was one of those universities that obeyed this desire for progress, as it set its most important goals represented in creating students’ skills that are not only scientific and theoretical, but also technical, cultural, social, scientific and physical skills that refine the student’s mind and qualify him to enter the labor market, and prepare him for a personality that allows him to endure Responsibilities and achieving a balance between Egyptian education and the work sector and society.

The Egyptian Russian University encourages innovation and develops academic programs that guarantee the student the educational quality that qualifies for post-university education.

The Russian University is located in Badr City near Cairo, specifically on the Cairo-Suez Road, 46 km from Cairo, and is located at the end of the main axis of Badr University.

Faculties of the Egyptian Russian University

In the Russian College, you find four main colleges, from which the various departments branch out, and they are the College of Oral and Dental Medicine, the College of Engineering, the College of Management, Computers and Vocational Technology, and the College of Engineering.

faculty of Pharmacy

Studying pharmacy at the Egyptian Russian University is among the best in the Middle East, and the student chooses the department he joins from among those departments at the Faculty of Pharmacy:

  • Drug department.
  • Department of Biochemistry.
  • Department of Immunology and Microbiology.
  • Department of Poisons and Medicines.
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • Department of Pharmacy Practice.
  • Department of Pharmaceutics.
  • Faculty of Dentistry
To enroll in dentistry at the Russian University means to achieve a high rank of excellence and leadership at the local, regional and even global levels, and within the framework of medicine’s message of community service, it presents the model of a distinguished doctor crowned with scientific research skills.
Departments of the College of Dentistry

  • Department of Oral and Dental Pathology and Biology.
  • Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.
  • Dental prosthesis department.
  • Department of periodontal disease, oral medicine and oral radiology.
  • Department of conservative dentistry.
  • Department of Medical and Basic Sciences.
  • Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
College of Engineering

Through the full support of the college for the educational process, the student achieves the best engineering, research and service skills in quality-guaranteed academic programs, which achieves for students the qualifications for the best opportunities in the engineering labor market.

Departments of the College of Engineering

  • Department of Architecture.
  • Department of Communications Engineering.
  • Construction Engineering Department.
  • Department of natural and mathematical sciences.
  • Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering.
  • College of Management, Vocational Technology and Computing

Through the programs offered by the college, the departments consist of:

  • Business Administration Department.
  • Department of Accounting.
  • Department of Economics.
  • Department of Political Science.
  • Advanced Computing Department.
  • Business information technology department.

College admission requirements

The college accepts Egyptian students who have a high school diploma, as well as those who have certificates equivalent to high school.

Expatriates are accepted, specifying some departments in which they are allowed to apply, as well as students who have enrolled in other universities and then wanted to transfer from them to a Russian university, but under special conditions for those exceptional cases.

Conditions for transferring from other universities to the Egyptian Russian University

The student transfers from private or public universities or institutes, provided that the minimum set by the college for transfer from colleges is observed, which is as follows:

College of Pharmacy: The student must obtain a total score of 90% or more.

Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine: He must obtain 90% or more.

College of Engineering: Must have a score of 80% or more
College of Management and Vocational Technology: Must have obtained 60% or more.

Computing program at the College of Management and Information Technology: must obtain 70% or more.

As for international students, the opportunities for degrees available to obtain a bachelor’s degree for them are:

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy.
  • Bachelor of Dentistry and Oral Medicine.
Bachelor of Engineering in specific disciplines as follows:

Robotics and mechatronics engineering, construction engineering, architecture, communications engineering.

Other departments will soon be available as follows: Energy Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Space and Satellite Communications Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in various fields.

Submission steps

Students begin the initial application to the college, and if the admission result is announced, the student goes to the college to apply for the final application and pay the fees.

For the initial application, he needs to go to the university’s headquarters, along with the required documents:

Secondary school certificate or its equivalent.

A copy of the Egyptian student’s identity card and a copy of the passport for expatriates.

  • A copy of the student’s guardian’s ID card.
  • Original and copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  • If the student obtained a certificate from abroad, he must bring a copy of a document proving the student’s residence in the country in which he studied during the study period.
The enrollment application submitted by the student.

The student can submit the initial application through the official website of the university through the following link:

Finally, why the Egyptian Russian University?

Because it is the most advanced and best academic program for developing student talents in all respects, and the Russian university degree is one of the certificates that strengthens your chances in the labor market, and it is also the first university to establish strong cooperation with Russian universities.