History of The Development of The Concept of Educational Devices

 History of The Development of The Concept of Educational Devices

History of The Development of The Concept of Educational Devices

The common concept of educational technology is related to educational devices, machines, or devices. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about educational technology is exhibitions of educational aids in schools, filming educational activities, and operating the sound unit in public meetings.

When talking about degrees in the field of educational technology, it soon begins to talk about the number of devices available in schools, computer networks, multimedia and the Internet.

This understanding of educational technology was acceptable at the beginning of the emergence of this field, as it came as a reaction to a new movement in the twenties concerned with the introduction of audiovisual technology in the education process, and this concept was synonymous with the term teaching by means of audiovisual aids.

But this field quickly began to develop, employing successive educational trends, education theories, and psychology in teaching methods using educational aids, until the term educational technology reached a more comprehensive and complex concept.

This common mistake in looking at educational technology may be due to the fact that technology in the concept of many means electronic machines and tools, which represent the tangible aspects of technology, and are used in the aspects of daily life. and the complex tasks that have to be planned, managed, and evaluated, to obtain the desired products.

Hence the importance of defining technology as the systematic application of scientific knowledge, to confirm that the machine depends on the method, or method, and it is considered an easy part of this broad field. Education technology therefore includes the theoretical and applied aspects, as it provides knowledge frameworks to support the application, and provides a knowledge base on how to identify and solve educational problems.

The field of educational technology relies on everything produced by the various fields of knowledge: education in particular, and theoretical and applied sciences in general, in building a field of knowledge concerned with designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating the educational process.

The concept of educational technology:

Therefore, educational technology has been defined as a systematic and organized process in designing, implementing, and evaluating the teaching and learning process, in the light of specific objectives based mainly on the results of research in various fields of knowledge, and using all available human and non-human resources to reach more effective and sufficient learning.

Therefore, educational technology is a renewed science that does not stop at the limits of the use and maintenance of educational devices. Rather, it is affected by theoretical changes facing the field and its applications, and notes how the field was affected by theoretical transformations from the school of behavioral psychology to the cognitive school and then to the structural school.