University of Cambridge Admission requirements and the most important majors

 University of Cambridge Admission requirements and the most important majors

Your guide to the University of Cambridge

Admission requirements and the most important majors
It is known to many people that studying at the University of Cambridge is a dream for many students and graduates as well. Who among us does not wish to win this golden opportunity and join this prestigious university.
Together, in our article, we will get to know the University of Cambridge and talk about it in detail, and we will provide you, dear reader, with all the information related to studying at the university, and we will also learn about the methods of application and admission requirements for joining the university, and we will also learn about the most important academic disciplines in it and the educational degrees that the university grants to its students.
An introduction to the University of Cambridge
Did you know, dear reader, that the city of Cambridge is one of the oldest cities in Britain, and it is considered a witness to the wonderful civilizational progress of the United Kingdom, and it is close to London, the capital of Britain, about 80 km to the east.
What distinguishes the city most is the presence of the famous and well-known University of Cambridge, as it is one of the best and oldest universities in the world as it was established in the thirteenth century AD in 1209 AD, and it was founded by some professors who left Oxford University after a dispute occurred over the execution of one of the university professors.
The University of Cambridge is considered one of the oldest universities that were established in the world, as the University of Oxford was established first and then the University of Cambridge, so it is called the second oldest university that was established in the English-speaking world, and it is also one of the seven ancient universities, it is also worth noting The University of Cambridge is ranked among the top 5 universities in the world.
The university is also one of the most important members of the Russell Group, which represents British universities, and is also a member of the Coimbra Group, which represents a group of European research universities.
The University of Cambridge is among the top 20 universities and receives ⅔ of the UK’s research grants.
Study At Cambridge University
The University of Cambridge is a well-known and well-known university with an age of more than 800 years. It is also a large and ancient educational institution. The University of Cambridge constitutes a distinguished educational system for more than 23,000 undergraduate students and many postgraduate students. The university also offers a large number of diverse groups of courses and degrees. For students, it is worth noting that the university grants all educational degrees to its students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and professional degrees).
The University of Cambridge is a public university. It is the oldest university in the world in the field of mathematics, physics and natural sciences. The university occupies first place in the subject of anthropology globally. The university is also ranked among the best universities in the world in terms of the research and study system as well as international expectations.
The University of Cambridge considers it unusual because it does not have a university campus of its own. The university includes many educational institutions, as the university consists of 31 colleges. Each college is considered part of the university but is independent in its management.
The university also includes more than a hundred institutes, the academic departments of which are approximately 6 schools. The university is also considered one of the most important publishing houses, and it is the oldest printing press in the world and represents an important historical monument indicating the beginning of printing. This printing press was licensed in 1534 AD.
The University of Cambridge is also responsible for managing a large number of museums of up to about eight museums of science, culture and the arts. Sedwick Museum of Geosciences, Fitzwilliam Museum, Kettlesyard Museum, Yale Museum of the History of Science).
Coursework at the University of Cambridge
The university ranked first in the world universities in 2010 according to the QS classification. The university includes more than one hundred departments in various scientific fields.
It is also important for you, dear reader, to know that the university contributes to society by providing the best opportunities for learning and research and providing the best educational level. The university also offers a good level of accommodation and stability for students to achieve their dreams and aspirations.
 The university is one of the best universities in the world and is home to a large number of students that exceeds 18,000 students annually from all over the world and different cultures. The University of Cambridge also includes more than 4,000 international students from different countries and summer schools offer about 150 courses for students. The university also offers courses to obtain a bachelor’s degree In engineering, sciences, humanities and social sciences, and in arts as well.
The university offers many study programs such as natural sciences, technological sciences, and literary and human sciences. The university has graduated more than 87 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, including the well-known great scientist Isaac Newton, the scientist Charles Darwin, and among the scientists who graduated from the university also the world Frederick Sanger, the scientist Francis.
The University of Cambridge has also achieved great successes in these four categories: education, research, innovation, and specialized standards. The university is also a strong competitor among the world’s best universities in natural sciences, geography, literature, history, languages, and mechanical engineering.
Among the most important faculties or majors of study at the university:
  • civil engineering Department
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of General Engineering
  • Planning and construction department
  • Department of Computer Science and Technology
  • Department of Economics and Political Science
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of General Medicine
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine
  • law Department
  • Department of Languages
  • Department of Geography and History
  • Department of Archeology
  • Mathematics department
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine
The university also includes a huge library and is considered one of the main libraries in Britain. This library consists of several separate libraries, including:
  • Gordon Moore & Betty Library
  • Basic Science Library
  • Medical Library
  • Law Library
The main library in the university building
Study majors that can be studied for a bachelor’s/master’s/doctoral degree
There are some majors in which a student can obtain a bachelor’s degree and they can be divided into engineering, science and arts.
Bachelor of Engineering: Among the existing engineering majors are information engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical and biological engineering, electronic engineering and other engineering disciplines.
 Bachelor of Science: Among the most important majors in this department that many students wish to enter are geography, history, physics, media, psychology, international marketing, and there are also other majors.
Bachelor of Arts: Majors in this department include history, social welfare, arts, financial management, shopping, accounting, and economic management.
The university also grants a master’s degree to its students. One of the most important study programs in which a master’s degree is obtained is: The Science Department, which is one of the most important and prominent departments in which this degree is granted. There are also other majors such as home economics, economics, arts, history, and shopping.
There is also a doctoral degree at the university. The university offers many programs in which you can obtain a doctorate degree.
  • biology
  • Medicine and surgery
  • natural therapy
  • geology
  • Physics and life science
  • Humanities
  • psychology
  • the law
  • mathematics
  • Housekeeping and economics
  • Computer Science
  • global marketing
  • the design
Admission requirements for admission to the University of Cambridge
It is normal for the university to set some conditions before approving the application of international students to join it. These conditions can be summarized in the following points.
It is required that the student be academically and academically outstanding. The student must have obtained a high cumulative total in his secondary school certificate. If the student has a desire to obtain a master’s or doctoral degree, he must have obtained high degrees in the bachelor’s degree.
It is also required that the student be proficient in the English language
It is important for a student or student at the university to obtain one of the following certificates
TOEFL Certificate It is important that the student obtains at least a score of 110 in the test and a total score of 25 in each section.
IELTS Academic Certificate It is important for the student to obtain at least a 7.5 average in the test, and his score must not be less than 7 in each section.
C2 Proficiency Certificate, which is a certificate provided by the university for proficiency in the English language. The student’s score must not be less than 200 in the test, and he must obtain at least 185 degrees in each section.
Singapore Integrated Program (SIP).
Good scholastic resume
It is required that the student submit a letter of recommendation from one of his teachers or professors at the university. The letter explains the student’s superiority. The student must also provide some information such as research and scientific activities and his attendance at conferences. All this increases the student’s chance of admission.
How to apply to the University of Cambridge??
Thanks to the university’s academic reputation and its distinguished and well-known educational system, many students want to join it, but there are many students who have financial obstacles, so they cannot pay the costs of studying at the university.
However, the university provided them with solutions and gave them opportunities to study in them. The university provided its students with many scholarships that help them join them easily without a financial obstacle standing between them and their dream.
It is important for the student to know how to apply to join the university. When the required conditions are completed, the student applies through the following steps.
The student begins by filling out the form for applying to UK universities, which is UCAS, and is located on the official UCAS website, where the student begins to create his own account and fill out the application form. When the student wants to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine, he fills out another form, Medecine graduate course.
A copy of the general secondary certificate is submitted, and sometimes the student’s academic record is requested.
The student submits an evaluation letter and it is possible to ask him during or before the personal interview.
After students take these steps, all those who meet the conditions are invited for a personal interview. Interviews are usually conducted in the first three weeks in December.
The university studies all applications for enrollment and personal interviews that have taken place, and the results are usually published within a month.
Here we may have come to the end of our article, after we got acquainted with the best universities in the world and the most ancient of them is the great University of Cambridge, and we got to know everything related to the university in terms of its origins and history.
After we got to know the University of Cambridge together, do you see, dear reader, that there is something that distinguishes it and makes it a golden opportunity for those who obtain it?

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