For Egyptian master’s students Eni Oxford University Scholarship for Africans

 For Egyptian master’s students Eni Oxford University Scholarship for Africans

Eni Oxford University Scholarship Details

Eni Oxford University Scholarship, conditions, qualifications, selection criteria and required documents

The Oxford University Eni Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship jointly offered by the University of Oxford and the British energy company Eni, and is offered to African Masters students.

Oxford University is one of the seven ancient universities, as it is a large and distinguished educational edifice that offers many educational programs and free courses, so the scholarship is a good opportunity to obtain an educational degree from a prestigious and international university.

Through this article, we will provide you with the most important details and information about the Eni Oxford University Scholarship, in addition to introducing the company and university funding the scholarship, so let’s continue together.

A simple overview of the Oxford University funded scholarship

The University of Oxford is located in England in the city of Oxford, and the university is the oldest English-speaking university in the Western world, in addition to being one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world.

As it occupies the second place in the world in terms of establishment, its founding may go back to the year 1096 AD, as it is one of the seven ancient universities.

The University of Oxford is ranked fourth among universities in the world in terms of excellence, and it is also ranked first in the United Kingdom thanks to the high quality of its research.

In addition, it is also one of the world’s leading educational institutions and a member of the Russell Group, a group of leading British private research universities.

The university is also a member of the Compira Group, a group of leading European universities, a member of the Europium organization, and one of the elite group of 6 universities classified globally according to high quality, and it also ranks first in the world in terms of the volume of research submitted by it.

The University of Oxford includes about 38 colleges, each of which is independent with its management and funds, and it also includes about 6 private teaching halls.

The most important information about the Eni Scholarship Oxford University

Available educational degrees: The scholarship is inclusive of postgraduate studies, a master’s degree only

Majors and fields of study: Business Administration major

Deadline for applying for the scholarship: There is no deadline for applying for the scholarship, as the application for the scholarship can be submitted at any time

Who is this scholarship for: The scholarship is available for African students

Study or scholarship country: United Kingdom (Britain)

Host university: University of Oxford

The organization organizing the scholarship: Oxford University in partnership with the British company Eni Master Scholarship

Duration of the Program: The duration of the study of the MBA program at Saïd College of Business Administration at Oxford University is one year and it is full-time

Scholarship Type: The scholarship is fully funded, as it covers tuition fees, in addition to providing a monthly stipend to the winning students.

Country of citizenship or countries that can apply for the scholarship
The scholarship is available to all African countries in which there are branches of the British company Eni, as follows:

  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Algeria
  •  Morocco
  • Libya
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Angola
  • Mozambique
  • Ghana
  • Gabon
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
Details of the Oxford University Eni Master Scholarship

Eni is a British multinational energy company and provides many scholarships for students, especially African students. The Eni Oxford University Scholarship in the United Kingdom provides an opportunity for African students to obtain a master’s degree in business administration from a prestigious and prestigious university.

The scholarships are funded by Eni International Energy, a British multinational energy company that provides many scholarships to students, especially African students.

It also has many branches on the African continent, where the continent provides the company with more than half of its production of natural gas and crude oil, so Africa is for Eni the past, present and future.

Eni has a long tradition of supporting scholarships, and in order to enhance its expertise in its fields of work, Eni works with the best and most prestigious international and national universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Oxford and the leading Italian universities.

The scholarship covers tuition fees in full with a monthly stipend. It is a message that embodies the United Nations goals for sustainable development.

Eni contributes to achieving the goals of sustainable development, by offering strategic cooperation, which in turn focuses on specific areas of common interest such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, youth employment and agricultural value chains, especially in Africa.

  • Advantages and benefits
  • The scholarship covers full tuition fees
  • Provide a monthly stipend
  • Provide a grant for living costs
  • Pay for the round-trip air ticket
  • There are approximately two scholarships available
  • Terms, qualifications and application requirements
In order to be eligible for the Eni Oxford University Scholarship, you must fulfill some conditions, including:

  • To be a resident of an African country in which Eni is active
  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited African university
  • Achieving a score of 110/120 in the TOEFL- IBT tests
  • Two years of full-time work experience, plus a full page CV
The program looks for evidence of international experience and professional advancement, as well as the student’s ability to demonstrate leadership potential but does not require experience in a specific sector.

  • Ability to speak English
  • Understand the applicant’s career goals
  • Strong academic foundation and professional experience
  • The applicant should have a background in multiple environments and cultures
  • Maturity and outstanding leadership
  • Grant selection criteria
African MBA candidates with high ambition and potential who can better lead and govern the African continent

The Eni Oxford University Scholarship is also awarded based on academic excellence through award results, GMAT or GRE scores, academic achievements and previous undergraduate awards.

  • Required Documents
  • Submit a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • GMAT score or GRE score
  •  Submit a practical experience certificate with at least two years of professional experience
  • A one-page CV
  • Two references, either academic or professional
Oxford MBA Program in Business Administration

The MBA program builds on Oxford University’s long tradition of developing leaders, so the program provides students with a solid grounding in core business principles.

In addition to broad mindsets and an understanding of the role and function of business in society, Masters students on this scholarship will be challenged to delve into the various fields of interest to them the most and acquire strategic skills and insight in order to be able to lead a meaningful and successful career.

Through the program, she is exposed to several relationships and experiences such as:
  • Good and rigorous academic experience
  • Get to know thought leaders
  • Various job opportunities
  • Connected global network
  • Dealing with and getting to know a variety of students
what are you learning?

During your study of the Eni Oxford University Master of Business Administration scholarship, you will acquire many skills, which are represented in the following points:-

  • negotiation
  • Leadership
  • leading businesses
  • Build strategies
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Work with a team spirit group
  • Develop your ability to think independently, lateral and logically
  • Well empower yourself to become a global leader
  • Define and shape your career goals by studying industry-related electives
  • Building and establishing basic skills through the basic courses offered
Program structure

The University of Oxford MBA program lasts a full year and consists of nine core courses, designed to develop the student’s understanding of business as he deeply immerses himself in business principles from accounting to marketing and from strategy to the study of organizational behaviour.

Fundamentals and basic principles of business include comprehensive topics and are related to the global challenges that shape and influence the business environment today. The student will explore these topics extensively in units and integrated courses dedicated to them throughout the year.

The core courses of the MBA program combine a blend of hands-on learning with case studies and real-world applications, providing a good opportunity for students to be global leaders and pioneers.

Through this article, we have provided you with the most important information and details about the Eni Oxford University MBA Scholarship for African Students.