Google Keep: Free Note-Taking and Keeping Service

 Google Keep: Free Note-Taking and Keeping Service

Google Keep: Free Note-Taking and Keeping Service

Many people wonder what is Google Keep? Here is the simple answer: Google Keep is one of the important applications that can be downloaded on smart mobile phones in general, and it is one of the important applications provided by Google. It is used to write and save notes and perform many routine tasks such as creating lists and alerts for free. You can run the Google Keep application on a computer, and you can also run it on mobile phones and smart devices such as Android devices, and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

In this article, we will shed light on the most important information about Google Keep, and we will also learn about the most important ways in which we can use this application.

What is Google Keep Google Keep?

Google Keep Arabic google keep is a service provided by Google for the purpose of recording and keeping notes and other tasks. This service is available in all application stores, such as the Google Play apps store for Android systems, and the App Store for the ios operating system, iPhones and iPads, and thus it can be run on all types of different mobile phones and tablets, whatever the system they operate. with it.

 In addition, this application can also be accessed and operated via Google Drive as well, as this service can be run through computers or smart applications on mobile devices, so that users can quickly take all their notes and refer to them easily.

It is worth noting that this application was launched on the twentieth day of March in AD, as Google made it available in all stores for downloading on different mobile phones.

Why do people choose Google Keep?

After getting to know what is Google Keep? We know why most people choose the Google Keep application to save their information, notes, and ideas, and it is worth mentioning that the reason for this matter is that this application preserves the privacy of all information that is written on the notes of this application very securely.

As there are a number of individuals who worry about this matter, but this application has helped these individuals to get rid of this stress about their own information, in addition to that it works to provide a large number of lists and tools that make this application one of the best applications for a large number of individuals.

Using the Google Keep program

Many individuals want to know the most important uses of the Google Keep application, as some individuals make those uses of this application, and through our article we will learn about all the uses of the Google Keep application, as follows:

  • Extracting text from images is one of the main uses for which this application is famous, as it uses OCR (optical character recognition) to extract text within images.
  • This application can also transcribe the audio recordings that are on the smartphone.
  • It also makes only one column appear in the interface, or several columns, depending on what the individual needs through this application.
  • In addition, the application allows the individual to color the notes that are important to him, in addition to naming and arranging them as well
  • One of the most important uses that you can make through the Google Keep application is to pin important notes as well.
  • Google Keep also allows people to collaborate in taking notes, or posting them to each other.

Features of the Google Keep application

After getting to know what is Google Keep? We now know the most important features that characterize the Google Keep application, as there are a large number of features that all individuals who use this application get continuously, and among the most important of these features appear as follows:

  • It can be used on any mobile phone, regardless of the system on which it operates, whether Android or iPhone, in addition to that it keeps all the notes and ideas that are related to the individual permanently, as it does not remove them unless the person wishes to do so.
  • It is used to jot down ideas and notes in an easy and simple way.
  • Using many colors by writing down ideas on his website, in order to facilitate dealing with these notes and arranging them according to the need that the individual needs.
  • In spite of this, it is not limited to him to write notes only, but the individual can record many different audio clips, and attach an infinite number of pictures inside it, and pictures can also be drawn through this application as well, and this is what makes individuals She accepts it greatly.
  • Also, all the services available in the Google Keep application are fully compatible with Google Drive services as well.
  • In addition, the individual can add many alerts and reminders to him through this application easily and conveniently, according to the times that the individual sets within the application,
  •  These alerts can also be added by selecting some places through the use of the map as well.

 Download the Google Keep mobile app

Google Keep applications can run on various platforms for mobile phones and tablets, and on desktop devices as well as for computers and Windows systems.

You can download the Google Keep application for Android systems through this link.

 Google Keep for iOS can be downloaded from this link.
Run Google Keep

 The Google Keep program can be run through the computer through the browser program, where the program is logged in and started to use.

The program is run on mobile phones and smart devices by running the Google Keep application after downloading its application.

How to use the Google Keep app

It is worth noting that there are some steps that are followed in order to use the Google Keep application in general, as some individuals want to know the most important of these steps that help them in how to deal with the application in an easy and simple way, through the following steps.

The first step

The application is downloaded to the individual’s mobile phone in order to deal with it and use it in a simple way, through the store for applications that exist on different mobile phones, and then install it in order to open it easily and start dealing with it.

The second step

Through this step, the individual begins by creating a page for the notes and ideas of the individual in general, where the individual can modify and organize them at any time possible, and among the most important tools available through this application that help the individual take his notes, as follows:

  • Modify and organize notes in general and simplified.
  • There are some menu-specific settings as well.
  • It can save the drawings and pictures on the phone in the form of notes.
  • Plus color the notes too.
  • Allows to archive lists and notes for reference when necessary.
  • Finally reminders for notes can also be set up.
The third step

In conclusion, the individual can share the notes in order to be viewed by the individuals that the blogger allows them to see, and those notes can also be modified.

How to extract texts from images in Google Cape Arabic

You can extract texts from images in Google Keep by following these steps:

1. Create a new note with image. New note with image.
2. Choose an image with text.
3. Click the three dots below the note, then choose the grab image text command.
4. Wait for the text to be extracted from the image, to appear below the note image.
 Google keep app protection

In continuation of the discussion of our article, what is Google Keep? We know that all information and data on the Google Keep application are protected in general, as some individuals worry about their privacy being violated, and they fear that the information contained in their Google Keep application will be violated.

 Therefore, through our article, we learn that the Google Keep application works to completely protect all information and data that resides on the site., and this is what appeals to all individuals who use this application in general.

Google Keep offers a variety of features to keep lists and note-taking in check. While Google Keep may not be the most advanced note-taking app out there, it has enough features to satisfy most users’ needs. However, many of these features are not directly apparent.

Therefore, we have collected below a set of the best tips and tricks, and we will provide a detailed explanation of them, to help you take full advantage of the Google Keep program and application to its fullest potential. We demonstrate this using the Google Keep app for Android, but these instructions also work for the desktop version of the program.

#1. Create a smart shopping list with Google Keep

Creating a shopping list with Google Keep is as simple as creating a regular list, but why not make it smart to make it more efficient? Linking Google Assistant to Google Keep allows you to add items to a shopping list with your voice. You can create as many lists as you like this way.

1. Create and name a list with checkboxes in Google Keep.

2. Press and hold the talk button located at the bottom of the Android interface in the center (the button marked with a square).

3. Say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” to open the Google Assistant settings menu.

4. Click View All Assistant Settings.

5. Scroll down and tap Notes & Lists.

6. Tap on the radio button next to Google Keep.

You can now say, “Hey Google, add (item) to my (list name) list.” Google Assistant will check your Keep listings and automatically add that item to the item selected in your order. You can also say, “Hey Google, remove (item) from my (list name) list” to remove an item.

#2. Import your notes from Google Docs

Google Keep is a great way to take notes or save photos while on the go and roaming to record everything that comes to your mind, whatever the situation or the right place and time. long? Fortunately google keep is integrated into Google Docs, so you can quickly add your notes or images to a Google Doc. And there are two ways to do this, depending on which application you’re starting this process from.

Import Keep notes from Google Docs

This method only works on the desktop version of Google Docs.

1. Open Google Docs.
2. Click the arrow button in the lower right corner of your screen to expand the side panel.
3. Click the Google Keep icon on the right of the screen to open the Keep panel.
4. Drag and drop your notes into your document.

You can also create Keep notes within Google Docs by clicking the Take a Note button at the top of the Keep panel. Notes created this way contain a link to a Google Doc, so you can easily access the document by opening the note within the Google Keep app.

Copy the keep note into Google Docs

Within the Keep app, you can copy a note into Google Documents. It copies the formatting, except for lists converted to bulleted lists.

1. Open any note within Google Keep.
2. Click on the three dots button in the lower right corner of your screen.
3. Click Submit.
4. Click Copy to Google Docs.
5. If the note doesn’t have a title, it will be saved as a Google Keep Doc in Docs.

#3. Change default reminder times

When you create a reminder in Google Keep, you have the option of morning, afternoon, evening, or night and set the reminder to run at a later time, as well as a custom time option. The Morning, Afternoon, and Evening options have preset times, but you can change them in the Settings menu. It’s not a huge change, but it can save you a few clicks when setting your reminders.

1. Tap the three lines button in the top-right corner of your screen to open the navigation drawer.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Click Morning, Afternoon, or Evening.
4. Choose a time and click OK.
5. Click Morning, Afternoon, or Evening.
6. Adjust the time as you like.
7. Click the OK button.

Now, when you set a reminder, you’ll see your pre-set times take effect.

#4. Use stickers to organize your notes

Labels are a great way to organize and search your notes. Keep notes can be filtered with labels, and you can add multiple labels to notes. There are multiple ways to add labels, but we show you the most convenient way to create a label and add it to a note.

1. To create and add a sticker to a Keep note, open any note.
2. Click on the three dots button in the lower right corner of your screen.
3. Click on labels.
4. Click the check box next to an existing rating, or click Enter a rating name to create a new rating.

#5. Install the Google Chrome extension to quickly add photos and web pages to Google Keep

The Google Keep Google Chrome extension is a great way to improve your Google Chrome experience. One of the best Chrome extensions, Keep, allows you to add web pages and photos to your Keep account with just a few clicks.

1. Install the Google Keep add-on.
2. Right-click on an image or anywhere on the webpage.
3. Hover over Google Keep Chrome Extension in the context menu.
4. Choose an option. No matter which option you choose, your Keep note will contain the URL of the web page.
5. The image is saved to Keep, and you can add a note or label to the item from the popup.


In conclusion, we have got to know the Google Keep tool provided by Google, in addition to that we have learned about the most important parameters related to this application in general, and how to use it to create notes, deal with them, and manage them, and we hope that this information will be used in detail.