how to make money on facebook

How To Make Money on Facebook 

How To Make Money on Facebook

Users have started looking for how to profit from Facebook almost since its appearance in 2004, but in fact the concept of profit from Facebook has been for many years just an implicit concept, that is, there were no direct ways to profit from Facebook.

The idea of ​​​​profiting from Facebook stemmed mainly from the marketing capabilities and opportunities that could be achieved through it. This was the case until 2014 and Audience Network came along, and since then everything has changed.

In fact, now there are many ways to profit from Facebook directly (that is, you will get money from the Facebook company directly), in addition to many other indirect ways that depend mainly on the marketing power of Facebook (that is, as a source for obtaining visitors).

In this article, I will show you more than ten different ways to profit from Facebook, so pay your attention for the next few minutes, because this topic is really worth your time and may change your life completely, and do not forget to follow the links that I will put for you because they are very important and complementary to the topic.

Look at the following post from our Instagram account – which I advise you to follow by the way – you will find some important statistics that indicate the importance and power of Facebook.

In fact, a huge entity like Facebook was not satisfied with just ascending to the throne of social media, but in the past few years it expanded the scope of its services and specializations, and this, in fact, created huge profit opportunities for everyone who is smart enough to take advantage of what Facebook offers.

It is worth noting here that most of the ways to profit from Facebook, whether direct or indirect, need a Facebook page to achieve them.

If you do not have a Facebook page, you should return to the article How to create a Facebook page, and start following the steps to create your page.

First, the direct profit methods from Facebook:

In this part, we will discuss a set of relatively direct and modern ways, through which you can get a direct profit from Facebook.

1. Profit from Facebook through videos

Now Facebook video publishers can sign up for the Ad Breaks program and monetize their videos by placing ads on them. Profit from Facebook videos is very similar to profit from YouTube videos.

It works as follows: every owner of a Facebook page who uploads videos and shares them with followers can subscribe to an advertising program provided by Facebook called Ad Breaks, through this program ads are placed on the videos.

Of course, Facebook makes a profit from these ads, and it shares part of the profits with video owners, and in this way, Facebook video owners can make a profit from their videos.

In fact, why is it quite that simple, there are conditions imposed by Facebook, and they must apply to you as a page owner in order to start making profits from the videos that you publish on this page of yours.

Here is a list of conditions for monetizing Facebook videos:

1- The videos must be published from a Facebook page and not from a personal account.

2- This page must have at least 10,000 followers.

3- The profit feature from Facebook videos must be available in your country and language in which you publish videos. Unfortunately, until now, profit from Facebook videos has not been made available for all languages ​​and countries, but according to Facebook, more languages ​​and countries will be included over time.

It is worth noting that the Arabic language is one of the languages ​​that have been added recently, but the profit is not available in all Arab countries yet. You can view the list of languages ​​and countries in which profit from Facebook videos is available through the link below:

4- In the last 60 days, you must have had 30,000 views for at least one minute, and the videos that got these views must have been at least 3 minutes long.

5- You must meet the eligibility criteria to achieve profits. What is meant by the eligibility criteria here is a set of conditions and criteria for the content of the videos themselves, which you can view through the link below.

In the event that the conditions for profit from Facebook through videos apply to you, then you can start through the link below:

This is a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to profit from Facebook videos:

Here are some of the sources in Gainers that you can benefit from in the field of videos in general:

2. Profit from Facebook through applications

In April 2014, Facebook expanded the subscription to its advertising company Audience Network, through which every smartphone application owner can profit from this application.

In the event that you have an application for smartphones that operate on the Android or IOS operating system, then you can register with the Facebook affiliate Audience Network, and then ads will be placed on this application so that you can make profits from these ads.

In the event that you have an application and want to profit from it through Facebook, you can start through the link below:

3. Profit from Facebook through instant games

If you are using Facebook, it is likely that you have previously played one of the instant games through it, and it is also likely that you have noticed that there are ads that appear while you are playing these games.

In the event that you have skills in designing and programming games, and you have a good knowledge of the HTML 5 programming language, then you are eligible to profit from Facebook through instant games.

You can start designing and developing a simple game, include it in the list of instant games on Facebook, and then Facebook will place ads on it and start making profits from it.

4. Profit from Facebook through instant articles

The problem of slow Internet is a problem that many Internet users around the world suffer from, and as an initiative from Facebook to help solve this problem, it has created a new technology to open articles called Instant Articles.

Through this technology, Facebook users can open the articles that are shared from the sites instantly, as soon as they click on the link of the article on Facebook, it opens directly in front of the user.

These articles are marked with a lightning bolt, as shown in the image below.

The great thing is that Facebook allows website owners to use this technology completely free of charge, through a set of simple settings that are applied to the website.

In fact, this is not only what Facebook allows, it also allows website owners to make profits through their instant articles. To make sure that the Instant Articles requirements apply to your site, visit the Article Review Criteria page below.

Note: Profit from Facebook through videos, applications, instant articles, and instant games is done through the Facebook affiliate Audience Network, through which you can create and apply ad units, follow your earnings reports, and finally get your profits.

In short, Audience Network is a subsidiary of Facebook, very similar to Google AdSense.

5. Profit from Facebook through the Facebook Marketplace

Now all Facebook users can offer their products for sale to other users, through the wonderful service provided by Facebook Marketplace. In short, this service enables everyone to add their own products to appear in front of other users according to geographical distribution.

Through the Facebook Marketplace, communication takes place between the owner of the product and the buyer via Facebook Messenger, and everything is agreed upon, the sale process is achieved, and then profits are made for the owner of the product.

For a comprehensive report on the Facebook Marketplace and how to profit from it, read our article: Facebook Marketplace Explained

Secondly, indirect ways to profit from Facebook:

As we mentioned above, the indirect methods of profit from Facebook stem mainly from the marketing power of Facebook, as it is considered the first and most important social networking site in the world with nearly 2 billion monthly users.

Let’s start with the list of the most important indirect ways to profit from Facebook:

6. Profit from Facebook by renting advertising posts to others

If you have a Facebook page with a large number of members, you can make it an advertising medium for others by opening the door to accepting paid ads on it. Everyone who wants to create an ad can message you and agree with him on the details and prices of the ad on your page.

In this case, you can use your own page to announce that you accept the placement of third-party ads on it.
This method can be implemented through groups as well, where you can create a group specialized in a specific field, and then rent advertising flyers for a fee.

7. Profit from Facebook through commission or affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you can use Facebook’s marketing power for the benefit of others, and in return, you will receive a commission from the company or site for which you are marketing.

There are offers, services, and products for almost every interest you can imagine. Whatever topic your page or group deals with or talks about, there is always a service, commodity, or offer suitable for its content.

The great thing here is that you can create a page specifically if you find a good product that allows commission marketing, and you can, of course, use funded Facebook ads to get the highest possible level of profits.

8. Profit from Facebook by getting visitors to your blog or website

If you have writing skills and are really interested in the topic your Facebook page deals with, and you have good information, you can create a blog or website and write articles like the posts you provide on your page, but in a more organized, professional and comprehensive manner.

In this case, instead of sharing your ideas directly to your page members, you will send them to your website or blog, and of course there are many ways to profit from websites, one of which you can use to generate profits.

If you do not have the skills to write professional articles, you can use my previous topic on how to write an article. Also, to get the easiest way to create a website, you can use WordPress, then you should return to the article: Steps to create a WordPress website (a comprehensive explanation).

It is worth noting here that you can also market your online store on Facebook, and get more sales, and then more profits.

9. Profit from Facebook by marketing your business

If you have a special project, and you want to achieve more sales and then more profits, there is no better marketing tool available to you than Facebook marketing. You can create a special page for your restaurant, for example, in which you display the list of foods that you offer.

You can also display the most important features of your restaurant, such as the level of cleanliness, the quality of the materials used, the class of service…etc. Of course, here you can use funded ads and target the geographical area covered by your project.

10. Profit from Facebook by marketing yourself as a freelancer

If you are one of those who work in the field of self-employment, and you want to get more customers, and then more profits, then Facebook is your best way to market yourself as Freelancer.

In fact, in recent times, self-employment has become one of the wonderful options for many Arab youth, as it is a way to achieve freedom in managing time and life as every young man wants.

One of the main factors for the success of the freelancer is that he is famous in the field he specializes in, and of course social networking sites, especially Facebook, are an excellent way for every freelancer to market his skills.

11. Profit from Facebook by managing the pages of others

In the event that you have experience in managing Facebook pages, creating attractive posts, communicating with followers, etc., then this option to profit from Facebook is a great option for you.

There is no business owner at the present time who can neglect the idea of ​​​​creating a Facebook page to represent his business. This, of course, created a huge demand for Facebook page managers.

By creating a Facebook page to express your marketing skills, you can attract many customers and make more profits (of course, you can manage more than one page at the same time).

Here you can use your personal account to market yourself as a Facebook page management specialist.


In this article, I tried to cover the idea of ​​profit from Facebook from many aspects, and outlined the most important ways to profit from Facebook, whether direct or indirect.

But in fact, there are many, many other secondary methods, especially on the indirect side, which are shaped according to the marketing objective that you want to achieve through Facebook.

I hope that this article will be a source of inspiration for many Arab youth, to take advantage of this tremendous power called Facebook.

I am very happy to receive your contributions via the comments below. Also, let me ask you to share this article on social media, and contribute to changing someone’s life for the better.