Best Earn Money $600 From Uploading Files

 Best Earn Money $600 From Uploading Files

Best Earn Money $600 From Uploading Files

Profit from uploading files is one of the easiest and most popular ways to profit from the Internet.

All you need to do in order to profit from uploading files is to find something that a large segment of Internet users want, then to subscribe to one of the file upload companies that provides a profit-sharing system.

Then you upload your files to the server of the company you subscribe to.

Now all you need to start making profits is to send visitors to this file download link, and the more visitors you can get, the more profits you will make.

In order to fully understand the idea, you must refer to file upload companies, understand how they work, and how these companies make profits.

How to profit from uploading files

The profitable system for uploading files is most often based on three main aspects, or say three basic components.

File upload companies

File upload companies are large companies that have huge servers to store files.

And its work is based on the hugeness of its servers, as it provides the service of hosting files that users upload.

They are mainly for-profit companies, as they do not provide a service to host files uploaded by users for free.

But it earns through these uploaded files by downloading them from other users who need these uploaded files.

Visitors who need to download files

Profit from the Internet is mainly based on the idea of ​​getting visitors. Therefore, the visitor component (users who want to obtain files) is an essential and very important component of the profitable system.

Therefore, as you are looking to profit from uploading files, you should focus well on getting visitors (this includes choosing files that have a high demand)

We will discuss this in detail shortly, but for now let us clarify the idea from the roots so that you can deal with it creatively.

Profit partners from uploading files

These represent the category to which you belong, and they are people looking to profit from uploading files by contracting with the companies mentioned above.

They are smart people who have the ability to get files that have a high demand, and they also have the ability to get a large number of visitors (targeted visitors to download the files they own).

It is worth noting here that the files can be any type of file, such as:
Image, video or text file.

Here it should be noted that it is possible through some programs to convert any folder (folder) into a text file.
You can download the winRAR program for this purpose, as it is one of the most popular and easiest programs to convert a folder to a file.

How do file upload companies make profits to share with you

If you want to work with one of the profitable file upload companies, you must first know how these companies make their own profit.

You may say now that this is not my specialty, but in fact this is at the heart of your competence, understanding something like this will make you more aware and creative in achieving profits for you personally as a publisher with these companies.

And who knows maybe you will personally at some point be able with setting up your own company.
File upload companies make their profits through these methods:

Provide the ability to open paid accounts for unlimited downloads for users

Some companies provide two types of file downloads, one free and one paid (premium).

As there are a lot of limitations in downloading files for free, this prompts many users to subscribe to a paid account, to download whatever files they want in a better, faster and unlimited way.

Performing a profitable action such as filling out a survey

Others of these companies require those who want to download the files to first perform a specific thing, such as filling out a survey, downloading a program, or subscribing to a service … etc.

And of course these companies charge their advertisers to do these things.

Show ads to the user before downloading the file

Some of these companies rely primarily on advertisements on the download page, or that appear as a pop-up window in front of someone who wants to download the file, or in a new window.
Which, of course, charges money from the advertiser who owns the advertisement that you show.

This is the most popular way for file uploading companies to make money.
These companies have devised a way to share part of their profits with those who upload the files in the first place. In order to encourage its partners to upload more files.

This is in order to expand its user base and then increase its profits (this system is somewhat similar to the system used in commission marketing)

Mostly, this company pays you a specific amount for every thousand downloads for the uploaded file. The prices of a thousand downloads range from half a dollar to 15 dollars, depending mainly on the country of visitors.
For example, the average 1,000 downloads from US users is $15.

Wait, we are still in the middle of the topic, as there are many aspects and information related to the topic, which I will address successively. My goal in this article is to make you have sufficient knowledge and information to actually start profiting from uploading files.

The best profitable file upload companies

We say profitability here because not all sites specialized in uploading files offer a profit-sharing system and you can register and work with it.

So here we will discuss the most famous and best 4 sites that provide a profit-sharing system, and you can profit through them.

I have my own experience with this company and it really deserves to be put on top.
It is the first company specialized in profit from uploading files on the Internet.

It has the highest level of performance ever, meaning that with the same amount of visitors you can earn twice as much from this company compared to other file upload companies.

Creating an account with them is very easy and they will accept you almost automatically.

You can choose among the payment methods, they have almost all electronic payment methods, on top of which are bank transfers and Payoneer.

And if you can achieve good results with them, you can get your commission every 15 days.
Their minimum payout is $10.

They have a profitable system called locked content, as they lock every file you upload with a set of offers.
The user must participate in one of them in order to open the content and show the download link.

Payment in this company depends on the size of the file and the country in which the download process for your file takes place.
It ranges from $1 to $40 for every 1,000 downloads.
The minimum payout is $20.

It has an affiliate system for each person who subscribes through you, and you get 20% of his profits on an ongoing basis.
The most important payment method is PayPal.
This company allows you to upload up to 500 GB with it.

This company is considered one of the fastest companies ever in the process of uploading files.
But its policies are very strict, so you must read their terms and conditions and avoid breaking their laws so that your account is not banned.

The minimum payout is $20 and it pays up to $20 for every 1000 downloads.
But it does not have an affiliate system.

One of the most popular payment methods is Paypal.
This company is one of the new companies that achieved good success in a short period.
They have their own company of publishers which can be accessed here.

How do I get files to upload to file upload companies and profit from them?

1- You can get ideas through your personal need.
Think about how many times a week or a few days you need a certain file to download, and you spend a lot of time looking for it until you find it.
This is a good example of what others need from files.

2- You can conduct a small opinion poll among your family members, friends or co-workers of both sexes.
Ask everyone you know to get an idea of ​​what other people want from the files they need to download.

3- The large and well-known forums where tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of Internet users meet to discuss topics that they are interested in together and also include the files they need.

4- Remember that these files can be anything like a program, a book, an audio file, a video file, a program, or anything else.

5- You can do some research on search engines to get other ideas for files that Internet users need.

6- You must be a good follower of everything new in the world of computers and the Internet, in order to provide the right thing to the user at the right time that he needs, which varies from time to time.

In the end, remember very well that the basic rule here is to get a file that is needed by a large number of users to a large extent.

How do I get visitors to make the best profit from uploading files?

Here are some ideas that will help you market the download links of your files, in order to get a good level of profit from file upload companies.

 Social media sites

Visitors to social networking sites, especially Facebook visitors, are a great source for marketing your files and profiting from them.
You can create special channels on social networking sites to market your downstream links.

For example, if you create a page on Facebook that specializes in downloading files (for example, you can create a page for downloading books or create a general page for downloading important files in general) and publish your download links.
Or you can create a private Twitter account to post files that users need to download.


Forums are an ideal place for marketing downstream links. We have already said in the first part that forums are a good place to get ideas for files that others need.

You can return again to these forums to share your links with others to download what they need.
Avoid being spam and posting your links anywhere.
Choose the appropriate place to post the appropriate link in an interactive framework with other members.

Create a blog or website

The ideal situation to get regular visitors to your download links is to create a free website or blog.

Write in your blog a small introduction or topics (you must write a small introduction or topic to get a good ranking in search engines) and at the end put your download link.

 Video sites

You can make videos on YouTube or Facebook where you talk a little bit about describing something that people want.
And then you indicate the download link below the video, which you are supposed to put in the video description.


Profit from uploading files, like any other online business, requires innovative ideas and some effort, and sometimes some investment.
Always remember that your success in profiting from uploading files depends mainly on two aspects:

*. The first part is to find the right files that users really want and a large number of them as well.

*. The second part is the marketing part, which is access to the users themselves to download the files.

Of course, you should try more than one profitable company to upload files. Try your visitors with more than one company in order to discover which of them brings you the highest level of profits.