How to Earn $ 100 a day from Google, profit from watching ads

 How to Earn $ 100 a day from Google, profit from watching ads

How to earn $ 100 from Google per day, profit from watching ads? What are the steps to earn $ 100 a day from Google? And how do I earn $100 from Google daily without paying money? Have you searched through the search engines for an answer to these questions and did not find an answer to them on the Internet? Welcome to the Students Net platform, which will provide you with a comprehensive article through which you will be able to know the answers to these questions that are in your mind. Follow us.

There are many modern and different electronic means that can be followed in order to make and earn money in the easiest possible way. In the recent period, means and websites have spread greatly. Money, through the best use of these sites, and through this article, we will explain to you, dear, how to earn $ 100 per day from Google and profit from watching ads.

How to earn $ 100 from Google per day profit from watching ads

If you are a beginner in the field of working via the Internet and Google Adsense, then you will soon be able to learn how to earn 100 dollars from Google daily, as well as how to profit from Google Adsense and know the most important ways for that. You can also earn money effortlessly. One of the most reliable ways to earn money is:

To have meaningful, exclusive and good content at the same level as other competing content.

To be aware of the requirements of the viewers around you as well as all the content and topics that are searched frequently and continuously.

To get visitors in the right and legitimate ways in order not to lose your work, your content on Google Adsense must be compatible with all the terms and conditions that you agreed to before starting your business. In order to be able to learn how to earn $ 100 per day from Google:

You must have a lot of different tools to help you present your content in a big way.

You have the ability to receive advertisements that support your content.

When you prepare all the methods that were previously presented, you will be in the first place that will give you the ability to register for Google Adsense. After the login process, the comparison is made, and your account is also considered, so that Google Adsense can approve and accept your account.

What are the steps to earn $ 100 a day from Google?
  • We will remind you, dear reader, of the most important steps to earn $ 100 per day from Google. Follow us:
  • The application is made to obtain a special account in Google Adsense, after launching the appropriate and compatible website with all the terms and conditions required by Google Adsense.
  • When creating a blog on WordPress, this helps you earn money in a simple and easy way. Creating this blog is also free, and therefore it will not cost you anything.
  • Create your own YouTube channel in order to support your content on your account in various videos.
  • Earn and earn money by buying and selling pages and groups.
How to earn $100 from Google daily without paying money

If you do not have a login on the Internet or even do not have an account on the various sites of the Internet, do not worry because you can still learn the steps of how to earn 100 Google per day, and we will help you learn how to profit from the Internet. Continue reading.

After you create your account on WordPress, which is considered the best solution because it is completely free and does not require paying any fees in advance, then you can create your own YouTube account so that you can start presenting your content, which is different and distinguished from the rest of the content, and then Post these videos on most social media sites to get high views and then start earning money. Among the most important factors for the increase in the percentage of earning and profit from Google Adsense:

The target country or country in the content of the topic

The percentage of profit in Google Adsense varies according to the country or country from which the visit to your site takes place. For example, the average click price for a visit from Egypt is approximately three cents, for each visit or click. Most Arab countries often share the same price per click or visit, which is three cents per visit. While the rest of the foreign countries differ in the price of a click or visit until it reaches five or six cents for each click or visit to your site.

 The type and nature of your content

Each type of content differs in average earnings from other content. Also, the rate of visits and clicks for topics related to art and programs differs from the rest of the content, such as food and clothing. It is also possible to determine the best content by knowing the best average profit, through various researches to determine the required topic. Sometimes you need SEO specialists to tell you about the type and nature of content that you should provide through your blog. SEO experts study the most important and most searched topics through search engines. Therefore, you must select the most important, popular and most searched content on the Internet. You can use the tool provided by Google called Google Trends. Through this tool you can See the most important topics that the public is looking for, and start writing about them.

Advertising distribution helps to earn $ 100 from Google

Ads help to greatly increase the percentage of profits on Google Adsense sites, and thus help beginners learn how to earn $ 100 per day from Google. The correct distribution of ads, as well as displaying them well and correctly, is one of the most important principles for increasing the percentage of profits. Every view of the ads that are displayed on blogs, money is earned from it, and with the increase in the number of views, the percentage of profit increases dramatically. Try to have the distributions of ads in your blog in the right place. To avoid disturbing visitors, some visitors do not like blogs that contain a large number of ads.

Traffic on content and ads

When the rate of legitimate visits increases, a person can get a high rate of profits, unlike illegal methods that lead to stopping or suspending your Google Adsense account.

In order to earn $100 per day, there must be 40,000 blog views or 400 clicks per day. This depends on the quality of the article and the strength of the site. In order to get 40 thousand views, you must publish a lot of articles and information.
You must take care of the content of the content that you provide, in order to attract the largest number of visitors. Try to ensure that the content you provide is in high demand and targeted to all age groups. When the content you provide is limited to a specific topic only, you will notice that the visitors will be of the same category.

In conclusion, dear reader, we have learned together how to earn $ 100 per day from Google, profit from watching ads, in addition to that we have explained in detail the most important information related to profit from the Internet, we hope that the benefit will spread to everyone.