How To Profit From Facebook Through the Facebook Instant Articles Program

 How To Profit From Facebook Through the Facebook Instant Articles Program

How To Profit From Facebook Through the Facebook Instant Articles Program

Many people want to profit from Facebook through videos, but they forget that there is a welcome method that many bloggers use. Yes, in order to profit from your Facebook page, there are many methods that we know. There is another method that has been allocated in the United States only, but it is known to Facebook that you can profit through videos and articles, from which you can earn a lot of dollars if you have interaction on your Facebook page Facebook. For today, in the profit from the Internet blog by blogger Hisham Hashem, we will talk about the method of profiting from instant articles, which is called Facebook instant articles.

How to profit from Facebook through the Facebook instant articles program

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. As for after, my dear followers of Hisham Hashem’s blog for profit from the Internet, today we will present to you a lesson about profit from the Internet or among the ways to earn money from the Internet, and this method that we will present to you is actually very easy and difficult at the same time Time, but it also has conditions and requirements that you must meet or not commit in the blog, such as the Adsense company or more than that. Yes, this service is provided by the Facebook company entitled Facebook instant articles.

If you want to profit and make money from this program, you must be available on the Facebook Page and also to a blog, site or forum linked to this page, and it is not required that you have a large number of fans on the Facebook page and it is also not required that you have A blog in one platform, meaning you can earn money from the Blogger blog and also from WordPress or a site designed with PHP or from the Wix platform.

So, if you are ready to work in the Facebook company, I advise you to read the laws that I will present to you in this post, and it is also preferable to enter the Facebook policy on profit from instant articles because it offers many conditions with the new update, which may change according to Every country, but what you should know is that profit from Facebook is through visits that come from Facebook applications and not from Google search engines, and I do not know whether the strategy will be changed in the future.

How to make money from Facebook using the Facebook instant articles program

Profit from Facebook 2023 has become available to many bloggers, but there are conditions that you must not commit and conditions that you must meet. The conditions may change for the company every year, such as AdSense, but as long as you have a sincere intention to work continuously and profit from Facebook, especially if You were targeting foreigners, these conditions will not affect you because the beginning was correct and respectful.

What are the features offered by the Facebook instant articles program?

1 – The profit is by viewing, meaning that for 1000 views, you will earn $ 1.45 or more.

2 – It makes your site fast browsing and the ad appears nicely.

3 – It does not matter where the ad is located at the top, bottom or middle, whenever the visitor enters, you will earn.

4 – You can place it with Adsense without any problem.

5 – Payment is in PayPal on the 21st of each month, like Adsense.

What are the conditions that you must avoid in order to accept profit from Facebook?

First, you should know that Facebook is not a neglected company that only wants to profit like some alternative companies to Adsense, but Facebook is also a platform that has strict dealings and will not have mercy on you if you commit any violation among the violations that you will find in the policy of the Instant Articles program on Facebook.

Facebook policy here
How to subscribe from here
Register from here

 Among them:

Submit 10 articles for review first
– That the sections of the site be occupied
– The content is not frequent or little
Not requiring people to register on the site
– The content is legal and not misleading or promotional content for weapons and illegal things
– All about health pay attention
Sexual services and products
– Violence, hacking and hacking
– Sites of moon games or games of chance with real money
Spy site
Fake news
And more conditions that you must not commit in this profitable program.