How to make money online by selling T-shirts | Merch by Amazon Alternative Teespring

 How to make money online by selling T-shirts | Merch by Amazon Alternative Teespring

How to make money online by selling T-shirts | Merch by Amazon Alternative Teespring

Many people, when they heard about profit from the Internet, quickly set off and bought a computer for self-employment, which will bring decent amounts of money into life, but not everyone succeeds and not everyone fails to profit from the Internet, and for this many people when they start have an idea, a goal and a talent that they exploit through The Internet to be a reason for earning large sums or as much effort, so if you are good at designing through Photoshop or any competing program, you can earn money from this site, which I will share with you on our site.

How to make money online by selling T-shirts | Merch by Amazon Alternative Teespring

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. After that, my dear followers of Hisham Hashem’s blog for information and profit from the Internet, irbhanet, in the profit from the Internet section, we will address a very important topic for everyone who cannot deal with the blog or profit in the way of promotion, investment, trading, and other businesses that You earn money from it, and as it is known that there are many people who do not understand blogging or publishing topics on the YouTube channel and do not know what CPA means and other profitable methods from the Internet, but are good at designing through Photoshop and suffer from the problem of not being accepted in Merch by Amazon, which It offers strict laws, especially for Moroccans and other Arab countries.

My brother, the visitor, can profit from many profitable sites that are on the Internet, and there are also 100 percent profitable sites that offer more profits than a company known to professionals if the rules and successful plans are respected, and among these sites that offer profit over the Internet is the “Teespring” site “Which has become very popular among professionals in drawing and designing shapes and addresses in T-shirts, wallets, phone cases, and cups … because it provides money in a legitimate way without being a professional in any field, but you must use your skills and artistry in writing and drawing .

Yes, after modifying the shape of the shirts, you will put a material value for selling it through the site and even through social sites by promoting it among the sellers. In fact, I did not profit from it, not a single cent because I am not dedicated to such work, but my friends profit from this site and they told me that it is a good idea to raise money for those He does not find professional blogging and investment, and that is why I wanted to share with you how to profit from the Internet by selling T-shirts on the Teespring website, in which you will probably be a professional and collect money.

As you know, this site has been integrated with YouTube to sell T-shirts in your channel, and this feature is available in the channel if you are an income earner and it is in the name of the goods and you can share the design with the followers of the channel, in fact it is great if the followers are interested.

How to subscribe to this site:

Login to the Teespring website

 What are the design methods on the Teespring platform?

1: Designing clothes
2: Home decoration design
3: Socks design
4: Mobile cover design
5: Designing home supplies
6: Design mugs or mugs

The subscription process is very easy, you just add the Gmail email and confirm the account in the email.

Then you enter the settings and add all the information. When you enter the account, you choose to choose Desinger, then you will choose to crate a product, and of course you will limit the bags of phones, cups, T-shirts, and you only have to choose the type that you want to design on. There are many explanations that you will find on YouTube on how to design a T-shirt on this site.

This is what I can present to you on the subject of profit from designs from a competing site for Merch Amazon, and I hope you like the lesson and peace be upon you.