How To Earn Money From Facebook videos – Rules For Making Money From Facebook

 How To Earn Money From Facebook videos – Rules For Making Money From Facebook

How To Earn Money From Facebook videos - Rules For Making Money From Facebook

Profit from the Internet is not limited only to the Google company, which has opened platforms for profit such as YouTube and Adsense, but there are many powerful companies from which you can earn very large sums and you do not know them and have not heard about them, for today we will share with you a method that anyone can profit from If he has talent and knows how to create professional videos. Yes, it is among the ways that Facebook offers to profit from the Internet by posting videos, and we will explain to you what are the laws and conditions to start working and some tips as well.

How to earn money from Facebook videos – Rules for making money from Facebook

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. After that, my dear followers of the profit blogger from the Internet, by the blogger Hisham Hashim Al-Arouji, today we will present to you a wonderful lesson about profit from the Internet, which will be through a social site known to the big and small around the world. Yes, you can make money from The Facebook social site through the many methods provided by the Facebook company to its followers, and this lesson is a valuable opportunity for everyone who believes that Facebook is only a social world for chatting, browsing, publishing memories and consuming time… .

Today we will talk about profit from the videos that are posted on Facebook, and if the videos channel means the videos that are published directly from Facebook and not external videos from YouTube, meaning if you are obsessed with posting videos on social sites, you can now benefit from them and collect dollars from the ads that appear In which . In fact, this is wonderful and beautiful in order to earn money from Facebook, especially if you swim in this world morning and night, but there are conditions for profit from Facebook videos.

Yes, you must follow the Facebook policy about the laws that you set in order to make money from the videos, and among these conditions there are difficult laws, easy laws, and impossible laws, but on where I will mention to you the conditions and laws that you must know as a person who wants to work to earn money from them .

1 – It must be available on the Facebook page. √ Easy
2 – You must download your own videos that do not contain copyright. √ Easy
3 – The video should be no less than 3 minutes. “Easy” √
4 – Payment method via . Bank or PayPal. √ Easy
5 – Minimum payment: $100. ← Depending on the effort
6- It must have 10,000 followers. ← Depending on the effort
7 – Bringing 30,000 views in 60 days. “difficult” ✖️
9 – Your country should be supported. “difficult” ✖️

Now we will learn how to withdraw money from you: $

From here provide the country and language of the ad breaks

From here whether you page is eligible to use ad breaks

Laws from here

Facebook wins with you in every payment that exceeds $ 100 45 percent of your profits.
If you are running advertising campaigns and have not yet paid the campaign amount, it will be deducted from your video earnings.

Additional information :

If you are ready to profit from Facebook videos because you may publish videos of more than three minutes, then I will present to you very wonderful ideas, from which you will earn decent amounts of money from this company, which has become a competitor to Adsense.

1 – You must search for a large Facebook page and buy it and be specialized in one field. We say, for example, the field of games, education, sports and news… .

2 – Do not post any external links, let the page publish only videos and pictures of the live broadcast. The reason for not publishing the links is because they cause the page to go down.

3 – We assume that you are a professor of mathematics, so here you must publish videos about teaching mathematics that exceed 3 minutes and answer the questions of followers, as well as with games and any field that is important for the page to be one specialization.

This is what I can present to you on this day, and I hope you like the lesson, and do not forget us to pray and peace be upon you.