How to Earn From Revenuehits, an Alternative to Adsense

How to Earn From Revenuehits, an Alternative to Adsense 

How to Earn From Revenuehits, an Alternative to Adsense

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, but after that, my dear followers of the Internet profit blogger Hisham Hashem, today in the profit from the Internet section, we will present to you one of the best profit-making sites on the Internet, and I will also explain to you how to deal with it in the right way, what is it Successful strategy to earn money in a legitimate way? Is there really an alternative to Google Adsense or just ads from people? This is what we will talk about in this blessed post.

Many bloggers or bloggers want to earn money often, but in order to earn money you need effort, continuous work and maintaining your ranking with keywords …, but our conversation will not be about what is the means to bring visitors to your site, I am now talking With those who have a blog with good visitors, but with those who do not have visitors, it is not recommended to place any ads in the first place, you just have to upload keywords and popularize your site on social sites or via YouTube or work on SEO standards … .

In order not to prolong your speech, although a lot of talk will bring out many benefits in making money from the Internet, and for this I do not advise you to go directly to the site link because you will enter as a white page that you will not know where you will start, and for those who know the site you will I offer him a 100 percent profitable strategy, God willing, and of course, according to my experience only.

What is the profitable Revenuehits site:

The site is one of the profitable sites from the Internet, guaranteed and honest in payments. It was established in 2008 and began to be recognized until it became a very excellent reputation as it is an alternative to Adsense. Also, this advertising company provides all bloggers with profit from publications by placing advertisements and subscription links and even From pop-up ads, meaning this is an opportunity to earn money without the hassle of posting topics for free.

 How is money earned from the Refino Hits website?

Profit is through advertisements or subscription links. You can place ads on your site or blog with the measurements provided by the site. Also, profit is by way of bringing visitors to subscribe to your link, and it also provides you with profit through pop-up ads called Popunder.

How to profit from the Internet from the revenuehits site:

Here I will provide you with information on how to profit from the Refino Hits website in a very large way. By the right, my visitor, focus with me well.

1 . You must have visitors, whether from the Google search engine or Facebook, the important thing is visitors ☻.
2 . Place ads anywhere you like, and the best places are closest to the download links.
3 . You talk about topics that have a high demand, such as profits, bloggers, or ball and games, unlike Adsense, which is not recommended to be placed on profitable sites, designs, and everything related to informatics often.
4 . Putting an image advertisement claiming profits, and it has a subscription link provided by the site.
5 . Pop-up ads exit the page because clicks on them are necessary.
6 . Publish the subscription links provided by the site on YouTube, social sites or forums.

What are the advantages of Revino Hits and when do the profits start?

– The advantages are that it provides you with registration on the site without conditions, you only need to sign up for an email with filling in the empty field, also placing more than three ads on one page, profit from ads by clicking, appearing, external ads and subscription links.

– With regard to the profits, they start in 24 hours and then they are shown. Also, the timing of the profits appearing is at five o’clock in the evening, and you can also withdraw money from the bank or Payoneer and Paypal when it reaches $ 20.

How to deal with the site in a hurry:

The first page you start with after registering is Dashboard, and this page shows you the number of clicks, impressions, and earnings for yesterday.

The second page, Reports, as you can see in the image, shows you the percentage of profits every day, what blades have been clicked, and how many percentages.

The third page is Placements for creating ad codes.

1 . New Placement: Allows you to choose computer advertisements.
2 . New Mobile Placement: Ads responsive to smartphones.
3 . After creating ads, you can also do a preview, copy the code and put it on your site.

These are the types of advertisements and we will explain them now:
 Banner: It is an advertisement that comes in many sizes, such as 300 x 250 >> 120 x 600 …
Interstitial: a small advertisement, when clicked, a large advertisement appears.
Popunder: This is the number one profit on the site. If you choose this code, anyone who enters the site will see an advertisement on another page, whether he wants it or not.
The other code is clear as in the picture without mentioning it.

The fourth page, Payments, is for the monthly profit

The fifth page, Referral, for subscribers’ profits.
Copy the link and present it to visitors. If any profit is subscribed from it, you will take a high percentage.
5: the number of subscribers
10: How much did you earn with subscribers
You can also try Get Creatives to serve you ads with subscription links

Last page Account Your account information and place of payment.
Choose the Billing field, enter information such as the full name, the mail address of the city, neighborhood, and country, and pay from $ 20 or more, then confirm the password, and congratulations on the saving process, and do not forget to choose the electronic bank such as Paypal, Payoneer, or the bank


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