How to Earn 100 Dollars a Day from Facebook How to profit from Facebook

 How to Earn 100 Dollars a Day from Facebook How to profit from Facebook

How to earn 100 dollars a day from Facebook? What are the methods used within the Facebook policy for profit? And many questions on this subject.

In our time, technology has become one of the conquerors of the world. With progress and development. It is now each of us. With varying ages, he owns an electronic device, whether it is a mobile phone, a laptop, or even a portable tablet. And the Facebook platform has become one of the world-famous platforms, with millions of people registering in its lists.

But it is worth noting that some of these people enter the Facebook platform in order to search for money and profit from the Facebook platform. They search and devise a lot of profit methods, which helped them improve their living and monthly income.

If you are someone who wants to improve your standard of living and use your Facebook account in order to obtain profits, all you have to do, dear reader, is to follow up with us in this article, which is titled. How to earn 100 dollars a day from Facebook How to profit from Facebook? Follow us.

Earn $100 a day from Facebook

Earning $100 a day from Facebook is something many ask. In addition, the question is about ways to earn $ 100 per day from Facebook. And what are the methods that can be followed in order to earn $ 100 per day from Facebook? Therefore, the matter is not difficult, but rather requires some patience and work in order to obtain the profit that you want to reap from the Facebook platform. It is in order to raise the low standard of living in recent days.

In addition, in order for us to reach what we want from profit and learn how to profit from Facebook. Therefore, we will present the conditions and methods through which you can obtain abundant profits, and in order to know the methods and methods of earning $ 100 per day from Facebook.

How to profit from Facebook

First, we must get to know the Facebook social platform, which has won the third largest platform in the world at the level of the Internet. As the number of Facebook platform users reached 2.85 billion monthly active users in 2021. Thus, it has become one of the most platforms that help users to profit from the Facebook platform. Therefore, users of the Facebook platform have been searching for ways to profit, how and conditions for profit since the existence of this platform in 2004. But the truth of the matter and the concept of profit from Facebook was still implicit within the Facebook platform for many years.

 Therefore, the possibility of profit from the Facebook platform was not directly available. Where the idea of ​​​​profiting from Facebook was based on marketing opportunities and the capabilities that are achieved through it, and the Facebook platform remained in this way until the factor of 2014. Where it was a quantum leap For the Facebook platform and its subscribers through the emergence of Audience Network, and since then the situation has changed.

In fact, the Facebook platform was not satisfied with occupying the throne of social media alone. Therefore, it has worked to strengthen its strength and build a large audience for it by expanding the scope of its services and specializations over the past few years. Which helped this expansion create opportunities of a huge profitable nature for those who can exploit and work on them to earn a profit. As the methods of profit from the Facebook platform were in two ways, either a direct method (that is, obtaining profit from the Facebook company directly) or an indirect method (which depends on marketing within the Facebook platform), and for the sake of these methods, you must own a Facebook page to achieve the aforementioned profit methods. And make a profit of $ 100 a day from Facebook.

Ways to earn $ 100 a day from Facebook

Dear reader, at the beginning, in order to obtain a profit of $ 100 per day from Facebook. What you are looking for within the Facebook platform, and in order to apply the methods that help you achieve profits within this platform, you must own a page on Facebook, because most of the direct or indirect methods require the presence of your own page. If you do not have a Facebook page, you can get one by registering on the Facebook platform. After owning a Facebook page, we can now start mentioning the ways to profit and dive into the details of each method separately, where we start.

Conditions for earning $ 100 per day from Facebook

Dear reader, to ensure that you get a profit of $ 100 per day from Facebook, you must fulfill some conditions that must be met in order to achieve profits. In the following, the conditions will be presented, follow us.

Having a public page on Facebook (public page) and not a personal account.

Your page’s compliance with Facebook’s monetization policies must respect community standards and not violate any rights (copyright, copyright).

You must be a resident of one of the eligible countries to earn.

Post content in one of the eligible languages.

When publishing a video of no less than 3 minutes in the last two months, the number of views must reach at least 30,000 views within one minute.

You must be 18 years of age or older.

The videos you post must be exclusively yours.

During the past period, and in line with continuous development and updating, these conditions were updated in 2023, as some conditions were amended, as follows:

Your page must have at least 10,000 followers.

Achieving 60,000 watch minutes in the last two months.

The number of minutes of published videos is no longer important.

Minutes of views earned from advertising campaigns such as YouTube are not counted and accepted.

Views from live broadcasts and regular videos are taken into consideration and counted.

Page activity must be achieved.

Post at least 5 videos on the page.

Within the live broadcast and in a total of 600,000 minutes, 60,000 views must be harvested, as the minutes watched are counted after the end of the live broadcast.

Your page must speak one of the languages ​​supported by AD Breaks.

The page must be subject to the Facebook Platform Policies and the AD Breaks Program.

Finally, we got to know how to earn 100% from Facebook. In addition, we learned about the conditions and methods of profit from Facebook.