How to Profit From The Internet More Than $ 500 Per Month From Google 2023

How to Profit From The Internet More Than $ 500 Per Month From Google 2023 

How to Profit From The Internet More Than $ 500 Per Month From Google 2023

Profit from the Internet is the most researched method and method in our time, because many people did not find work in the real world, even if they had diplomas and licenses. But to reach the real profit from the sites, you need to rely on the basics to increase the profit from the Adsense company. For this, in Hisham Hashem’s blog, we will share with you the experience that most bloggers use in order to earn money from the Adsense company, which depends a lot on the visits that come from the engines Google search, and we will learn in this topic how to choose the most searched words in the search engines and the most profitable words in the AdSense company, and we will also help you in this video that you will find at the end of this article on how to choose domains and how to choose the topic that you will write about and that You did not have experience, but if you have experience, you will go in the right, most profitable way.

First, my beloved brother, if you want to profit from the blog, I do not advise you to create a site randomly like this, without a title, without keywords, without a goal, and without professional content. A site must be created from beginning to end with SEO standards. This is all in order to rise more in the search engines and the higher you rise. Know that you will come more visits from Google search engines. And this is what is required of you, my beloved brother, is that you come to a visit from the search engine because it is more popular with the Adsense company to offer you a higher price in clicks and you earn a larger amount.

How to profit from websites

Earning money from the site needs an Adsense company from you, and it needs you to have a site in any platform “Blogger, WordPress, Wix …” And if the Adsense company does not agree to your site because you are not qualified or the site is in violation, you will not be able to earn not even 0.01 dollars. For this, you must at least have the blog or site ready with all SEO standards, and the site must be responsive to all modern devices (phones and desktops).

After it has become available to all the requirements of Adsense and has been approved, here the battle will begin that will not stop until God wills. In the sense of today, you will start writing articles, which will be the reason for increasing the profit from the Adsense company, but not as you think, just write randomly, then you will earn money “no, no, no.” Rather, here you will depend on the basics that will help you bring in traffic, which will be The reason for the profit from the company Adsense.

So the first thing you have to learn is to choose the most searched words in the search engines, meaning the words that people write in Google are the ones that you will use in the titles and also even in the article.

How to use these words:

Here we will provide you with lessons on how to use the keywords on which there is more search. Of course, these things require patience and deep research from you in order to find the most searched word in Google in order to gain very large and legitimate visits.

Ok, now you have learned with us how to use words in these lessons that I shared with you.

Now we will learn how to choose the topics that I will earn from and that people search for more in search engines, which offer a very high click price.