How to Earn 100 Dollars a day from Facebook 2023

 How to Earn 100 Dollars a day from Facebook 2023

How to earn $ 100 from Facebook daily in easy and simple ways … Profit through the Internet has become widespread and easy to deal with, as it has become possible to profit from Facebook, provide a service on Facebook, design a video, or something else that makes you earn a lot of money, so we will explain to you  how to earn $ 100 a day from Facebook, through five profitable suggestions and offers.
1 Profit from Facebook
2 How to earn 100 dollars per day from Facebook
3 Activate the profit from the videos that you publish on your Facebook page

4 Marketing products and services
5 Bringing traffic to websites and YouTube
6 Shorten links to earn from Facebook
7 file upload companies
Profit from Facebook
How to benefit from the famous social networking platform Facebook, a very important topic.
Because a lot of users at the moment who have the ability to connect to the Internet.
They consume time and a large number of hours on social media platforms, therefore Facebook or any other platform is making a lot of profit through your surfing and spending time on these platforms.
This is by displaying many ads that target your desires, which by watching them and clicking on them like or commenting on them, you achieve gains for Facebook.
So there are multiple ways on Facebook that you can make daily money profit.
Through it, it is possible to provide the appropriate income from the home with ease, and this is what we will explain and explain now.
How to earn 100 dollars per day from Facebook
There are many ways to profit from the Facebook platform, which a large number of users are ignorant of, instead of spending long hours without interest.
You can now convert it into huge profits, and the most prominent of these methods are:
Activate the profit from the videos that you publish on your Facebook page
Facebook allows over 8 billion views of the videos that you and other users post on your Pages.
Where Facebook launched a new advertising system very similar to YouTube, and called it Facebook For Media, and to take advantage of this platform, and learn how to earn $ 100 per day from Facebook, you must do the following:
Subscribe to this platform, and Facebook will then place promotional ads through your videos, and thus you will get a percentage of the profit.
Your page must have at least 10,000 followers.
Your videos on the new platform have had 30,000 viewers in the last 60 days.
You must be within the range of countries eligible to monetize YouTube platforms.
Among the most prominent countries available for this new earning feature are Ireland, New Zealand and Belgium.
And the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Denmark, Australia and many other countries.

Facebook launched This feature will be available to all countries by 2022, and the feature will be launched in more than one language.

So many users can take advantage of this new feature.
Marketing products and services
Many people have the ability to create pages from different fields, through the Facebook platform, some of which are promotional and others to display products.
And others to chat and browse, which contributes to wasting time without benefit and without knowing how to earn $ 100 a day from Facebook.
In order to make the most of your time on the platform, you can promote certain products of your own, on one of the specialized groups.
Or you can create your own page and add your friends and friends of friends to promote your product.
In order to obtain and benefit from a large profit margin after the completion of the sale.
It is also possible to promote the products of third parties, whether merchants, individuals or companies, on one of the pages dedicated to this in return for a percentage of profit.
Or you can work in marketing for some famous online stores, and reap profits from sales.
This method has become popular recently, and many have benefited from it.
Driving traffic to websites and YouTube
There are a large number of electronic websites that have signed up for the AdSense program dedicated to displaying Google ads on websites and blogs, making a financial profit by increasing the number of visitors, viewing and clicking on the advertisement.
To make money from Facebook, you can post links on different topics that fit the theme of Facebook groups and pages.
Encouraging and motivational words can also be added to persuade the visitor to click on the link to read the article and go to the site.
Thus, you will achieve a visit to him, and thus you will return to the profit
This can be done with a specific YouTube channel and its link posted on Facebook pages and groups, and through each visit you can make a profit from it.
Short links to earn from Facebook
This method is very profitable and very easy, and does not require effort or experience. You can do the following:
Sign up with a link shortening company, and then you can shorten every link the company offers you with some dedicated software.
Then you shorten each link and share it on the Facebook platform, after registering a visit from each member of your page or group.
The company will display its ads on it and thus you will get a good commission, every thousand visits to each link you shared.
It is a very easy method and brings a huge profit and return without any waste of time or effort.
File upload companies
It’s very easy, all you have to do is search for the files that the members of your page or group need.
Then you sign up with a company that will pay a commission for every download the user makes.
After that, upload the files that you obtained after collecting them, and then upload them to your account on the company’s website.
File companies include some classified ads, and file pages are loaded. Thus, you make a profit after registering each user’s visit.
Thus, it will share the profit with you after each visit recorded by your members.
At the conclusion of our topic on how to earn $ 100 per day from Facebook, we hope that our article has provided you with benefit and assistance, hoping that you will like it.

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