Affiliate marketing on Facebook Earn money good way

 Affiliate marketing on Facebook Earn money good way

Affiliate marketing on Facebook… This is one type of affiliate marketing where a person will promote and market different products on their Facebook page or other popular social media sites.


1 The basics of commission marketing on Facebook

2 Earnings from commission marketing on Facebook

3 secrets of commission marketingThe basics of commission marketing on Facebook

In order to work in commission marketing on Facebook, you must have some skills, which are:

The ability to create and manage Facebook pages.

As well as making sure to design and create good and attractive posts and images.
  • The ability to publish pages and collect likes.
  • You must be able to convince buyers of the products in order for the sale to take place.
  • The topics here require no special learning or preparation.

You can create a Page right away, then start posting posts and photos to sell one or more products on that Page

You can also create a Facebook group to market through that group.

If the product you want to market just needs to write sponsored articles without personal discussion, then here is a better page.

For small groups, it will enable you to communicate personally with customers.

Better yet, create a page as your official interface.

Then create a group and link the two together through Facebook’s link function.

The source of funding here is the companies that market and promote their products.

Therefore, the amount you can earn is always related to the number of people who interact or follow your page.

Any activity that you can do on the page will increase the number of followers and thus increase your earnings.

Keep posting posts and photos related to the topic of the page to attract new followers and convince the existing followers that you are a follower and that you are aware of the product categories that belong to the domain of the page.

For example, if you create a mobile phone review page.

Visitors to your page should feel that you are aware of mobile phones and that you follow their new developments.

It is better that you conduct different types of reviews to demonstrate your skills in order to benefit users who trust you, trust your opinions, and buy through you, which is one of the affiliate marketing methods on Facebook.

You should also post links to products on the same topic as your page to ensure that everyone who sees your ad is interested in these products in one way or another.

You can use Facebook’s paid advertising system to get more followers

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Some affiliate networks provide smart links that can select offers based on visitor characteristics, country/region, and many other factors.
These links are called (smart links).

We recommend that you use specific offers instead of smart links in your Facebook ad campaigns for the following reasons:

The use of links that lead to redirects to different sites and offers does not comply with the rules for advertising on the Facebook platform.

So if you use the link, your ad account will be banned.

When using specific products, unlike using smart links, your commission will not change.

Therefore, it is possible to know in advance the amount of money that will be received for each purchase made by the user.

You should choose offers that allow the use of social media as a source of traffic, as these are the best affiliate marketing methods on Facebook.

Instead of asking people and motivating them to take certain actions through the links you promote.

Focus on products that are suitable for all types of mobile devices and have simple login pages.

You can also contact the personal assistant on the affiliate network at any time.
And ask him to make a list of the best deals promoted on Facebook.

Read the terms of the offer carefully and try to choose an offer that works quickly and easily, that is, you will get a commission for simple operations that the user performs.