Earning From Podcasts | Learn With us Te Most Important Ways To Earn From it

 Earning From Podcasts | Learn With us Te Most Important Ways To Earn From it

Earning From Podcasts | Learn With us Te Most Important Ways To Earn From it

Earning from podcasts; Technology is indispensable in the various areas of our lives, and indeed it has had a great impact on all levels. As for the podcast, many start with it because of their interest in a topic or their desire to share their knowledge and experiences about a specific area. And we find that podcast programs have succeeded in creating a good income as an additional income or a full-time job, and podcasts have already become a creative way for almost immediate profits to generate income from podcasts. Learn with us the most important ways to earn from it.

What is a podcast?

It is an application or program that you can earn money from for free, dedicated to streaming audio, such as broadcast radio stations for recording episodes, which are distinguished from regular channels in that they are a mobile application that is subject to your control, just choose what you want to hear at the time you wish.

You can access the series of recorded audio episodes via the Internet, through the podcast publisher’s website, as well as the mobile applications announced in 2004. Apple supports it to publish these applications and programs through a program that I set, which expanded its distribution and increased confidence in it, and ways of profiting from podcasts emerged.

We find that 40% of Americans use that application, and this is indicated by US statistics, and the majority of them are over 12 years old. We find that a huge number of writers and novelists seek to present their work through these podcast episodes for free, and the name is derived from iPod and cast, meaning broadcast.

How to monetize podcasts

The methods of earning through it are similar to profit from the Internet, just create content that attracts people, and the greater the number of your audience and visitors, the greater the chance of profit, and according to Edison reports, listening to podcasts grows by about 10% per week, and we find that Edison’s 2015 reports have only 33% of the US population listen to it Their number was 300 million and this field is growing exponentially and internationally. Here are some ways to monetize podcasts:

Shepherds way

The presence of sponsors is a common way of profiting from podcasts and one of the easiest ways, with the presence of an advertiser who gives you a fee for mentioning his product and the sponsors are interested in those who have an audience and traffic, if you have correct statistics then those will befall you, and we find that the most important podcast hosts are Libsyn and Blubrry and give advertising opportunities to the shows you host There are services like Midroll that takes your stats and acts as an intermediary between you and advertisers in exchange for a portion of the revenue, or you can find advertisers yourself.

We find that paying for ads has a rate, for example, an 18-second ad is $18 per thousand impressions, and a one-minute ad is $25. If the number of impressions is 10,000 compared to $25 per thousand, then you get $250 for that episode, and there is the cost of acquisition to the purchase cost, which is a fixed price paid for each conversion.

Audible advertises podcasts and offers a flat fee for subscriptions, and people have realized that listening to podcasts, like similar activities, attracts an audience.

Display your products and services for sale

Why offer the services of others when you can display your services to benefit from the vast majority of profits, whether from visits or from selling your products. And you keep the vast majority of profits, and these are the best ways to profit from podcasts, and among the products that you can sell are courses, e-books, and videos.

Establishing you as an expert

If you are an expert in your field, you may want to promote yourself and it is easy to get trained clients, and there is no better way than establishing yourself as an expert except by presenting your experiences and knowledge with visitors and as you grow and increase your audience, you win credibility, which gives you the opportunity to expand your field. Generate a comfortable income with a monetization method by posting recorded episodes on podcasts and attracting audiences to get more visits and customers.

Featured content and podcasts

Premium content always attracts audience and then customers. You can present exclusive or previous episodes through a back catalog and also create a subscription service, which was common in the previous days, but until now there are those who offer premium content in exchange for a subscription fee, and let the first part of the episode be as a promotion of what it contains and the rest of the episode to the distinguished audience.

Donations request

The program allows you to donate a button on your podcast if your item is of value. People are generous and willing to pay money in appreciation of you and make it easy for them to donate through the donate button or create an account as a creator on Patreon, this is the easiest way to donate on podcasts, and we find that the WordPress Plugin offers a few donation options. In any case, there are several ways to profit from podcasting, as it is a field that is growing as a hobby, business, or marketing tool.

Average earnings from podcasts

Let’s put together some assumptions. If you put three ads in each episode you post one before the start, one in the middle and one after it ends you will find about 2% of your audience support you by donating $5 a month the common number to donate, and if you are showcasing products let’s say 1% of the audience will buy to get you $15 commission per month on every product you sell.

Let’s say 0.05% of your audience buys a course per month for about $50 and multiply those hypothetical percentages by your audience to get the average podcast earnings per month. All of these assumptions may include some increase or decrease, and it is not necessary that your profit be as you assume.

The main advantages of podcasts

Audio podcasts are a great way to consume content on the go. It’s perfect for commuting, working out, or even doing and earning around the house, and you can listen to it at your own pace and rewind it if you need to. Podcasts are usually free, which makes them a great value. Here are the main advantages of podcasts:

*. Suitable for those with uninterrupted internet. They can download whatever they want and then listen to it at a later time offline.

*. Exploiting travel and moving times to enjoy the recorded clips and episodes and learn new skills.

*. It does not need modern capabilities or tools to record your episodes, only the mobile phone and the microphone do the trick.

Important tips to make a good profit

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for download to a computer or portable media player, usually available as a series, from which subscribers can automatically receive new episodes. Here are some 7 tips to earn from it and make a good profit from your podcast:

*. Understand your industry well and know what the audience needs and give it to them.

*. Expand your audience base as much as possible, and it is essential that they are interested in the content you provide, as the audience is the real value of the podcast.

*. Make sure to provide a benefit to followers and advertisers, and know very well that this is what provides you with profit from podcasts, not products and offers, but trust and credibility first, and then profit comes.

*. Focus on developing what you offer, as profit is always based on the benefit provided, and so that your competitors do not bypass you.

*. Choose the method of profit that suits the field in which you work, so think about the appropriate method according to your niche.

*. Follow more than one method of profit. The more methods, the higher the assumptions, which guarantees you a higher profit.

*. You have to be patient, success requires perseverance and is not achieved overnight.

Once you reach here, you are sufficiently aware of the profit from the podcast, and you have learned about the most important methods of profit and how to achieve the highest rate of interest, and we have given you some tips, once you follow them, you are on the right path towards comfortable profit, and we mention that the podcast and the profit from it are like any other profit on the Internet It is based on publishing distinctive content that attracts visitors and customers.