Earn $1 daily through this site for listening to music

 Earn $1 daily through this site for listening to music

When listening to audio clips, of course, you do not get anything, but there is a very nice experience offered to us by the musicxray website, through which you can listen to audio clips and at the same time earn money, as it gives you 8 songs a day to listen to for 10 cents each. A song, meaning you will get almost a dollar a day.

First, log on to the musicxray website, and click on Sign Up for Free to register on the site. You can also register via Facebook or Yahoo:

After entering your information, another interface will appear for you. Choose an option, such as whether you are an artist, or are you a fan and listener only, and it is better to choose the first option, that is, you are just a listener and fan:

Then another interface will appear, select Connect via Facebook, and then click OK:

After these steps, the step of entering personal information will come, such as your date of birth, country, and city, and the most important thing is to choose your favorite type of music, and all information must be in English, as in the picture:

On the first day of your registration on the site, you will not be able to win any cent. You will have to wait until the second day, then go to your e-mail that you registered with, and you will find that the site sent you links to the songs that you have to listen to. After clicking on any link that the site sends to you, you click on the icon. Fan Match on the site, then play the song from the play button and listen to the song for 50 seconds, then press the Fan button this time to charge 10 cents for each song:

As for the method of withdrawing from the site, it is simple and shown in the picture, that is, when you reach 20 dollars, you click on the withdrawal icon, then you enter your email in Paypal in order for the money to be sent to you.

Frankly, the site is great, and you can reach more than 8 songs per day, that is, approximately $ 1 every day, and do not forget also that you can profit from your referral link, and you can also lock the sound of the song in case you do not want to listen to the music.