An independent Website For Profit From The Internet 2023; Learn The Most Important Steps To Earn Money

 An independent Website For Profit From The Internet 2023; Learn The Most Important Steps To Earn Money


An independent Website For Profit From The Internet 2023; Learn The Most Important Steps To Earn Money

A detailed explanation of an independent website to earn money from the internet in simple steps: earn money from mostaql website

Explanation of an independent website for profit from the Internet, Mostaql, a golden opportunity to start immediately, get rid of the void and invest time in obtaining money and increasing personal income for self-employed entrepreneurs.

independent website (mostaql website); An independent site for self-employment has become popular after the spread of many self-employment sites, so we may find many young people looking to earn this work to profit from it, as it is considered a good source of livelihood and without little trouble, and this site is considered one of the most profitable sites in this field as it opens the way for owners Skills and experience to exchange benefits with independent project owners, which attracts thousands of independents looking for the completion of projects with skilled and expert hands. Learn with us the most important steps to profit from a freelancer.

Independent site description

If you are looking for freelance work, an independent for-profit site, Mostaql, tops the list of job platforms and the largest in the Arab world. Hsoub has launched this site, along with the Fiverr website, to work from home and encourage self-employment via the Internet. Thousands of freelancers from all over the Arab world flock to it daily to search for work. Or providing services, in addition to the presence of a huge elite of entrepreneurs who submit their requests in search of qualified and experienced people to complete the tasks.

A future website for remote work is unique as it is an important link between the job seeker and the one who offers it, in addition to being an accurate mediator that preserves the rights of both parties to complete the work and receive profits, and in this regard, an independent site reaps 20% in exchange for services and preserving rights.

Work on an independent site

In fact mostaql is a freelancer project presentation site. An independent platform enables the project owner to display the request and the desired services from the task executor by adding the project to be completed, providing full details in terms of conditions, address, type of work, and others.

The freelancer starts by adding his own offer of skills and services that he can complete for an amount of no less than $25, taking care to add the expected time to finish the task, and then communication takes place between the entrepreneur and the freelancer, and the following are the most important things to be taken into consideration:

*. Skills, the required skills vary between each job offer and another, and the more professional and distinguished the individual is in performance; Chances were more abundant to obtain them in the future.

*. Sign up. In order to actually start working, you must sign up and fill in the required data. This is so that employers can view them and send you an invitation to work.

*. Credibility, obtaining a good reputation requires you to be credible when filling out information about skills and experience, otherwise it will be a reason for not dealing with you.

*. Adding payment methods It is necessary to include the payment methods available to you, such as the most common bank account or PayPal, in preparation for receiving profits as soon as the project is completed.

*. Training, there is a large group of those wishing to work as self-employed; Therefore, Fiverr provides training courses in various fields to enable individuals to develop their skills and qualify them for the self-employment market.

*. Previous models The step of including previous models in the profile is one of the most attractive factors for employers and entrepreneurs, so it is advised not to delay providing the file with previous experiences and work.

Register on a separate site with steps

until you start working directly on the freelance platform and start freelancing and making profits; It is necessary to register on an independent earnings website with the following steps:

*. Go directly to the standalone platform through this link and click on login.

*. Clicking on the New Account button, the ability to register with LinkedIn or your personal account on Facebook.

*. Enter the name in English, and fill in the Email field

*. The need to specify a strong password that is difficult to anticipate, and then click on the appropriate box to log in as a freelancer or a buyer.

*. Go directly to the e-mail in order to activate the account and start working.

*. Log in with your email and password.

*. The need to complete the required data in order to become eligible to work immediately.

*. Click on the Complete Account button at the top left of the screen.
Ensure the accuracy of the mobile number, full name, select the appropriate photo and enter a profile.

*. Freelance from remote hiring platforms that fill skill and experience positions.

*. Inclusion of previous works in websites and designs, for example.
You can start applying for the projects presented on the Five and Independent website.

The most important terms of an independent site

When you sign up for a freelance platform, you will be asked to complete your profile and add up to 20 skills that you are good at in your field. The following are the most important standalone requirements:

*. Post your most important accomplishments at the Business Fair to make your presentation stand out from the competition.

*. Compare projects carefully, read the details carefully and set the appropriate price for the services you provide.

*. Before registering with a freelancer, prepare documents such as ID or passport to prove the identity of the user.

*. Determine the type of account, whether it is self-employed or a business owner.

*. Review the experience of freelancers on the site and choose the right person for the project you are working on.

*. Ensure that all parties adhere to the terms of an independent site that guarantee the rights of both parties.

My experience with a standalone site

I was able to achieve success in many projects and complete them through an independent website, after I read and carefully explained it carefully, and after mastery I received job offers from entrepreneurs; Inevitably, this came after reviewing my experiences and previous listed business models.

It’s great that the great freelance platform saved my profits for me and I was able to receive them without any problems and I wasn’t scammed at all; The site requires the entrepreneur to pay first in order to preserve and guarantee rights.

Independent site services

Considering that it is the most famous remote work platform for self-employment; It is full of classifications that meet the needs of freelancers, and among the most prominent services of the site that can be integrated into are the following:

*. Profit from designing websites, applications and various fields of programming.

*.     Consulting services such as financial analysis, feasibility study and others.

*. Interior design and architecture with its classifications.

*. E-marketing and sales.

*.  All types of content writing, editing and translation.

*. Video design.

*. Distance training and education.

The difference between an independent site and a fives site

Fives sites and an independent site are two distinct platforms for providing services. Fives for working from home is a platform for providing microservices for $5 or more, while the freelance site is an intermediary platform for remote employment. The most important difference between the two sites is that Fiverr focuses on medium projects, while Independent is best suited for large projects. In addition, a freelance site provides full-time and contract work, while Khamasat only provides small services.

Advantages of an independent site

Many questions may arise while viewing remote work sites. And an independent site because it is considered one of the best profit sites from the Internet about the unique features and features that prevail on this platform. Here are its 5 most important advantages:

 *. A platform on the list of the best Arab platforms for self-employment.

*. Ease of achieving and withdrawing profits from the site.

*. Actual activity daily for thousands of freelancers and entrepreneurs daily.

*. Save time and effort by connecting employers to the ideal employees for their business.

*. A leading and convenient platform to earn money easily and quickly.

Independent site commission

The freelance site commission is determined by the cumulative total value of projects with the same client. Generally, 20% commission applies for the first $500 of the total value, while 15% is taken out on projects from $500.01 up to $5000. For payments over $5,000, the freelance site’s commission is 7%. Moreover, this commission is deducted from the earnings of the freelancer and not from the project owner.

Important tips for working on a freelance site

After completing your profile on the independent platform, make sure to include all the skills that you are good at in your field of specialization, which should be a maximum of 20 skills as we mentioned. Here are the most important tips that must be followed:

*. Publish your achievements in the Business Gallery: Present your best work by adding it to your portfolio on the platform, so that clients can view it.

*. Compare projects: Look at different projects and decide which one best fits your skill set and interests.

*. Read the details carefully: Check the project details thoroughly and make sure you understand what is required of you before submitting an offer.

*. Make your offer unique: Stand out from other freelancers by offering a unique offer that adds value to the project.

*. Set a reasonable price: Negotiate a fair price for you and your employer, based on your experience and qualifications.

Benefit from the Passioneurs platform for freelancers in the Arab world: Passioneurs is an online platform for freelancers in the Arab world, offering services such as:

*. Marketing
*. Website development
*. the design
*. Content writing
*. Translation

The site provides a safe space for employers to post projects and assignments as well as ensuring rights for both employers and freelancers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the independent platform created?

Hsoub launched an independent website for the purpose of motivating freelance workers to realize themselves in 2012, and it is still continuing as a freelance website until this moment.

How do you use a standalone website?

Like any online job site, downloading an independent website consists of going to the official website via the link, logging in or creating an account, then completing the data in the personal profile, browsing the projects and submitting the offer available to you.

Is a reliable independent site?

Yes, it is considered a 100% reliable freelancer site, because it plays the role of the guaranteed mediator between the owner of the project and the freelancer, as it requires payment in advance from the business owner, then handing over the dues to the freelancer after ensuring the completion of the project

What is the commission of a freelance site?

An independent site imposes a fee on the owner of the project at a rate of 2.75%, and it is considered refundable in the event of returning the amounts charged in the account, and it varies downward according to the value of the volume of transactions between the freelancer and the client, and in general, the fees paid by the freelancer and it must be mentioned during the explanation of an independent site for profit from the Internet are as follows following:

*. Deduction of 20% commission for the first $500 in front of the total value if harvested from the customer himself.

*. 15% on all projects when dealing with the same client between the financial value of 500.01 – 5 thousand dollars.

*.  7% for payments when amounts exceed $5,000.

How do I subscribe to an independent site?

We mentioned, during the explanation of an independent website for profit from the Internet, that you can subscribe to an independent website for free by going to the official page, creating an account and completing the data, then going around between projects and submitting the offer according to the appropriate conditions and your ability to achieve efficiency in that.

How do I withdraw my money from a freelancer?

There are several ways to withdraw money from a freelancer, including PayPal, starting from $ 25, while the bank account accepts withdrawal when it reaches $ 250, and the customer must wait approximately 14 days to receive profits through these methods, and payment is due after the completion of the project and its official delivery in one day Just.

In conclusion, explaining an independent site for profit from the Internet is the remote work site, which is an easy and uncomplicated matter, so you can go to the platform and start making profits from the first project you have, and it takes a little patience until you reach your ambition if you are a beginner in the field.