Secrets of Getting profits from Google AdSense. A complete tutorial on tips and tricks

 Secrets of Getting profits from Google AdSense. A complete tutorial on tips and tricks

Even before I tell you something about Google AdSense earnings and before you learn about any of the tips and tricks on how to make a lot of money from AdSense in this tutorial, I would like to commit and stress that if there is any easier option to make money online, it is AdSense. I have tried almost all online businesses and yes I have made money from many of them but if there is anything that can give you a lot of money easily then it is Google AdSense.

Yes, there is unlimited possibility to make money from Google AdSense but there are still many people in Egypt and all over the world who have no idea how to make money from AdSense.

Not only that, there are people (I don’t know if they live in the stone age) who have never heard of this word “AdSense”. So I am going to write this easiest AdSense tutorial, with those people in mind.

If you are interested in learning more about Google AdSense, you can read how I started my online business journey.
So what is Google AdSense?

In a very simple term, Google AdSense is an online advertising system operated by Google. It is a counter app to Google AdWords where advertiser from all over the world co-create and display their ads on Google and publisher sites (eg mine).

Google places these ads on its own search engine and on millions of publisher sites that have applied for a Google AdSense account. Google does not charge any fees to display these ads but only when someone clicks on the ad.

So if I apply for Google AdSense and Google will display advertisers ads on my website then I will get paid for every click that a visitor clicks on AdSense ads on my website. I have already provided more details to understand “What is Google AdSense?” In my previous article So I recommend you to read these basics of AdSense. This article will explain different concepts about AdSense.

Now before we go any further, I would like to tell you about 3 myths about AdSense so that you can decide if you want to read this whole article or leave from here.

Myth 1

Many people I talk to about AdSense and when I explain it to them in simple words: that I have a website, people visit my site, and when they click on Adsense ads on my site, I make money. Almost all people say – “But I have never clicked on any ads like this and I don’t think anyone clicks on them”. Are you one of them? So how do millions of people around the world make thousands of dollars.

Fact & potential

Just read the fact here from Google – “Google partner sites generated $3.44 billion in revenue through AdSense programs, or 30% of total revenue, in the fourth quarter of 2016.” Reference – Google shares 68% of the income with its publishers (people like me).

This means that Google’s annual revenue from AdSense is $13.76 billion and that $9.35 billion is paid to publishers. What do you think of this amazing number? Who earns this amount of 6.8 billion dollars. And yes, would you like some share of this?

Myth 2

You need to know how to web design and you must have good technical and technical knowledge. And you must have good writing skills etc.

the truth

of course not. Yes, knowing that they have an additional advantage but it is not required. What is required is only your desire to make money. Although there are hundreds of examples I could show you, I am a living example for you.

I’m making money from AdSense from the last 5 years and have a number of blogs, but I don’t have any knowledge of web design or any writing skills before starting this.

I still don’t know anything about PHP, HTML, or anything in web design. And yes, if you asked me to write even one sentence 4-5 years ago, I wouldn’t be able to write. I will tell you how it is possible to make that much money from AdSense even if you do not have much knowledge of these things.

Myth 3

This myth makes me cringe. When people (even some highly educated ones) say like “I don’t think people don’t make any money on the internet”. There are only scams on the Internet and no chance.

The truth

I just ask them to either not comment on anything if they don’t know or they should learn and then speak up. Cheating only comes after chance. AdSense, Clickbank,, Amazon, Fiverr, ELance, blogs and hundreds of the best opportunities out there for the opportunity to comment like this but without knowing or hearing some unhelpful stories from their near and dear ones comment on these.

Enough, let’s now understand how to make big profits from AdSense

How do you get started with AdSense?

You must have one free website, website or blog to start using AdSense. Yes, absolutely yes. This is not the only thing that Google demands that you provide for its software application. And not only that, there must be some visitors who visit your site on a daily basis.

All of these things seem hard to listen to but believe me five years ago when it was hard to build a site I managed to build one and use it for AdSense but now things have changed a lot. With the help of WordPress, creating a blog is like child’s play.

Within one hour, your blog may be ready to publish contents. There are a number of other free options as well to create a site and start earning Google AdSense. Just check out one by one: to earn from AdSense is a free service from Google where you can create your own free blog. Since the service is provided by Google, you can apply directly to AdSense and place AdSense ads on your blog from the same blogger account. Learn more about it from our Bloggers Tour.

Once you create a blog, make yourself aware of different features and check how you can change your blog by applying some settings. It’s a free platform, so feel free to do some research and development.

Yes, you can also create one test blog first and once you are confident, create another blog for AdSense. There are many places you can create a free website or blog like, but not many of them can be used for AdSense.

In addition, Blogger is very easy to use and being a Google product, your contents will get more love. After your blog is ready to publish contents, you are ready for the next step, such as writing and publishing.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t written even a single sentence in your entire life, I’m going to tell you how you can become a typing expert. But before that, you just have to look at other options, other than

AdSense revenue sharing sites

A revenue sharing website is one where you can create an account, write contents and promote it and the money earned through your posts will be shared.

There are hundreds of revenue sharing sites like HubPages, Squidoo, etc. You can create a free account and start writing on these sites. But what makes HubPages, Squidoo or any other site different from

The main difference is that all the content written on such sites has a very high authority in the search engines, and ranks well as the content matures. In your blog will be a separate blog and if your blog is weak then its contents will not rank high.

Another difference is that all the settings are ready in the revenue sharing sites and you just have to write the contents once you create your account.

In other words, you could say, there is very limited control over the setup and appearance of these websites.

There are a lot of people who are making full time money through Google AdSense and other earning programs just by writing on these sites like, etc. Here are the top 5 revenue sharing sites you can start earning with –

  • hubpages
  • Mypayingcryptoads
  • infobarrel
  • Adscrypto
  • Questraworld
Not just AdSense, they will also share the revenue generated by affiliate marketing sites for Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, etc.

While both and revenue sharing sites are good for a startup, they both have a limited scope in terms of writing, designing, and many other things you want to do. Because it is a free account, you are always treated like a guest there. There are many limitations, and you cannot use the full potential of your writing

And this is where the majority of people do not like such free platforms. They go get their own paid hosting with their own domain like And with free blogging software like WordPress, you can create a blog that stands out.

AdSense Earnings with Blog

I can bet there will be thousands of people like me who can say “I love working on WordPress” or “WordPress is my mate”. After all, WordPress has changed the lives of millions of people who work day and night with this.

Those people who identify as bloggers or internet marketers know this. It may take some time to understand how to create a WordPress blog and how to make money with Google AdSense and other programs using WordPress, but once you know WordPress, you will be singing the same song as thousands of people and naturally like me.

What is WordPress?

Wikipedia explains – “WordPress is a free and open source blogging platform and content management system (CMS) powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including plugins structure and template system. WordPress is used by more than 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million sites”, and by 22% of all new sites in August 2011. WordPress is currently the most used CMS on the Internet. ”
But in very simple language – if you have your own domain and hosting (purchased from a hosting service provider) like BlueHost, HostGator, etc., you can install WordPress software on your hosting and start a WordPress blog. Then you have complete freedom to design your website however you like.

You are free to add as many free apps or plugins as you want on your blog to make your blog work as you wish. Thousands of templates and plugins are available to change the layout, design, setup and operation of your blog.

I mean, it’s hard to do all of these things!!

no never. So easy. Just imagine, the first time you tried to learn to ride a bike or drive a four wheeler. You must be thinking you’ll never know this. But once you have learned, think about how easy this is?

Why don’t you ever think, when thousands of stupid people can learn that, why don’t you do it yourself? So it’s hard even to see this from a distance. Yes, if someone needs to learn any technical course to make a blog, it can be difficult, but its like learning to drive a 4 wheeler, and anyone can learn it. Just check here simple steps-

Buy your domain and hosting from your hosting provider and create an account.
Log in to your account and install WordPress on your hosting with a simple click. You will get your WordPress username and password.

Log in to your WordPress account, install a free template, some plugins and your blog is ready. WordPress has written a good documentation on this topic which you can access here. 

But how much does it cost?

Oh, this is not at all. You can buy your domain and hosting for only $60 for one year. With a few tricks and discount coupons, you can even get a good deal for well under $60. So I don’t think, it’s too much to try a WordPress blog instead of using or revenue sharing sites.

Even if you earn $1 per week from AdSense, you can get your hosting fee back. But who the hell would do all this for a dollar a week. You need a very large AdSense income. So wordpress blogs have a lot of smart and hard words, and your desire to earn and learn can make you achieve it.

Content writing – the next step in creating a site for Google AdSense

Nobody is a writer. Writing comes from experience or knowledge. Every person in this world has interest in at least one subject. This means that there is at least one subject, which you will be interested in reading in newspapers, watching on television, blogs, in the circle of friends, or anywhere when you hear about it.

You are health conscious, more interested in health related topics, you are a fan of cricket or football, you will watch cricket or football matches on TV, read more in newspapers or discuss with your friend.

Your interest may be Finance, Relationships, Tourism, Politics, Mobiles, Gadgets, Bollywood, Hollywood, and endless topics. So when there is some discussion about this, you can talk about that. So when you can talk about something, you can even write about that thing.

And yes, writing is easier when you’re speaking because you don’t get more time to speak but you do get plenty of time before you write another sentence. So you get my point? Am I right or am I right (KD language)?

Write what you already know

So what do I want to say? I just ask you to start writing about what you already know. People want to hear you, what you know, what your opinions and objections are about certain topics.

People want to hear what you like about xyz, what do you think, where do you object, why do you like something or why don’t you like something. They want to hear everything from you.

Get more and more knowledge about the topic by reading other blogs, books and newspapers and writing what you learned in your own words. More attractive contents you write on your blogs, more people will like it and send the posts to their friends via email, facebook, twitter etc.

And yes, the biggest traffic source i.e. Google sees all of these things, and this will be greatly appreciated by Google, as Google will send more traffic to your website. More people visit your site, which means more earnings through Google AdSense.

Writing source

People have already written everything about every topic, so you need to write something different in a different way. There are many contents on the internet and you can subscribe to blogs of some famous people in your niche.

You can also use Google Alerts so that when someone writes about something, it will reach you directly. By email you can watch videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites. You can subscribe to it. You have to read everywhere you can and just reading can get you to write some good content.

Limited writing and repetition

Try to write on a regular basis at least one article per week. Write a minimum of 500 words to 1,500 words for an essay each week. Readers don’t care to read longer than 1,500 words, so try to shorten the article and write only the important points if the article is long. Fulfilling this habit will get you steady traffic from Google and steady income from AdSense.

Next step – applying for a Google AdSense account

This is one very important point as you will not make any money if AdSense rejects your application. According to AdSense policy, you must have a very useful site that owns a domain that is 6 months old. But don’t worry because there are many cases, AdSense approves the account even for new websites and blogs.

Do not consider AdSense for at least one month. You just have to focus on writing and writing well. Write at least 10-12 high quality articles on your blog before applying for AdSense. Once your site is at least one month old, you can apply for AdSense at

It takes 2 to 7 days to get approved by Google AdSense. In most cases, Google will give you approval if you continue as you said. In a rare case, they can refuse your application. You can then write more articles and apply again after one month and now there is a very good chance that your account will be approved.

Note – Don’t try to get your approval through others selling an AdSense account. It may work on a temporary basis but after a while it will be deactivated, you may be banned permanently for opening a Google AdSense account. Try to get approval in your own way.

Next step – start earning with Google AdSense

Once you get approved, you can consider making money on AdSense. If you are really looking for AdSense as a permanent source of income then don’t expect any money in the first 3 to 6 months. You are in the process of building an entire AdSense empire, so it takes time to build one.

Here are some steps you can follow if your blog is ready and you write on your blog on a regular basis.

Use ADSENSE on your blog

To use AdSense ads on your blog, simply log into your AdSense account, click on My Ads and then on Ad Units from Content. After clicking on “Ad Units”, click on “New Ad Units”

After clicking on “New Ad Units”, it will ask you for different settings options as shown below in the image,

Use the name section to give some name to the ad unit.

Then it will ask you for the size of the ads. There are many different sizes of ads, one wide leaderboard (728 x 90), vertical skyscraper (160 x 600 or 120 x 600), square (200 x 200 or 250 x 250) or rectangles (300 x 250, 336 x 280).

You can use them as per your website requirements however the 4 starting ad sizes mentioned in the recommended list give maximum earnings. Other than these types of ads, there are ads links listed at the end of the drop-down list.

They are not actual advertisements but are link to advertisements; So when someone clicks on the ad link it shows the number of ads and if someone clicks on any ad then you will get paid.

The third column is the type of ad. Google uses text-based media ads and image-based ads for AdSense. You can select the type of ads you want to use and try different ads at different times and see which type of ad gives you the most revenue.

Custom channels – A custom channel allows you to group ad units according to your choice, such as size or location on a page. You can track performance by assigned channel. You may have many blogs and many sections on your site so that you can use different custom channels to track the performance of your ads in different places.

Ad Style – It works with text ads only as you can change the font, color and background color of your ads. Submitting a similar style to your website or blog template will get you more clicks from your visitors.

Simply click on “Save and get the code”. Once you click on that, you will be taken to a page with some JavaScript code. Just copy and paste this code in your blog between your contents through some WordPress plugins or in your sidebar so that your visitors can see AdSense ads and so you can earn from ads.

So what are those secrets to making money on AdSense?

I really want to just write everything here but this article is getting long and I hope if you are reading this paragraph, you must be bored. So just do one thing, subscribe to this blog so that I can provide you with more similar articles on AdSense earning secrets, AdSense tips and tricks and other copy of other paid earning programs.

In our upcoming articles, you will discover things like-

How to improve CTR

This is the only factor that can improve your earnings. There could be many reasons for this, such as your site is showing boring ads, no proper layout, wrong ad size, location, etc. Even a CTR of 2% or 3% to 5% or even 8% or 9% like me above double or triple gain can be increased with just 5 minute settings using some simple tricks.

How to improve CPC

You get really upset when you see $0.01 or $0.05 per click in your account. With the same amount of traffic, with the same number of visitors and the same CTR, how can you increase your AdSense earnings to 5 times or 10 times. These single AdSense secrets can increase your earnings many times over.

How to improve traffic

Just a little effort you put into editing your articles and some sort of search engine optimization can get you a lot of traffic.

Are you still working on one site and this is also not giving proper results. Come on, start creating as many simple Adsense websites as you can, work for several days on each website and let it give you income for life. Yes, this is possible. This is one of the hidden AdSense secrets that many internet marketers are unwilling to reveal. And most important-

Protect your ADSENSE account

Google deactivates hundreds of accounts on a daily basis. There is a lot of Google policy that you need to understand.

Even a single term violation can get your account banned for a long time. But can you consider reading Google’s technical terms and policies and boring lines. Learn all the terms in a very interesting and easy way and follow the rules so that you don’t violate this policy even without your knowledge.

I hope this article is not the same as your boring AdSense tutorial and you enjoyed this one. I’m just trying to get some tricks on how to create the most powerful online money making system i.e. Google AdSense. If you want to earn money from Google AdSense then I recommend you to subscribe to this blog so that you always get updates about Google AdSense earnings and AdSense secrets.

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