AppKarma Application To Earn Money From The Phone Without any Effort And in Simple Steps

 AppKarma Application To Earn Money From The Phone Without any Effort And in Simple Steps

AppKarma Application To Earn Money From The Phone Without any Effort And in Simple Steps

Abkarma is an application to earn money from your phone without any effort and with simple steps.

When we search the Internet for ways to make money on a smartphone, for example, with the intention of making ends meet, it is easy to find many articles in which some ideas are shared, and they can be taken seriously. One of them is surveys, which are the best way to make money for beginners in this field. The task is solved by answering paid surveys quite simply. Income can also be generated through affiliate marketing offers. And as you can see, the opportunities to make money from your phone are limitless. For our part, the goal will be the same, and we will share with you the appkarma application, which also allows you to earn money for completing some tasks that are not difficult at all.

To earn money from the program, you have to earn points by downloading and using apps that Apkarma offers you, as well as watching videos and answering a few questions. After that, you can exchange these points for money and withdraw them to your PayPal account or redeem them for gift cards from various popular stores such as Amazon, Google Play, etc.

If you download Apcarma via a VIP referral link, the welcome bonus will earn you 400 points if you enter the invitation code when installing the app. If your sponsor is not a VIP, you will earn 300 points. If you register in the usual way, you will receive 50 welcome points, after which it’s time to start placing your first offers.

Ways to make money with the appcarma app

Once you enter the program, you will find several main sections that allow you to earn points and later redeem them, as mentioned earlier, for gift cards or PayPal money:

1-Watch the video

In the “Reward” field, the application offers you a maximum of 20 videos per day. And for each clip played, you can get from 1 to 5 points.

2- Download applications

In this section you will find several applications that you need to install on your phone. After that, you will allow him to work for a few minutes or perform some action, for example, play a game and reach a certain level..etc.

3- Public opinion polls

To earn more points, you can answer a few simple questions that the Apkarma app gives you on your own.

4-Daily login bonus

For daily entry into the program, you will receive a bonus of 5 points, which will be credited to your account

5. Referral system

Apcarma has an excellent referral system. You will receive 30% of what the people you sign up with your referral link produce while they are active on the app. In addition, the other party with whom you register your link will earn more than 300 points. It should be noted that if you are a VIP member, you will receive 40% of the profit, and your friend will receive 400 points.


As for the minimum payment request in the application, it is 3 via PayPal with 5250 points scored. After you score 52,500 points, you can request $50 or convert them into gifts

Your award-winning go-to app for receiving gift cards from top brands

Apcarma is a reward app that allows you to earn rewards by playing games.

Simply install the games you like from our list of offers and then follow the offer requirements to start earning points.

Exchange points for better gift cards or PayPal.

Play and earn rewards!

Win-Win Scratch Cards – Take and win big

– The playback function recommends apps for you

The Karma Play feature allows you to earn scratch cards

– Unlock achievement badges to get additional rewards

Level up to increase your rewards

– Gift card code is provided directly in the app

Refer your friends and earn 30% (or more if you’re a VIP) of everything they earn

You can try everything for free. If you like rewards, scratch cards, and games, you’ll want to give Abcarma a try.

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