Top 8 Cryptocurrencies With a High Profitable Future

 Top 8 Cryptocurrencies With a High Profitable Future

Top 8 Cryptocurrencies With a High Profitable Future

Top 8 Cryptocurrencies With a High Profitable Future

A group of new free digital currencies that have a profitable future in the world of trading and profit from the Internet and the stock exchange, you can keep them and work online through them.

Dear visitors to the Media World site, I present to you a group of new, free digital currencies that have a profitable future in the world of circulation and profit from the Internet and the stock exchange. You can keep them and work online through them without fear and hesitation at all. Online profit.

The market for dealing in new digital currencies 2023 has increased nowadays due to the large number of websites and their users in all countries of the world, which numbered more than 4000 currencies as of the date of writing this article.

However, it was unable to stabilize and maintain its value and its ability to remain stable and maintain its share in the market, as are the currencies that we will talk about, which are 8 currencies or more.

Studies have shown that the purchasing power and market value of these currencies rose to about $1170.55 billion alone, which puts them ahead of the rest of the digital virtual currencies.

As for what these currencies are and what are their names, we will discuss writing about them through this post of ours and all our wishes, but with benefit and good luck to all, it is the world-famous Bitcoin currency among digital currencies. Here are the types of currencies, their prices, and their most important features:

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The Bitcoin currency tops the top eight positions, as it sits on the throne of the lead and the first place with all merit and deserving

It first appeared at the beginning of 2008 and was known in the beginnings as saotshi nakamoto saotshi nakamoto and was traded in late 2008 and the beginning of 2009, after which it became a general application and everyone could use it and deal with this currency known as the international currency Bitcoin, whose symbol has become BTC

The estimated value of this currency is currently about 60,000 dollars, while in the global markets it is about 1090.85 billion dollars, and now its market value is increasing and continuing.

secondly :

Binance coin Binance Coin

This currency was created in 2017, and after that it became one of the most popular sites in all countries of the world in terms of transaction volume

This currency is an important center as well as an electronic platform for everyone who is interested in and deals with digital currencies, where the customer can trade more than 90 digital currencies with it.

The value of this currency at the present time is more than 527.65 dollars, and its market value is estimated at 81.9 billion US dollars.

Its systems and servers were transferred to Japan on the orders of its founder, Chang Zhou, of Chinese origin, when the state of China announced a ban on dealing with such cryptocurrencies within its borders.

Third :

Ethereum cryptocurrency

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This currency was created in 2013 by the programmer (Vitalik), known as Biotrain, where he contributed to its support and financing until it became one of the huge currencies and its systems were actually operated at the beginning of 2015

The market value of this currency is approximately 279.9 billion US dollars, and the price of this currency is estimated at 2390 dollars.

This currency has more than 10.9 million digital pieces tracking it and is ready to be traded for everyone through Wikipedia

Fourthly :

coin x Rebl in Arabic

This currency is also considered one of the most popular among currencies and occupies the first positions in trading

It is dealt with under the symbol XRP and is used in a digital form and not in a real physical form as a cash currency

This process was established in 2014 and was headed by the owner of the company himself, Chris Larsen, and it has become one of the important currencies that millions of users trade on online platforms under the name of systems (reliable source) or the prepaid system.

Its price is $1.77, while its general market value is estimated at $82.8 billion


TERZ Arabic currency

It ranks sixth among cryptocurrencies, as it is one of the most widespread currencies, and seeks to occupy the first three positions among digital currencies

This currency is denominated as USDT

It is moved through electronic search engines

The price of its market among currencies is 45.0 billion dollars, while its price is only 1 dollar

Revenue and management are shared equally with the British company BITFINEX

Sixthly :

Cardano coin in Arabic

Its position oscillates between the fifth and sixth

Its price is estimated at 1.55 US dollars and its market price is about 45.98 billion dollars

It is also considered one of the superior currencies in terms of encryption and has distinct algorithms whose task is to verify and sort proofs and documents without prepaid fees.


Bloca .dot global currency

It works on the principle of helping subscribers to establish a fast system in order to take advantage of time and not waste it. The symbol of this currency is DOT

This currency contributes to mining and qualifying virtual digital currencies, re-filtering them, and verifying their documentary records

Make room for those in charge of research and development and create designs for its basic systems

The price of this currency is estimated at $ 41.9, and its value in the digital markets is $ 40.0 billion

This currency is a widespread digital project that has a clear importance among the cryptocurrencies globally


Bitcoin cash currency

It is one of the best digital currencies for investment, and this currency is considered modern, as this currency was created in 2017

This currency is characterized by the fact that it is a branch of the basic digital currency, Bitcoin

It occupies the sixth place among the ranking of currencies and its symbol BCH, and it is considered one of the favorite currencies for its ease of trading and the diversity of its advantages. There are currently cheap digital currencies that have a future among the huge encrypted currencies.

note :

All of these currencies are denominated and dealt with in US dollars

These are our dear visitors, the eight most important digital currencies that are traded through electronic platforms, and what is the value of each of them in the markets, in addition to their founders, the advantages of each of them, in addition to knowing the prices of the digital currency directly, which we presented to you through this post, with our sincere wishes to benefit everyone.

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