PayPal Referral Program: Earn up to $100 by referring other users

 PayPal Referral Program: Earn up to $100 by referring other users

This will be interesting for everyone who has a PayPal account. You now have a chance to earn up to $100 by referring people to PayPal.

For those who don’t know, PayPal is one of the most popular web services for people who work online and need to receive and send money.

Back in the days when PayPal started, they used to have a referral program where they would offer a user $20 if they opened an account and $20 if they referred someone. However, PayPal has become so popular that they have completely removed their referral program.

Over the past several years, PayPal has undoubtedly been the winner when it comes to online payment processing services. However, in the last couple of years or so, things have changed and many new players have entered the field. The number of PayPal alternatives is growing; We also cannot ignore the popularity of Bitcoin in the past few years.

I can’t claim that these are the reasons why PayPal brought back their referral program, but it would make sense.

Regardless of the reasons, the PayPal referral program is back.

PayPal Referral Program: Earn $10 for every user you refer

The PayPal Referral Program is open to anyone with a US PayPal account in good standing. If this sounds like you, let’s get started and learn how you can earn up to $10 by inviting others to join PayPal.

Here’s how the PayPal referral program works

Also note that each user who joins through your invitation will also receive $10 when they open a PayPal account in the US and complete an eligible transaction within 14 days of signing up.

“Qualified Transaction” means an online payment of at least $100 USD that is marked “Full” on the Referrer’s Account and that has not been cancelled, refunded or revoked by the Reference or Seller.

Before I add any more, let me show you how to get your PayPal referral link.
How to get your PayPal referral link:

As I mentioned above, this option is available to anyone with a PayPal account in good standing.

Steps to get a referral link:

Sign in to your PayPal account.

Go to this page to get your referral link.

Tap Share Invitation or Choose Contacts if you want to invite a contact directly from your phone.

If you need the referral link to post on the blog or message board, click on Post Invitation and specify your email. Email yourself and you will have your own personal PayPal referral link.

I’ve tested this process and verified the referral link on my US PayPal account and it’s working fine.

Here are some good points about the PayPal referral program:

You can earn a maximum of $100.

Your referrer must use your link to register and receive international payments of at least $100* within 45 days of registration.

Here are the full terms.

If you post your referral link on any third party website, such as a social media platform, you must also comply with that platform’s terms of use.

Please note that whenever you decide to share your referral link, you must tell the person who was referred through you that you will receive a commission from PayPal if they sign up and complete a qualifying transaction. Failure to disclose this information violates the Terms and may result in PayPal’s exclusion from the Program, and may result in the forfeiture of any rewards that you would have earned through the Program.