How to Make Money Online using product resell rights

 How to Make Money Online using product resell rights

Making money online using resale rights is a great way for people to earn some passive income easily. Learn how you can make money online by reselling e-books and key software. But this takes some work and effort, but once you get some skills, you can decide how much you want to earn every day!
Steps to follow

1. Create a website with a domain name specified

You should stay away from free web hosting – it does not enable you to gain the trust of the buyer in order to purchase the products that you offer on your website.

You can follow this guide to build a website in 20 minutes with the best hosting right now BlueHost.

2. Purchase the product with sale rights for resale

Digital products such as e-books and software are the most common products that contain resale rights. The best thing is that you don’t need to constantly check stock or worry about it running out at any time because you will get digital products that customers can download again and again. Another benefit is that you don’t need to worry about delivering goods and dealing with shipping issues. Once a customer completes their purchase, they can download the product to their desktop. You also don’t have to worry about the arrival time or packaging for sending your product to customers. Instant access and instant download is what makes digital products attractive.

3. Add a payment processor to receive payments using credit cards

The electronic payment system facilitates the acceptance of electronic payments for online transactions. E-commerce payment systems, also known as a sub-component of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), are increasingly popular due to their wide use during online shopping. Credit cards are a popular method of online payment.

4. Add products and reviews pages to your website

Most products that come with resale rights come with a pre-designed sales page and accompanying graphics for that product which means you won’t need to worry about creating your own sales page for the product. Once you have the full pages loaded with your payment link at the bottom of the page, add the product to the website, and you’re ready to start selling online.

5. Get targeted traffic to your website

If your product is about “how to train a dog” then you need dog owners to visit your website, and not just any visits, but carefully targeted visits. You can use PPC ads on search engines like Google Ads or you can find a niche site within your niche to advertise within. Many of these sites allow you to send single ads to subscribers on their mailing list.

What this means is that you pay for the email ad exclusively with your offer to all of those sites’ subscribers. This can be expensive, but often results in better targeted traffic for your product, and is often profitable in terms of returns. You can even share the product in forums, or write articles with a link to your website in the resource box. These are all great ways to get targeted traffic to your website and resell products with rights.

6. Collect email addresses

You need a mechanism to collect email addresses, where you can add a mailing list subscription form that enables people to get your offers. Mailing list growth is by far the most important activity to focus your efforts on. If you get traffic from paid ads, then after the customer arrives, he will buy the product you offer, and once he leaves, he will not return. Unless you have some ways to lure him back to you.

This is where adding and making a mailing list opt-in form is vital. Most of the time, the owner of the resale rights directs his clients to a “landing page,” which is a page that presents the visitor with only two options. The first option is to sign up in order to go to the next page and find out more information – the second option is to leave the page. Often, a free gift is offered as a reward to the person who subscribes to your mailing list, which makes it an attractive proposition.

Using a service like Aweber or GetResponse makes the process of creating forms, following up on messages, and building your entire mailing list very easy, manageable, and recommended.

7. Follow up with visitors who did not buy from their first visit

You will find that there are some people who have signed up to your mailing list and purchased the product, but many others have signed up and not completed the purchase. This is good, because you can now send them a series of emails, using automated services that you used before (such as Aweber). You can automatically email them at intervals specified by you with valid reasons why they should return to your website.

This could be by providing answers to the 3 most asked questions people have about your product, or perhaps an email of reviews you have or even a message for more advice with a link to your website at the bottom of the email. The important thing is that they visit your website again.

8. Finding new products with resale rights that will be of interest to subscribers

You can offer to reward a related product for free with the product with resale rights to create better value for your customers.

Look at other competing sites and use landing pages.

Always look for ways to build good relationships with your subscribers. Offer them free gifts, interesting articles or resources that will be of interest to them from time to time. Or you could put out a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter for them.

Don’t be afraid to test everything that might improve sales. Sales page title, money-back guarantee modification, or product price.


Don’t send too much spam. Make sure to only send emails to people who have a “subscription” to your mailing list.

Never give a free gift unless you can actually deliver it. You have to look at shipping etc.

Avoid spending too much on first resale rights products. You should be able to buy good quality products for less than $100, often even for less than $50 with full resale rights.

Avoid ads that claim to be guaranteed to get your website published. They are ineffective and you will lose money. Stick to the above methods and always remember that it is “targeted” ads that produce results.