Tourist places in Fujairah

 Tourist places in Fujairah

Tourist places in Fujairah

This emirate is distinguished from the rest of the other Saturday Emirates in its distinguished location, as it is the only one that is located on the Sea of ​​​​Oman from the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, and this emirate overlooks the coast of Oman. He developed this emirate so that it remains the destination for every tourist. The capital of this emirate, which has a population of 152,000, is the city of Fujairah, with an area of ​​about 1,166 square kilometers.

This Emirate was named by this name because of the abundance of springs erupting in it.

The latter consists of two parts located on the Sea of ​​Oman and helps to moderate its climate. It is a group of difficult mountain ranges that exist between them, and between the Sea of ​​Oman the most fertile place is the Al-Batinah Plain. It also has many valleys such as Wadi Siji and Wadi Ham.

This emirate attracts many tourists for their various purposes, some of whom go to see the antiquities, the history of this country, and enjoy its wonderful beaches, and some of them go to search for treatment, whether this treatment is medical or natural, through the sulfur springs in which it is located.

The most important tourist attractions in Fujairah

Fujairah Fort

This castle is one of the historical attractions and the most attractive to tourists. This castle is located in the center of the old village of Fujairah, on top of a high rock.

This castle has a wonderful view as it is surrounded by natural farms, springs, and palm groves.

And its location helps to attract many tourists because it is located on the main road that connects all Emirates with the Emirate of Fujairah.

This castle dates back to 1735 AD, and it was recently modified to show its ancient heritage features.

• eye mudb

Wadi Wurayah

This valley is located to the north of the city of Fujairah. It is a group of eyes and rocks that are surrounded by a group of mountains. It is a mountainous area, but this area has turned into a natural reserve because it contains a large number of animals, insects, birds and amphibians.

One of the things that distinguish Wadi Al Wurayah is the ability to store water in the mountains, and there are waterfalls that flow into deep lightning surrounded by wonderful trees and plants, as the water does not stop throughout the year and its quantity increases during the rainy season.

Ain al-Ghamour

This eye is not satisfied with treatment only, but also has a wonderful view, as it dazzles the visitor with its beauty, as there are many trees such as Sidr trees, palm trees, and others.

This spring smells of sulfur from its sides, and a white, sulfurous substance emerges from its sides.

Where it is intended for tourists to treat many diseases such as rheumatism, chest muscles and joints.

And this eye was famous for the many cases that helped to heal it.

Culture village

This village is one of the villages that most attract tourists who are interested in history and antiquities, as this village reflects the simple and detailed life of the ancestors.

Where this village is a wonderful embodiment of the history of the city that gives heritage the opportunity to penetrate into ancient times.

• Fujairah Museum

This museum is located in the south of the castle, and this museum is one of the museums that displays a large number of antiquities that were found in archaeological excavations, and these antiquities date back to the Bronze Age along with some other things that this museum displays such as various weapons, painted pottery, and pots, This goes back to the pre-Islamic era.

There are also wonderful silver jewelry and herbs that are used in treatment in this museum.

• Butt bull

And it was given this name because of the struggle between the bulls that takes place in it, where the people of the country gather around to watch this struggle every Friday, as well as the tourists.

Al Hail Castle

This castle is one of the historical castles that are found in Fujairah and it is the seat of the ruling family since ancient times, and it was used to defend the city. This castle contains a custom of white lime, and walls engraved with amazing inscriptions.

Bethna Castle

This village is one of the most important historical castles in Fujairah, as it is located on the main road from the eastern side of the Arab Emirates, and there are many amazing castles in it.

• The Ottoman Mosque

This mosque is located in the north of Fujairah, and it is one of the oldest historical monuments in the Arab Emirates.

Ohla Castle

This castle is one of the greatest historical castles in the Arab Emirates, as it is located in a wonderful strategic location, and inside this castle there is a circular clock tower, and windows that overlook wonderful views.
• Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This is one of the modern mosques that Muslims visit only to see the wonderful places inside, and it is the second largest mosque in Abu Dhabi.



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