Tourist Places in Dubai For Children

 Tourist Places in Dubai For Children

Tourist Places in Dubai For Children

Are there tourist places in Dubai for children like those in Western countries? Question all Arabs when they intend to travel to tourism in Dubai. This question is not really correct to be asked, but in order to assure you, we will answer it with an absolute negative, because the tourist places in Dubai are numerous in the intensity of magnificence and beauty that are not compared to any other tourist places in the world. The UAE is a country characterized by extreme progress, cleanliness and real beauty that has surpassed the largest countries in the world in terms of system and technology. So what is the case with tourism in Dubai, the capital of the Emirates, as it is a country whose economic dependence after the oil revolution is on its tourism, and therefore there are in the UAE the most beautiful tourist places in Dubai and all other emirates.

Traveling to Dubai is a joy of optimism, love of life and achievement after returning home because of the true beauty in every place you visit there. If you want to know the most touristic cities in the Emirates and what are the best places for families and children in the Emirates, make sure that after you read this report, do not hesitate at all and go to buy tickets for you and your family for the most beautiful family trip in the Bride of the Gulf, Dubai, as I call it because of its beauty.

Tourist places in Dubai for children in the most beautiful parks in Dubai

Children everywhere love open spaces and public parks in order to run and play with their families, and thus we offer a group of tourism places in Dubai for children that are among the most beautiful wide open parks in the whole world.

The most beautiful buildings of flowers in the flower garden in Dubai

Tourism in Dubai for children originates in the flower garden. You like to see the pyramids, the Burj Khalifa and many forms, but in a completely different way, see it in the flower garden in Dubai. In the flower garden in Dubai, there are places for families to sit and children play, a place you can never imagine its beauty, but it must be seen more. The flower garden is surrounded by a group of hotels at the highest level of services that offer ten-star advantages.

Zabeel Park in Dubai and watch the magic of the green land

The most tourist places in Dubai for children and their families, as they enjoy being there and do not cost you much. Where you enjoy the wide green spaces, you can take the bike with you, and your child rides next to you on the bike while he is very happy and happy. Zabeel Park always offers fun and entertainment for children and adults in the largest open-air halls in the shadow of the magic of nature, watching very interesting reviews.

Enjoy a cable car ride at Dubai Creek Park

 It is the Creek Park in Dubai, one of the tourist places in Dubai for children. You find it always crowded with visitors who came from very far in order to enjoy a fun time in it. And if you like to see the whole park and take a selfie, you should ride the cable car, which you enjoy a very clear view from above, and you see the trees and the lake from above, and you see the famous Dubai Creek, and do not forget to attend the dolphin shows and make your child imagine and play with him in the large pool. A wonderful place in design and management, one of the most beautiful tourist places in Dubai for children and family enjoyment.

The fun is in the Dubai amusement park for children

 There are a lot of entertainment places in Dubai for children, including game cities, amusement parks, hanging in the air, including competition games and many things like that. Including water parks in Dubai and its fun in air-conditioned places always.

Legoland Dubai and Adventures “LEGO LAND Dubai”

Surely your son himself drives your car. In the city of Legoland in Dubai, he fulfilled his dream. There is a place equipped with a group of toy cars exactly in the shape of the real car, including many shapes that make the child very happy, and it is very funny that you find children who break the signal and take away all this in the real car racing game . In addition to other games and the house of colorful balls and huge cubes, it is one of the best tourist places in Dubai for children to ride air rocket games and cloud bounces, but for adults, the garden carries games for all ages, everyone finds the best game for him from the child to the father and even the grandfather, as it is one of the finest places of tourism In Dubai for families.

ING theme park in Dubai

One of the most beautiful places for children’s tourism in Dubai, it represents the closed amusement parks in a large prayer in which 7D shows and figures are shown that take the child to the imagination that he sees in cartoon films and feels everything around him as if it is natural and real, and the place there is equipped with great restaurants that offer the most beautiful meals and elegant Gulf dishes to complete Enjoy your day and your family.

Motiongate theme park in Dubai “motion rate”

The best places of tourism in Dubai for families, because the whole family enjoys it, especially the head of the family, so there is something that makes her very happy in the Motiongate amusement park, in which there are shops in which there are shops with different types and a variety of goods from clothes from the largest fashion houses in the world and there are shops for jewelry and commodities that have value It is very large and contains tourist places in Dubai for children. You and your child must be banned from entering it, because everyone who entered it with their children made the purchase bill exceed a thousand dinars. It has amazing and very exciting toys and gifts, because of its beauty, you like to buy everything from it, but it is enough for one or two toys for each child, and your children will be very happy with it.

Tourist places in Dubai for children are water parks

Escape from the summer heat and experience the fun of Dubai Water Gardens, swim, slide, float, dive and live the childhood moments that will not be repeated.

Dubai Aquarium

It is a very huge aquarium with many fish, including different types and sizes, including whales, octopuses, dolphins, sharks, and marine creatures estimated at a lot. There are places for diving for children and adults in the Aquarium that make you go to the dream of the deep sea, but this time be honest and your dream comes true and you see the largest fish She swims around you, but do not be afraid at all, the place is safe and beautiful, and she finds shows of mermaids as she lives her life in her natural place in the sea, as if the famous Disney movie Mermaid is for the most beautiful mermaid, and her true story lives just like the truth.

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai

A water amusement park in which there is ice skating, and you wear gloves and calf legs for skating. You find the place very crowded with children as they cheer and play in the large pool, which is in the form of an artificial sea and has light artificial waves. It has the largest slide for water directly, and there is a very interesting place in which you can eat Your lunch provided by the village to you while sitting in the pool.

Burj Khalifa

Of course, it is one of the tallest towers in Dubai. Naturally, when we talk about tourism in Dubai for children and families, the Khalifa Tower must be on the list of your trip to Dubai, so that you can look up above it and see many of the Emirates’ landmarks. And you are sitting on one of the flying restaurants in the highest roles.