Most Popular Tourist Places in Emirates

 Most Popular Tourist Places in Emirates

Most Popular Tourist Places in Emirates

The most important tourist places in the Emirates

The most important tourist areas in the sheikhdoms of the Omani coast (United Arab Emirates):

It is one of the Arab countries that was distinguished by civilization and became the pioneer and one of the best tourist destinations in the twenty-first century, and this is on the world level.

In recent years, it has paid attention to tourism, and has provided tourists with all the requirements that tourists need, such as providing services in luxury hotels, convenient transportation, and holding festivals that have been very grateful for attracting tourists to the country, and so on.

Because of this interest, the UAE has become one of the most attractive countries for tourists and made it a tourist status among countries because it preserved its originality and did not neglect development and modernity.

Among the most important tourist places in the Emirates:

The best tourist places in Dubai

Dubai is the most important and famous city in the Emirates, the fastest country that is characterized by its rapid pace of development because it contains the most famous tourist places, and the interest of tourists to go to Dubai because it is famous for many luxurious areas and many tourist attractions and these places: Dubailand – Burj Khalifa – Dubai Mall – Basinkiye, And hotels and resorts, and these hotels are Burj Al Arab – Jumeirah Beach Thawin – Burj Khalifa – Atlantis, and foods that display the most famous foods of all kinds that suit all circles of society, and among these restaurants are the Lake Bar – latitude – for the advancement – Armani – Pierre Jaber, and also Dubai is famous for its festivals The luxury that celebrities are attracted to.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the famous places because it is the capital of the Emirates, and it contains the most important tourist places, political headquarters, and the best hotels that are found in the Emirates are in Abu Dhabi.

Among these places and tourist attractions are:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Qasr Al Hosn – Heritage Village – Manarat Al Saadian – Corniche, Malls, Gardens Abu Dhabi and others.

Ras Al Khaimah

The beauty of this country lies in the fact that it combines the past with its immediate radiance. It is the proudest developed region, characterized by the abundance of quiet places, beaches, and places to relax.

Among the tourist places in which they are located are:

Ice Land – Ras Al Khaimah Museum – Manar Mall – RAK Mall – Bedouin Oasis.

Fujairah City

This city combines history and the present, and is characterized by natural landscapes within the seas.

The best tourist places in it are:

Darfur Down – Al Bidiyah Mosque – Al Hili Castle – Ain Mutab Sulfur Garden.


This country ranks in terms of the third population in the Emirates, as possible between the advanced modern life, traditions and customs of this country, and is characterized by culture and a view to a better future in life.

This culture did not make them neglect the Islamic civilization and its history.

Areas and tourist attractions in Sharjah:

Al Qasba – Sharjah Museum – Sharjah Aquarium.
Among the famous restaurants: Katia Restaurants – Spices Restaurant – Aden.

Umm Al Quwain

This country was characterized by calmness and comfort, such as the calmness of the countryside, because it does not contain markets, but it is not inferior in importance to other cities, but rather it has many tourist areas, hotels, restaurants and gardens, but rather it is distinguished from them in its calmness.

Tourists come to it on holidays to spend a nice time, and it was known in the past that the lists are the land force and Bahrain.


This place is characterized by its geographical location, as this made it a destination for tourists, and it contains amazing tourist places and there is a wonderful airport.

Among the most important tourist places in Ajman:

Ajman Museum – Sheikh Walid Mosque – Ajman City Center – Ajman Beaches.