Great ways to get inspiration for YouTube videos

 Great ways to get inspiration for YouTube videos

In the early days of starting a YouTube channel, it often feels like ideas flow naturally and uninterrupted. But once you post a large amount of content, you may start to run out of things to share with your followers. In such cases, you will need to think of new ways to engage your audience.

While getting inspiration for YouTube videos is sometimes a challenge, you have plenty of options for doing so. This article will teach you some of the best ways to develop new interesting ideas that go with your content. 

1. Watch other YouTubers

While you shouldn’t explicitly copy other people’s work, watching some of your favorite creators can help you get some ideas for your own videos. You might learn how to edit in a new way, for example, or think about how you could take something they said and package it for your field. YouTubers who specialize in the film industry are especially worth watching.

When you watch other YouTubers, try to make sure that you are managing your time. If you spend hours searching for content you never intended to, you may find that you’ve done more harm than good.

2. Listen to inspiring podcasts

Podcasting is one of the most popular ways to consume information for several reasons. You can listen to the episodes in various situations —  like doing housework. And if you get the information right, you can learn a whole bunch of new things that will help you in your YouTube career.

You’ll find podcasts of many types, and you may want to listen to those specific to your niche. You can also get inspiration for your videos through any of the following:

Interviews with the creators.

Business tips and advice.

Tips on how to improve your workflow.

3. Set aside time for brainstorming sessions

While you can get a lot of inspiration from consuming other people’s content, you often get the best ideas when your mind has more time to think. When you create regular YouTube videos, setting aside time for brainstorming sessions is a wise choice.

You can choose how often you want to brainstorm video topics; Once a month may work for some, while others may need to increase that level to every other week.

You can use several methods when coming up with ideas for videos, such as mind mapping. Try to limit distractions during your periods of focus; Music is fine if it helps you get more done, but you should turn on airplane mode or turn off the phone. 

4. Choose a new angle of thinking

Once you upload hundreds of videos to your YouTube channel, you may find that some of them are out of date after a certain period. Unfortunately, it takes longer than a blog post to update old content on the platform. You will need to upload a new video instead of editing the original content.

If you published something a few years ago, you might find a new angle that is more relevant to the present. Listen to your old content and see if you can find anything worth reusing or exploring. Check out the best video editing apps for YouTube (free and paid).

5. Read books and blogs

While YouTube videos focus primarily on visual and audio, you need not rely solely on these two mediums for inspiration. You will find many books and blogs that will also help you generate new ideas.

You don’t need to read books about YouTube, business, or online content creation specifically; Almost anything will give your mind more inspiration to think. Similarly, you can read blogs about creativity in your field and general blogs.
Even if you don’t find inspiration for your videos, you might discover new ideas to improve your social media channels and make them more efficient — or something else.

6. Take a short break from YouTube

Taking a break is beneficial in creative fields such as photography. In this regard, YouTube is no exception. If you have been uploading videos regularly for a long time, you may find yourself exhausted — or very close to that dreaded state.

When you take a break from YouTube, you may find it a scary phase at first. Many creators fear becoming undiscoverable when they temporarily step away from the platform, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still, for example, share your existing uploads on social networks.

During your time away from YouTube, focus your attention on other things. New creative exercises and activities will work different parts of your brain and enable you to feel refreshed when you come back to YouTube.

7. Have a look at the latest industry trends

No matter what your YouTube channel is about, your niche is likely to evolve very quickly. As a result, you need to stay on top of current trends; If you don’t, you will start to lose connection with the audience.

You must be up to date with the latest industry trends and scroll through the headlines at least once a week. It’s also helpful to watch videos of other creators in your niche to see what they have to say; Doing so will help you better understand your users’ interests.

8. Ask participants for ideas

In any form of marketing, you often have the answers right in front of you. If your users have a problem, they’ve probably already voiced their opinion —  and if they don’t, you’d benefit a lot from asking them directly.

If you’re having a hard time getting ideas for YouTube videos, ask your subscribers in the comments section of your last upload. And if you are eligible to use the Community tab, you can also use it.

9. Use an idea generator

While you should ask your audience what they want to see from you, getting help from other sources isn’t the worst idea in the world. If you still can’t come up with many ideas, using an online builder is an excellent option.

You’ll find plenty of idea generation tools online, including weshare and TuBeast. Search for keywords related to your niche and see what you can find. 

10. Research keywords in your niche

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, so — as you might expect — keyword research is crucial if you want to find new video ideas.

Like idea generators, you’ll find many keyword research tools online. TubeBuddy, for example, is an excellent browser add-on that provides insight into what works well. You can also get an overview of how well your competitors’ channels are performing.

Several ways to find inspiration for YouTube videos

Even when you think you’ve talked about everything there is to do on YouTube, the truth is that you’ve probably only scratched the surface. You can find a lot of unique video ideas with just a little bit of outside-the-box thinking.

You can find inspiration for your YouTube videos in many ways; Asking others for advice helps a lot, and using online tools will help you gain a greater competitive advantage.