What is the best Saudi stock trading broker?

 What is the best Saudi stock trading broker?

What is the best Saudi stock trading broker?

A Saudi stock trading broker can be a company, a platform, or a bank, and this will be explained in the article, while defining the features of each broker.

The Saudi stock market is famous for being one of the largest Arab markets, and there are many brokers specialized in trading these stocks.

Al Rajhi Capital as a Saudi Stock Broker

*. The company has a license from the Saudi Money Institution No. 37/7068, and the company is located in the city of Riyadh, and the company was built in 2008. The company’s capital reached 500 million riyals, and one of its most famous features is that it applies the teachings of the religion of Islam in its dealings.

*. The company has 19 offices spread throughout the Kingdom, and the offices include a minimum of 250 employees, and they are specialized in the field of stock investment. The company is keen to provide the best services to its clients, so that they can trade their shares in the local market or the Gulf markets.

*. The company offers share trading with the Murabaha feature, through which a person can finance his portfolio, but the feature is specific to trading shares inside the Kingdom only. The customer can communicate with the company via the customer service number, visit the company, or send an inquiry to the company’s e-mail.

*. In the event that a person has an account within Al Rajhi Bank, he can easily create an account within Al Rajhi Capital via the Internet. The company offers a platform for trading stocks easily, as well as mobile applications for trading stocks, and with the previous advantages, the company is the best broker for trading Saudi stocks.


*. The company was built in 2011, and the company is called Forex Time, and it is one of the best companies in the field of trading Saudi stocks. A person can have a Cent account, a Standard account, a stock trading account, or they can apply for an Islamic account.

*. The company is characterized by the fact that a person can withdraw funds immediately from his account, and provides a margin calculator service for people who own trading shares. The company owns several platforms for trading, such as the MT4 and MT5 platforms, and the price differences are variable or fixed, and it offers additional services such as Islamic accounts.

Ava Trade Company

*. The company is a pioneer in stock trading, and it was established in 2006, and until now, the company has faced several crises in the world. But it is still steadfast so far, and provides its customers with the best services, such as the electronic platform for stock trading, and also offers Islamic accounts.

*. Islamic accounts have a discount of 20%, an initial deposit of $100 can be paid to be traded, currencies and gold can be traded. It can also trade cryptocurrencies, commodities, oil, and indices, and offers MT4, MT5, WebTrader, and offers a professional and individual account.

Q8Trade Company

*. The company is one of the best Saudi stock trading brokers, and it was established in 2017. It is a platform specialized in trading contracts for shares. The company offers several facilities in the field of investment in financial derivatives, and Q8 is considered one of the best contemporary Cypriot companies.

*. Companies depend on new trading principles that contribute to the success of trading, such as making price differences very small, reaching 0.01 points. An amount of $250 can be paid as an initial amount for trading within the company, and the company offers a gold, diamond, bronze, platinum account, as well as an Islamic account.

*. The company offers a discount of up to 5% as a minimum when paying each deposit, and the discount value may reach 30% inclusive of all deposits. The company owns suspended trading platforms, such as MT5, Web Trader, and MT4, and the customer service offered by the company is in English and Arabic as well.

At the end of the article, we have known the best broker for trading Saudi stocks, and a person can create a virtual account with more than one broker. This is for the purpose of knowing which broker is the best or most suitable for him, and we have presented the advantages of each company for trading stocks inside Saudi Arabia.