What are the best times to trade oil?

 What are the best times to trade oil?

What are the best times to trade oil?

Oil trading times are among the most important factors influencing its trading movement, as choosing the right time to trade in oil is important
Oil determines the extent of profit.

The better the time, the more impressive the results will be, and therefore it is important that we get to know together the best times when it is recommended to trade oil.
Below we will display the trading times for oil, but first we will clarify the concept of trading for oil.

Oil trading concept

The oil market is characterized by its increased movement and activity, and this is known to all investors in the world, as oil is one of the best trading commodities in the futures products trading market, where oil trading is considered one of the good investments for some daily investors, and even their favorite as well, due to its price Oil changes from momentary changes determined by some factors, whether economic or political, or even price fluctuations in its trading market.

Trading in oil is also distinguished as one of the leading trades in the trading market, due to the daily fluctuations of the oil price, so it is a good option for both day traders, as well as long-term traders, but you should also pay attention to choosing the right time for trading, as it is also an opportunity It is good for trading and making a profit, as well as it can be exposed to a huge loss, when you do not choose the right time for trading, and therefore you should know the appropriate trading times for trading.

Oil trading times

Although it is well known that trading in crude oil is one of the best types of trading in terms of making profits.

However, many investors do not trade through it, due to its fluctuations according to the price.

And also because it is considered a vital commodity, as many industries depend on it, which makes them worried about the huge loss that they could be exposed to, in the event that choosing the time is the correct time for trading, and therefore we will display the best known times for trading in oil

It is known in the oil trading market that the best time to trade in it is the time when the US market opens to its closing time, so this timing may be considered the best time to trade in it, taking into account the appropriate opportunity for trading, and approximately this time is from 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm, according to the time of the Kingdom United States, where the market is at the best time for liquidity

What are the best trading hours for oil?

Some sayings recommend that oil trading times be on the Wednesday of every week.

Where the weekly report is issued on this day.

Therefore, it is advised to trade on this day, due to its high liquidity, and some opinions also say that the best time for trading is at 10:30.

This is done on US time, because the inventory report is issued at this time.

But we see that this view may be wrong.

Since a specific time can be determined and set as the best time for trading, but taking into account the implications of supply and demand.

As it is not possible to predict when the oil price will rise, but the best trading times can be determined based on some other factors.

Including: supply and demand market, for example.

Trading based on supply and demand is one of the factors that make your choice of trading time a good time.

This is because the ratio of supply and demand has a strong influence on determining the price of oil, as it is in the case of stable demand with an increase in supply.

This will certainly lead to a decrease in the price of oil and vice versa.

There are also many other factors on which the trading price of oil depends, including the strength of the US dollar.

Times when you should avoid trading oil

Just as we talked about the best times to trade, it is also worth mentioning the times when you should not trade oil.

Namely, Asian market time.

This is because it has a great stagnation in terms of movement and liquidity, and for this reason it is better to leave trading in oil at this time.

Thus, we hope that we have provided what benefits the reader and all those who wish to invest in the trading market.

In terms of knowing the best times to trade oil, as well as the most preferable times to stay away from the trading market.