The Future of Sweetcoin | Sweatcoin Price Forecast

 The Future of Sweetcoin | Sweatcoin Price Forecast

The Future of Sweetcoin | Sweatcoin Price Forecast

Today we will learn about the future of Sweatcoin Sweatcoin is one of the most recent ideas in the world of cryptocurrencies. But we see Sweatcoin dropping dramatically, losing 16.13% of its value today, so why this drop, even though it’s a new project?

What is Sweetcoin?

Sweatcoin is unique to the Sweatcoin app, meaning it can only be redeemed for products and services available through the app.

So the company released its SWEAT cryptocurrency on September 13th. Sweetcoin can now be traded on most major cryptocurrency exchanges and is compatible with the NEAR (nep-141) and Ethereum (ERC-20) protocols.

With an estimated 137 million Sweatcoin users having logged 26 billion steps. The problem is how the company can maintain the value of its immediate bonus, or move-for-profit model, if SWEAT enters into a sell-off like it does today.

Sweatcoin’s economic model is not different from the economic theory of Karl Marx’s “labor theory of value” that was developed over 150 years ago.

In a simplified form, the theory states that the amount of labor that goes into creating an item or service is the source of value for the good or service provided. That is, the greater the amount of labor involved, the more valuable the thing must be.

Sweet Coin app

SweetCoin pays users to increase their activity level or take more steps.

For example, a user must walk 15 minutes every day to accumulate 1,000 steps, which will be rewarded with 1 coin. The more steps, the more money you will earn.

As Marx points out, one of the fundamental problems with the labor-based economic model is that the value of labor must fall in order for the business owner to remain profitable from his own legality.

According to the theory, the Sweatcoin team has to choose between making the rewards more difficult or reducing the amount of SWEAT coins offered.

It is worth noting that the amount of coins offered according to CoinMarketCap is 21 billion coins.

As the company says in the white paper, the number of steps required to create a SweetCoin will remain at 1,000 until 2024, and the reward for efforts will decrease over time.

Sweatcoin distribution will be as follows:

*. 2023 = 1 Sweet Coin
*. 2024 = 0.333 Sweet Coins
*. 2025 = 0.19 SweetCoin
*. 2031 = 0.02 SweetCoin

Since steps are the foundation that drives the currency economy, the company will need to provide an attractive incentive for people to join, and consumer demand will increase as the company grows.

But as more users join the network, Sweatcoin will be less able to pay for users’ steps, and the coin will have less value.

What is the future of Sweetcoin?

Users contribute their steps to get rewards on the show side. They will make fewer steps over time if their steps are undervalued and the cost of incentives increases.

Then they become less engaged or unmotivated and may abandon the network, causing supply to stagnate and possibly destroying the company in general, so Sweatcoin doesn’t want to drop in value at the moment.

Logically, there is a price at which users do not underestimate their steps and are therefore willing to contribute to the network.

This is referred to as equilibrium, as it represents the best market value of a Sweatcoin user’s moves.

Dividing the value of goods and services in March 2022 by the 20 million coins in circulation, the price of each coin should equal $0.0012, which represents the equilibrium value.

The Sweatcoin network has also introduced two large price mechanisms that aim to raise or maintain the price of SWEAT, namely burning and storing coins.

*. Burning: is the process of sending coins to a digital wallet that you don’t trade or transfer anywhere else. Which means removing these currencies from the financial markets and preventing their purchase, which reduces supply and thus increases demand.

*. Storage: Users agree to lock or deposit their coins for interest. The amount of coins in the market is reduced and so the coin decreases, and the more users want to save, the higher their reward.

Price of Sweetcoin in walking app

To know the future of Sweetcoin, you should know that the price of Sweatcoin is $0.05, and this is what the Sweatcoin program states.

However, the value of Sweatcoin is not fixed. It changes depending on how you want to withdraw cash.

Sometimes its value increases, but when withdrawing Sweatcoin through PayPal, its value is usually fixed.

The value of each single Sweat Coin is equivalent to $0.0137.

On the other hand, Sweatcoin enables you to purchase products offered by the App Store. Which in turn also offers high value products such as iPhone, Nokia watch, Samsung monitors and other valuable goods.

In addition, the program sometimes offers many gifts and surprises. The subscriber’s balance may reach 100 sweet coins for opening the application or watching some ads.

It also advises cryptocurrency investors not to sell coins. Rather, it encourages you to download the application and collect cash in the form of coins.

And about the future of Sweetcoin, it is expected that this currency will be encrypted soon, and thus it will become a digital currency in circulation.

As with many cryptocurrencies, it becomes possible to buy them online even from outside the app.

At that time, Sweatcoin is likely to increase in value against the dollar, as many globally approved cryptocurrencies and currencies such as bitcoin have risen.

The price of SweetCoin is in dollars

The calculation of the price of sweatcoin in dollars varies according to the method of withdrawal or sale of this coin.

The price of 20,000 Sweet Coins at one time reached the equivalent of $1,000 during a marathon promotion to encourage running and walking.

However, this offer is not currently available. Whereas, the average price of 1000 Sweet Coin for the products that you offer within the store is equivalent to between 25 to 40 dollars. This price is approximate subject to the laws of supply and demand circulating in the local market in each country and region.

But when you want to convert Sweat Coin to Dollars from cryptocurrency to fiat currency through PayPal app. The price of 1000 Sweat Coin is only $13.7.

On the other hand, you can hold your SweetCoin for a period of time as a long-term investment.

When the number of app users increases, the value of Sweatcoin will inevitably increase.

You might even crypto Sweatcoin and become an official currency to be traded on the internet. Thus you will be able to make money by walking.

The price of Sweet Queen is in Egyptian pounds

Dear reader, the walking application has spread widely in the Arab Republic of Egypt. You may not find a person in Egypt who does not have a walking app.

He watches him all the time to make sure of his walking steps. Where you find a lot of people competing for greater financial profits. But what is the price of Sweatcoin in Egyptian pounds?

The number of merchants buying Sweat Coin has increased in the Egyptian market, and you can find many of them on social media.

The price of Sweet Coin in Egyptian pounds also varies according to the method of withdrawing these funds.

It also follows the law of supply and demand, in addition to changing the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound against the US dollar.

Each SweetCoin is equivalent to 0.93 Egyptian pounds, but this price remains within the application and changes with the change of the exchange rate.

Considering that the currency price varies according to the method of withdrawal, so if there are offers on it. The value of each thousand coins may reach the equivalent of 930 pounds, and this is not available at present.

When withdrawing through the store and purchasing goods, the price of 1000 Kuwaiti sweets will be 375 Egyptian pounds. With the addition of the customs commission for the commodity.

But if you withdraw Sweat Coin through the PayPal app and have an account on it, the price of 1000 Sweat Coin will be the equivalent of 257.149 EGP only.

But who knows the future of Sweatcoin, maybe with the days Sweatcoin will be a cryptocurrency and thus increase in value and enter into digital currency competition.


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