Buy shares in Apple How to buy shares in Apple 2023

 Buy shares in Apple How to buy shares in Apple 2023

How do I buy shares in Apple? This article will explain how to buy Apple shares and ways to invest in Apple stock (AAPL) for beginners and experienced people.

Apple’s position as the company with the highest market capitalization means that investing in Apple stock is synonymous with security and confidence. Even if you are not a fan of the brand as a customer, there is no doubt that you understand its strength and attractiveness from an investment point of view.

Who should buy shares in Apple?

Before you decide whether you should buy Apple shares or not? Let’s first tell you who should buy Apple stock:

1. Those seeking to invest in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the elite index on Wall Street that contains stocks of only 30 companies, representing the largest US companies listed on the stock exchange. Apple is among the list that includes Boeing, ExxonMobil and IBM.

2. Who are looking to invest in technology and innovations. Apple’s production of bright ideas shows little sign of slowing down, and the company’s new product launches are having a strong impact on investors and the technology industry alike.

3. Those who hope, over the course of one day, to reap profits from the fluctuations in the company’s share prices in the near term. CFDs are a good way to do this.

How to buy shares in Apple 2023

Quite simply, you can buy Apple shares even though the company is listed and registered on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, the American stock exchange associated for many years with fast-growing technology stocks, but you can buy shares in Apple through a “financial intermediary” from anywhere in the world.

How do I buy shares in Apple? Not all those wishing to buy Apple shares have sufficient knowledge and experience to choose the appropriate and reliable broker. Therefore, we recommend opening a trading account with a licensed and reliable brokerage firm.

You can buy Apple shares along with the most popular US stocks from where you are and in real time, just like it is done in the actual stock markets. You will have direct access to the shares of major companies offered for trading, including shares of Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Netflix, Tesla…

Opening an account with the broker requires only filling out the account opening form, and then documenting the account by proving identity and address (sending a copy of the identity card and an invoice indicating your name and address). After that, you deposit the amount that you want to charge your account, and you can choose the payment method that suits you from among the many payment methods provided by the broker. The subscription steps are clear and easy, and you will find them arranged in a simplified manner.

Then you will have an account through which you can buy and trade shares in Apple.

How will starting a demo account help you?

For the novice trader: The demo account provides the opportunity for the novice trader to study the basics, to fully engage in the process in a practical way, and thus to trade effectively and continuously. Of course, you don’t need to invest your own money! Take your time to get to know the broker and practice trading, test yourself and your progress, learn and experiment with minimal risk.

For the Experienced Trader: If you are an experienced trader, the demo account is your chance to get to know this broker and pick the strength of their platforms. Trade whatever you want: currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities… and enjoy low spreads and the option of Islamic accounts.

Trade Apple shares as CFDs

The fact that Apple stock is not something that is suitable for everyone from a capital required point of view. In addition, the direct purchase and ownership of shares is the most suitable long-term investment. There is a second option for another category of traders.

Instead of buying actual stocks, you can invest by trading contracts for difference (an investment tool that allows traders to benefit from the movement of prices of financial instruments up or down without owning them).

Trading Apple shares via CFDs is the easiest way for both beginners and those with small capital, who want to achieve high profits in a short time, but it also comes with high risk!

Enter the largest market in the world and begin your trading experience. Open a live trading account now for your own experience, or try a demo account risk-free.

3 reasons encourage buying shares in Apple
Analysts expect the tech giant to launch two new products in the next few years, including the foldable phone. Apple is still in a growth mode with annual free cash flow approaching $100 billion annually. Here’s why it’s important to buy stocks to start 2023.

1. The iPhone 13 average selling price has risen.

Apple has weathered supply chain disruptions quite well. In its fiscal fourth quarter (ending Sept. 25), revenue increased 29% year-over-year, although CEO Tim Cook described supply constraints in the most recent quarter as “greater than expected.” Investors can credit increased demand for everything Apple. Sales of Macs, iPhones, iPads, wearables, home appliances, and accessories hit records last quarter, and that momentum will likely continue through the holidays.

In December, a Morgan Stanley analyst noted that iPhone shipment growth in China was up 46% year-over-year through November. Analysts currently expect revenue to increase 6% year over year for the first quarter of fiscal 2022 with adjusted earnings per share of $1.88, up from $1.68 in the same period last year.

2. New products

Investors are underestimating the strength of the current 5G upgrade cycle. During Verizon’s third-quarter earnings call, CEO Hans Vestberg said customers are embracing 5G much faster than 4G. To date, 25% of the consumer phone base uses 5G-enabled devices, up from 10% in the first year after 4G was launched.

And if 5G upgrades are slow in a few years, Apple may announce a foldable smartphone in 2023, according to reports. This wouldn’t be surprising, since Samsung already has the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 foldable phones, and Apple is usually late to the party in terms of hardware innovation. But when Apple finally gets there, they usually implement new technology that’s better than the competition.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy Z foldable phones have been criticized for having poor battery life and wrinkles where the screen folds. My guess is that Apple’s foldable device won’t have such drawbacks, due to its longer development time, and that could make its release the most popular foldable phone on the market.

The company is also expected to announce its long-rumored virtual/augmented reality glasses this year. Apple’s headphone may not be available for purchase until 2023, but this product could boost sales at a similar level to Apple’s other wearables, which currently account for about 10% of the top line (along with the home and accessory categories).

3. Increase free cash flow, buybacks, and dividends

Stocks aren’t cheap, but with a price-to-price-free cash flow ratio of 31, it’s hard to prove Apple overvalued it. The company is approaching $100 billion in annual free cash flow, and management is giving all of that back to shareholders. Over the past year, Apple spent $84.9 billion on stock buybacks and $14.5 billion on dividend payments, which pushed the dividend yield to 0.51%. When we consider that Apple’s free cash flow continues to grow, 55% over the past three years, the stock can move up without any expansion in the valuation multiple. Furthermore, share repurchases are working as intended, reducing shares outstanding and thus providing more free cash flow on a per-share basis. Over the past three years, it has gone up Apple’s free cash flow increased by 77%. Additional 5G upgrades, demand for new products, and continued growth in the higher-margin services segment should drive free cash flow over the next several years, sending stocks higher. Of course, an economic recession or a major market correction may cause Apple’s share price to fall before it goes up. But these are the short-term risks that we all accept as investors. If you purchase Apple shares today with the intention of holding them for the long term, you will be in a strong position to earn an attractive return on your investment that parallels the underlying growth of this business.

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