Marrakech in April: All Things to Do and See

 Marrakech in April: All Things to Do and See

Are you planning to visit the Red City for spring break and you are not sure when to go to Marrakech yet? In April in Marrakech, you can take full advantage of the very favorable climate to discover all the wonders that this city can offer its visitors. Climate, attendance, attractions, major events… in this article, I tell you about everything that awaits you during a stay in Marrakech in April 

The weather in Marrakech in April

Let’s say it right away, in Marrakech, you can enjoy a favorable climate all year round. But in the middle of winter, the nights can be cold, and in summer, the very high heat (especially in the middle of the day) may bother some people. This may make some activities, such as desert excursions, less enjoyable.

This is why on the climatic level, the best periods to discover Marrakech are located during the off-seasons. Visiting Marrakech in March or April might just be the best time of the year. The saying “in April, don’t discover yourself with a thread” definitely does not concern Marrakech 

In spring, the weather is ideal in Marrakech. It never gets cold, and you can enjoy pleasant warmth during the day and great warmth in the morning, evening and night. The sunshine is exceptional, and you can really take full advantage of the long days to do everything you want. The average daytime temperature is 25 degrees in Marrakech. The weather is good from the morning, with an average of 20 degrees from 9 a.m. The evenings and nights are also very mild, since even during the night it is rarely less than 13 degrees.

April is one of the rainiest months in Marrakech, but the rainfall is still very low. You will never really be bothered by the rain, it rains on average 3 days in the month.

During the month of April in Marrakech, the length of the days lengthens and goes from about 12:30 p.m. to about 1:20 p.m. The sun rises between 6:50 a.m. and 7:20 a.m. and sets between 7:50 p.m. 8:10 p.m. 

Tourist attendance in Marrakech in April

The almost perfect conditions obviously attract many tourists to Marrakech in April, especially during school holidays. A lot of Europeans choose to come here at this time to enjoy the sun without having to wait a few more months.

But Marrakech is a destination that has a lot to offer its visitors. You won’t be alone in visiting the city and its biggest attractions at this time of year, but you can still find very quiet places to relax, without having to go too far from the city.

What to do and see in Marrakech in April?

Discover the greatest attractions of Marrakech

Whatever the time of year, you can always take advantage of a stay in Marrakech to discover several absolutely unmissable sites during your stay 

The Palais de la Bahia, which literally means “the beautiful”, is a magnificent 19th century building located southeast of the medina, a stone’s throw from most of the other major historic sites in the city. Built from 1860 at the request of the Vizier Sidi Moussa, this palace was the symbol of the power of the kingdom at that time. Today, it is one of the most visited sites in the whole country. During a guided tour of the Bahia Palace, you can discover its history and admire its courtyards, patios and luxurious rooms with typical Arab-Andalusian decorations and architecture.

The Medina of Marrakech, which has existed since the 11th century, occupies an area of ​​more than 600 hectares. In this maze of small streets surrounded by ramparts, you can discover authentic Marrakech, enjoy a unique atmosphere and visit some of the most emblematic places in the city such as Jeema el Fna square, the Koutoubia mosque and the Medersa Ben Youssef. It is also here that the most beautiful souks and riads of Marrakech are located. If April coincides with Ramadan, you can experience this historic area of ​​the city in a new light after dark. I strongly advise you to take the night walking tour of the medina to discover street music and traditional local flavors .

The El Badi Palace, whose construction began in 1594, was once the greatest symbol of the power of the Saadian dynasty. This vast complex located next to the old Jewish quarter now houses many vestiges, including impressive walls where storks have taken up residence, as well as a large esplanade with ponds and many orange trees.

The Saadian Tombs are among the last vestiges that bear witness to the power of the Saadian dynasty in Marrakech. This complex discovered in 1917 is in fact a veritable necropolis with astonishing architecture! It houses very richly decorated funeral rooms, where there are several dozen royal tombs. This place steeped in history is one of the sites not to be missed during a visit to the cultural sites of the city. As very few indications are present on the spot, I recommend that you take a guided tour of the great historical sites of Marrakech, thanks to which you will be able to discover this site, as well as the Bahia Palace and the el Badi Palace, at the opportunity for a guided tour of the great historical sites of Marrakech.

Taking a desert excursion from Marrakech is of course one of the most popular activities during a stay in the Red City. The Agafay desert is just about forty kilometers from the city, and you can spend an unforgettable day there. If you want to visit this magical place, you have two options:

– From 50 € per person you can go for a day of adventure in the Agafay desert from Marrakech. You can admire the Kik plateau and visit the local villages to discover the Moroccan culture.

– If your budget allows it and you have the time to devote at least two or three days to it, you can (from $105) take an excursion to the desert of Merzouga, the most popular area of ​​the Moroccan Sahara 

Have a good time in the Gardens of Marrakech

With the return of spring, the month of April is really an ideal time to have a great time outdoors in Marrakech. This is good, because the city is home to several really superb parks and gardens 

The Majorelle garden, a tropical garden which is one of the most visited sites in the whole city! Founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, this garden fell into oblivion for a time before being bought in 1980 by Yves Saint Laurent and his companion Pierre Bergé. It now houses a museum and a mausoleum dedicated to the couturier. Today it is the ideal place to recharge your batteries, and you can also discover a superb villa with blue walls (the famous majorelle blue), which houses the Museum of Islamic Art in Marrakech.

The Menara Gardens, which are the other iconic gardens in Marrakech, were designed during the time of the Almohad dynasty. This haven of peace near the city center is very popular with locals and visitors who want to enjoy a bit of calm You can also discover it during a guided tour of the Majorelle and Menara gardens.
The Cyber-Parc Arsat Moulay Abdeslam is a large eight-hectare garden which, contrary to what its name might suggest, has in fact existed since the 18th century, although of course it was not known by that name in the past. ‘era. Created at the time of Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah as a wedding gift for his son, this garden located a stone’s throw from Jeema el Fna square has since played an important role. It has always been a symbol of modernity, progress and peace. Since its major renovation in 2005, it has been completely rehabilitated and renamed. Today it is the most modern green space in the city, where you can relax in the heart of flourishing vegetation, and access the Internet thanks to the multimedia terminals 

The Secret Garden of Marrakech, a magnificent place whose origin dates back to the Saadian dynasty. Some of Morocco’s most important personalities have lived here, and for some years following its restoration, it has been accessible to the public. This garden is divided into several green spaces: exotic gardens and Islamic gardens. Water occupies an important place there, you will be able to see very beautiful fountains, basins and large basins. It also houses two large riads which are among the most beautiful testimonies of the beauty of Moroccan art and architecture.

Taste the culinary specialties of Marrakech on the Jeema el Fna square

Place Jeema el Fna is undoubtedly one of the most famous in the world. It is one of the great symbols of Morocco, and the month of April is really a perfect time to discover it! If Ramadan takes place at this time, you can go there as soon as night falls to go shopping, attend street performances and enjoy a lively and very pleasant atmosphere.

It is also here that you can find all kinds of gifts and souvenirs if you do not know what to bring back from a trip to Marrakech. And above all, you can find many mobile restaurants there which will be really perfect if you don’t know where to eat in Marrakech 

Take part in the Marathon des Sables

This great foot race of more than 250 km, a good part of which takes place in the middle of the desert, is one of the toughest in the world! The Marathon des Sables takes place in 6 stages, during which participants must carry all their equipment (food and drink included).

If you are in excellent physical condition and you are not afraid of adventure, you can take part in this particularly demanding race by registering on the official Marathon des Sables website.

Attend the Morocco Tennis Tournament

If you like tennis, you will be delighted to be in Marrakech in April Since 2016, this ATP 250 Series tournament, also known as the Grand Prix Hassan II, has been taking place for a week in April in Marrakech. It is the most important men’s professional tournament in Morocco, some great international players like David Goffin, Stanislas Wawrinka and Gilles Simon are on his list.