BTT Digital Currency Explanation and Analysis of the BitTorrent Digital Currency

 BTT Digital Currency Explanation and Analysis of the BitTorrent Digital Currency

BTT Digital Currency Explanation and Analysis of the BitTorrent Digital Currency

BTT digital currency and the future of BitTorrent currency Bit Torrent… It is necessary to explain and analyze the BTT currency, the market value of our time, in light of the transformation of traditional markets into digital at an imaginary speed that exceeds expectations and with the inclusion of many encrypted digital currencies in the global exchange currency for trade.

BTT digital currency

It is a coin launched on the Tron blockchain in 2010 by BitTorrent.

It is a Singapore based company.

BTT was launched as a TRC-10 token on Binance after BitTorrent developed the popular P2P file-sharing software.

Then, the parent company announced that the BTT token would run on the TRON protocol after SUN acquired BitTorrent in 2018.

The company also then launched the BitTorrent Speed ​​program, which incentivized users to post their files, promising them rewards to earn BTT cryptocurrencies, share their bandwidth, and download their content faster online.

BitTorrent (BTT) also allows content creators to connect with their audience and earn and spend digital currency without an intermediary.

In 2019, BitTorrent reported that it had accumulated 100 million users in 138 countries around the world.

Making it the best torrenting service company in the world at that time.

Sun acquired Singapore-based BitTorrent for $120 million in 2018.

The mechanism of action of the BTT digital currency and the analysis of the market value of the BTT currency can be summarized as follows:

*. Later, Sun began working on code that could be integrated into the BitTorrent ecosystem, including the window-based BitTorrent sharing software µtorrent.

*. When people choose to transfer their files (the process of sharing files with strangers).

*. They can choose to be rewarded with a BTT torrent using their own bandwidth and resources.

*. This process, called BitTorrent Speed, helps speed up downloads and motivates users to keep their files on torrent clients.

*. BitTorrent Speed ​​also provides users with the ability to download the files they want more easily.

*. BTT has cash value, which means that users can convert the currency into fiat money or spend it to unlock interest on the network.

The future of BitTorrent BitTorrent

We will talk a little about the future of the BitTorrent digital currency, after we have talked and explained the BTT digital currency.

Project Atlas was announced by the Tron Foundation in 2018 after Sun acquired BitTorrent Inc and BTT was launched and released for the following reasons:

*. The total supply of BTT cryptocurrency has reached 990 billion tokens, all of which were created at the inception of the blockchain.

*. Tokens began to be distributed in early 2019 through various means:

*. Coin selling has been launched on Binance, where users can pay BTT in either TRX (Tron native token) or BNB (Binance native token) and sell 59.8 billion tokens worth $7.2 million in minutes.

*. Tron also announced a token distribution that will eventually send a total of 10.1% of the total supply.

*. To holders of TRX (the original token of the Tron Foundation).

*. Coin distribution began in February 2019 and is scheduled to continue monthly through February 2025.

*. The monthly distribution is expected to increase over time, increasing in February each year and ending at 1,402.5 million BTT in February 2025.

*. 19 percent of the total BTT token offering is allocated to the BitTorrent Team and the BitTorrent Foundation.

*. The Tron Foundation will receive 20 percent of the tokens issued.

*. The BitTorrent ecosystem will also receive 19.9% ​​of the tokens issued.

*. The various associations in the project will receive 4% of the total token supply.


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