What is The Definition of Decision in Management?

 What is The Definition of Decision in Management?

What is The Definition of Decision in Management?

Administrative decision

From the linguistic point of view, the administrative decision means that it is from the verb approved, approved, and means settled, and the scientist “Morrishorio” defined it as “a declaration of the administration with the aim of producing a legal effect on an individual or a group of individuals, and it is issued by an administrative leadership in an executive form or in a form that results in implementation Direct”, as others have defined it as “a legal act that is issued by the will of an administrative authority in the country, and results in legal effects to create a new legal situation or cancel or amend an existing one.

As for the definition that was agreed upon, it is “the disclosure by an administrative authority within the law of its binding will due to the legal authority it enjoys, and within the regulations and instructions in order to create a legal situation that is in the public interest.”

Elements of administrative decision

*. It is considered a single legal act: the administrative decision is the most important legal act carried out by any department, and it is issued by the administration individually, whether the decision is by an implicit or explicit will. Implicit: Like a specific law that requires ratification after a certain period, when the specified period expires, it is implicitly approved, i.e. silence about it, unless it is rejected during the period.

*. It is issued by a competent administrative chain: that is, the decision is administrative if it is issued by a competent administrative authority, whether it is central or decentralized.

*. It has legal effects: for the decision to be administrative, it must result in legal effects, for example: when a specific person is appointed, he assumes the status of an employee in the department.

Types of administrative decision

*. The organizational decision and the individual decision: the regulatory decision is the one that includes an abstract and general rule like any law issued by Parliament, that is, it is not related to a specific thing or a specific situation, but rather to several renewable cases, such as traffic decisions that apply to all regions of the country. As for the individual decision: it is the decision Which pertains to a specific situation such as hiring an employee.

*. Sovereign decision and administration decision: This classification is in terms of subjecting the decision to judicial appeal. Sovereign decisions do not accept appeal from the judiciary, such as a decision related to state security. As for management decisions, they are subject to legal appeal.

*. The originating decision and the revealing decision: as the establishing decision has a retroactive effect, and it may be withdrawn when challenged within a certain period, while the revealing decision may be withdrawn and retracted at any time.

*. Decisions in terms of their source are divided into:

A decision issued by the Head of State.
A decision issued by the Prime Minister.
A decision issued by one or two ministers, such as: transferring an