What is an example of collaborative work?

What is an example of collaborative work? 

What is an example of collaborative work?

Collaborative work

The Almighty says in His Holy Book: (O people, indeed We created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know each other.

God Almighty made people into various nations scattered in different parts of the earth, and spread among them different talents and abilities. Between nations and peoples, it increases the cross-pollination of ideas, and works to increase the friendship and compassion between them, and thus achieves the goal of God Almighty in His creation.

Collaborative or group work is defined as working jointly with others in order to produce, create, infer, observe, evaluate, or test something, or to provide services to others who need some help in a particular situation. The following is an explanation of the importance of collaborative work, and the elements of its success.

The importance of collaborative work

*. Collaborative work helps to increase work proficiency, when tasks are distributed, and each person performs his task only, the focus of team members increases, and they become better able to produce better outputs.

*. It develops the personal abilities of individuals, helps them to develop and prosper in their fields of work, and gives them countless life experiences.

*. It greatly shortens the time and increases the amount of production, and this is of great benefit if the main goal behind doing the work is to obtain material benefit, or to reach the largest target segment of people.

*. It facilitates the problem-solving process by having many opinions that work to overcome any problem that the team may encounter.

*. It helps people get to know each other, especially if the team consists of members from different nationalities and different countries.

Elements of successful collaborative work

*. Division of roles among the members of the same team, and the commitment of each of them to the role given to him.

*. Finding time to hold brainstorming sessions that help collect as many ideas and opinions as possible and choose the right ones.

*. The presence of the element that works to stimulate the rest of the elements if boredom and despair seep into their hearts.

*. Choosing the team leader who leads the group, and who knows where he will lead his team because of his far-sightedness and ability to plan, not forgetting the importance of consulting with the rest of the members in order to reach the right opinion.

*. The openness of the team members to each other, and their ability to understand their mentalities, circumstances, and personalities, with the importance of each one of them having the ability to deal with others, and to work collaboratively.