How to Buy From ebay?

 How to Buy From ebay?

How to Buy From ebay?


The eBay site is known as the first auction site on the Internet; As it plays an intermediary role between the customer and the seller, it also allows any party to display its goods, and eBay is considered the electronic currency for the methods of buying and selling through this famous site. It is noteworthy that the founder of the site had the desire to register it under the name Echo Bay Technology, but there is a gold-mining company that had previously registered this name for it, so the name was shortened and ebay was approved.

The establishment of this famous site dates back to the third of September of the year 1995 AD; As the student Pierre Omidyar was able to program this site during the weekend only, and this site attracts more than forty billion dollars a day, and the site has American citizenship, and it is based in San Jose, California, and more than 15,500 employees work on this site.

How to buy from ebay

In order for the eBay user to be able to use it with ease, this requires him to register on the site before starting the electronic buying and selling experience. As it is required at the top of the page to log in or register as a new user, and after completing that, the user can start the process to be undertaken, and follow the following until you purchase via ebay:

*. Make sure to enter your correct address in your information field to ensure that the product reaches you.

*. Activate your Paypal purchase electronic card by linking your ebay account with your paypal account in order to facilitate the payment process.

*. Determine the type of purchase whether you wish through an auction or without an auction.

*. Browse existing sections.

*. Select the product to be purchased.

*. Specify the size and color if the selected product is clothing or shoes.

*. Add your selection to the cart using the Add to Cart or Buy Now option.

*. Fill in the dialogue box that appears to you about your address to which you want to deliver the goods, if you did not do so.

*. Click on the Buy it Now option if you intend to buy without auction or betting.

*. Do not forget to specify the condition of the product, whether you want it new (Like New) or used.

*. Choose Continue when you are sure you agree to all options.

*. Check the information that appears in the final dialog box before confirming the order and deducting the price of the shipment from your balance.

*. Click Proceed to checkout.

*. eBay allows you to choose the payment method, either by PayPal or Visa.