How do you plan your project?

 How do you plan your project?

How do you plan your project?

Start with a project summary

The project plan must start with a page containing the executive summary of the project, so that the objectives of the project and what will be accomplished are briefly explained, in addition to the number of employees, the amount of money allocated to each department, in addition to the expected results, and the achievement criteria and basic constraints through which the evaluation is conducted can be included.

Set specific goals

The objectives of the project and its outputs must be defined and made clear to everyone before starting the development of the project. For example, setting the goal of increasing profits is very broad, and therefore the source through which the revenues will be increased can be determined, and if the goal is to reduce costs, there must be a reason for that, as The reasons for these high costs, if any, must be identified, as setting goals with dates to ensure the success of the goals is an important detail in order to succeed in achieving the goals of the project.

Determine the communication mechanism

Planning must take place and the communication mechanism must be determined between the team members, and the mechanism for communicating the results must be determined and whether it will be a weekly, monthly, or other process, and who is responsible for verifying whether the achievements meet the required, and whether there will be periodic meetings in the presence of everyone or No.

Develop a risk management plan

Any project is exposed to some large or small problems that may be easy to predict or may be difficult to anticipate, and therefore the project manager must determine the risks that the project may be exposed to and the possibility of their occurrence, and how these risks will be dealt with to mitigate and address their impact.


The amount of money that the project will need to be completed is determined, as the project manager distributes resources appropriately, and some project budgets may be linked to human resource plans. As for a project based on vendors, the manager must ensure that the goods arrive as agreed upon in the signed contract and make sure of its quality.