How do I Get Mini Project Ideas?

 How do I Get Mini Project Ideas?

How do I Get Mini Project Ideas?

The importance of working

Work is worship, and Islam and the rest of the religions have called for the importance of work, and it is worth noting that all the prophets had different professions, where some of them worked in trade, and some of them worked as carpenters, and others worked in herding, and many other professions, and this indicates that the value of man is represented in what he serves people. around him and his work, so each of us must search for the work that he finds suitable for him, and working in jobs is not the only purpose, as there are many people who were able to find work of their own, and set up small and highly successful projects, and we will present in this article a group of Projects that could become major projects in the future.

Small projects

Home kitchen

Any woman can become a professional in this profession, and all that is required is for the woman to have a distinctive character in cooking, as she can add her own touches to any dish, even if it is famous, and she can create new delicious dishes, or to mix different cuisines, and to She markets herself and her dishes to the ladies in her own community and around her. She can also be responsible for preparing different trips for invitations and occasions, and she can market herself through the Internet and social media.


Any person who is skilled in communicating with people can work as a broker, by being a mediator between two people, one of whom is selling and the other is buying, where you are the mediator between them and try to bridge the points of view between them, and you can also deliver goods between the seller and the buyer, and this will not cost you much and will generate You’ll profit.

Private rides

You can do this project easily, and all it takes is that you have an approved driver’s license, and you can rent a car if you do not have a car, and take one of them on his private trips, where you drive him or help him accomplish something, for a certain amount of money you agree it in advance, and this is successful with the elderly who have no one to help them.

Accessory industry

Any woman can use the various websites to learn how to make accessories, so that she can learn to make accessories that attract attention, especially for women, as chains, medals and rings can be made, and some accessories can be made that can be used to decorate the car or at home, and marketing to people through relatives And acquaintances, and the goods can be marketed on the Internet.