How do I make money from Amazon?

The most important ways to profit from Amazon without a product or capital

And now we will mention to you the best ways to profit from Amazon without products or capital, as the advanced Amazon store offers fantastic job opportunities to anyone around the world through a group of profitable projects, the most important of which are:

First: a project for profit through self-employment platforms on Amazon

One of the most popular ways to profit from Amazon without capital is through freelance platforms on Amazon, where anyone can market and sell for Amazon products on sales platforms like others, such as marketing, for example, on platforms such as upwork, freelancer, the Arabic “Khamsat” platform, and others, in which this type is available of services, and obtaining a wonderful margin of profit, and it is a real project and is available on Amazon and does not require any capital or purchase of products.

Where anyone who wants to start a project can choose one of the Amazon products that he wants to market for, then move to one of the freelance platforms and choose the appropriate service for the work, and it is one of the easy and simple projects that need to have a strong skill in marketing and provide designs that meet the aspirations of the customers you want to target. These platforms offer the advantage of evaluating marketers at the end of each month, which ensures business continuity and greater confidence in dealing with customers.

 Second: The profit project from Amazon KDP Kindle

It is one of the most successful profit projects on Amazon via the Internet and the most popular, and the profit project from Kindle KDP is considered one of the most easy projects as it does not require any capital, and anyone can register on the Amazon KDP platform and start a project to sell books and profit through them.

The Amazon KDP platform provides the possibility of selling books with little content such as planners or without content such as notebooks, where the project owner can submit a design and upload it through the Paperback option, where Amazon displays it on its own platform and then buys it from the customer, the company prints it with the cover and the content that you designed, For a good percentage of profit.

This platform also offers another option for projects, which is the Kindle eBook project, through which the project owner uploads regular books or books with readable content, which will provide you with profit from Amazon by requesting customers to read or print the book.

In order to make profits from the Amazon Kindle KDP project, the project owner needs to have a little experience in design programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator to work on designing book covers and internal content for them, and to have experience writing content if he wants to work on the Kindle eBook project.

The owner of the project also needs a computer, experience to manage the project, get to know the requirements of the market and customers to obtain the required profits, and patience if you are a beginner and the desire to continue learning, as this project is considered one of the wonderful projects for profit via the Internet, and you can learn the details of this project from By visiting the Amazon KDP section.

 Third: A project for profit through the Merch By Amazon platform

If the idea of ​​​​the Amazon KDP project does not suit you, you can choose another method of profit through Amazon, which is the Merch Amazon project, which allows you to start making a profit by selling designs on T-shirts on the Merch platform or other free selling platforms such as Etsy, teepublic, and others.

 It is one of the most profitable and most popular projects in the Arab countries, where the owner of the project can sell his designs on various types of clothes, such as T-shirts, top tanks, and other products, by uploading them to the Merch Amazon platform.

But obtaining an account in Merch By Amazon is not easy compared to the Amazon KDP project, as well as working on it, as this project is subject to the system of rates followed, which divides people in it according to the number of sales, but when reaching advanced rates, the profits will be imaginary and excellent.

To profit from the Merch by amazon project, the project owner needs a computer and experience working on design programs and uploading them to products, and he must also obtain a merch Amazon account, and possess the necessary experience to manage the project and study the needs of the market and customers, and have patience in the first stage of work, and this project does not require to any capital.

Fourth: The profit project through affiliate marketing at Amazon Associates

The Amazon company, through its platforms, offers a project for profit by marketing through the Amazon Affiliate program, and its official name is Amazon Associates, or commission marketing, and it is one of the best profit projects in Amazon.

The project begins by entering the Amazon Associates platform, then choosing one of the products that qualify for commission marketing, obtaining its link, and then starting to promote it, as the product commission can be obtained after selling it.

This project mainly needs the ability to market and persuade, and the owner of the project can easily promote these products on all social media pages and groups, or by creating an advertising campaign or special blogs to explain these products.

Working in the Amazon Associates program requires creating a platform for marketing on it, determining the place you want to market your products through, and then obtaining your acceptance in Amazon Associates as a marketer. The work also requires marketing skills and capabilities, sufficient experience in product marketing, and knowledge of electronic marketing strategies of all kinds, paid and free. The project owner also needs patience and commitment to continuity at the beginning.

Amazon Associates requires novice project owners to achieve two sales within 6 months of the start of the project, in order to ensure that the project owner continues to work as a marketer with it, as the platform will either activate the account officially or cancel it at the end of this period.

In the end, it must be noted that anyone can work from home as an Amazon representative, as the customer service team offers 16 languages ​​from more than 130 locations around the world, which allows many people to work remotely as a part-time or full-time virtual customer service representative.