Product Marketing Example | 6 examples of successful products

 Product Marketing Example | 6 examples of successful products

Product Marketing Example | 6 examples of successful products

How do you succeed in marketing the product in a way that attracts your audience and gives them a reason to buy your product? That’s what you’ll learn through a product marketing example that explains the process in detail.

Marketing in this era is no longer just a traditional advertising or promotion attempt, but marketing has become a more complex process. In order to successfully market a product, it is necessary to somehow influence the psyche and emotion of the potential customer. This is done by stimulating him psychologically/emotionally in order to persuade him to buy.

We’ll show you examples of brands that have mastered product marketing and explain how you can market your own.

What is product marketing?

Product marketing does not have a single definition as it varies depending on the context in which it is used. It is defined in this article as follows: “The function responsible for the success and growth of a product by linking customer needs to product capabilities. The value of product marketing comes from a deep understanding of markets, customers and their needs.” That is, you must have a deep understanding of your customers and the market to market your products successfully.

When promoting a product, you should also think about how your product will meet the needs of your target audience, and how it can help them overcome their weaknesses.

Don’t forget to make sure that your product keeps pace with market developments and consumer needs that happen quickly. To help you, here is a list of more than one example of marketing a product the right way.

Product marketing example

When you want to promote your products, you need to present them in a way that attracts new customers. Always think about the following questions:

*. Who is this product for?
*. What does this product do?
*. How is this product different from what already exists?

Creating a completely new product is very difficult, so your only area of ​​innovation is marketing. Here are six businesses that have successfully taken a unique approach to marketing their products.

Product Marketing Example 1: ASOS

ASOS has built a reputable company with a market capitalization of $6.5 billion. A large part of their success is due to the way they market their products.

One of the challenges that many online clothing stores like ASOS face when trying to sell their products is the inability to try on before buying. ASOS has found a unique way around this hurdle, not only by offering free shipping and returns worldwide but in the way they display their products on their website.

They use visual marketing to make sure potential customers see the product from all angles. They include video clips of the garments so consumers can see how the garments look when they are worn.

It is important for online retailers to use visuals to show how a product looks and how it works since 93% of consumers consider visual appearance as the main deciding factor in their purchase decision.

ASOS also takes advantage of social media by getting customers to upload pictures of the clothes they have purchased using the hashtag #asseenonme. This builds credibility, and significantly improves the company’s image.

You should always consider the hurdles that your target audience may face regarding purchasing your product online.

Product Marketing Example 2: Poo Pourri

“The goal of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product sells itself,” says Peter Drucker in his book Drucker Management.

Peter might be right in some ideal world, but our reality tells a different story. No product can sell itself without marketing, and I will challenge you to find a product that can do that.

Even an abstract necessity like toilet paper does not sell itself. The reason is the intense competition between toilet paper companies trying to grab consumers’ attention. Different brands of this product always need marketing to sell their toilet paper.

You might be wondering why I keep talking about toilet paper. The reason is because the next product on this product marketing example list got me thinking.

Poo Pourri is a spray that eliminates unpleasant toilet odors. This is not a new invention, but they have found a way to break taboos around this common problem, and market their products in a fun and innovative way.

Products like this cannot be marketed in the same way as clothing, in this case, it is not the product itself that attracts customers but rather the solution you offer to their problems. Poo Pourri uses visuals such as photos and videos to illustrate the different common scenarios in which their product is used.

Product Marketing Example 3: Man Crates

More companies are incorporating humor into their product marketing strategies. According to a Nielsen study, 50% of consumers prefer humor in marketing more than any other strategy.

Man Crates has adopted this strategy as well, but differently from most companies. Their product is primarily designed for males, but they market it to women who are looking to buy gifts for men.

This strategy is incorporated into many of their marketing strategies, including their websites, social media, and email.

Man Crates also uses video marketing to promote their outstanding customer service. This idea works well because their target group of women is always looking to ask more questions about this type of product.

By positioning their product this way, Man Crates is taking advantage of a new audience where the competition is not as high, and they are also using their understanding of that audience intelligently to attract more customers.

Product Marketing Example 4: Bellroy

Bellroy, an online wallet store, has taken a similar approach to ASOS to market its products. They use videos to show details of their product from different angles demonstrating its simplicity and elegance.

The audience issue that Bellroy is focusing on is fitting the wallet into the back pocket.

Bellroy’s target audience is mostly males who don’t use bags to carry their wallet. The problem is that the more cash and cards you have in your wallet, the bigger it gets. Which makes it unsuitable for a back pocket.

Some of the advantages of their products are that you can extend the slider to match the number of cards you have in your wallet, and they have also included a comparison tool and a guide to choosing the right wallet according to your needs and desires on their site to make the buying decision easier.

The goal of marketing a product is to understand the needs and pain points of your target audience and provide the best solutions to them in a way that attracts their attention.

Product Marketing Example 5: Oreo

The black biscuit sandwich stuffed with white cream needs no introduction.

Oreo adopts one of the most effective marketing strategies which is to benefit from the sentiments of the audience. She is trying to arouse their curiosity by asking the following question: What would your imagination go to if we gave you an Oreo? The public’s minds flee into fantasy science as soon as they hear this question.

Oreo also takes advantage of global developments to promote its products, especially on social media.

Oreo is one of the funniest and most innovative brands out there. They make the “ordinary” snack fun with their use of color and videos that evoke positive emotions in their audience.

Product Marketing Example 6: Volkswagen

Expensive products require more attention before purchasing. Consumers always seek more customization the more expensive the product.

Volkswagen has made this possible by adding a “build your car” feature on its US website. This feature gives customers the ability to personalize their cars thus making the gap between awareness and purchase smaller.

It also subverts the strategies of the pesky salesman who can’t stop talking, by allowing potential customers to learn about and manipulate the various features of the car at will.

This feature is not limited to those who want to buy a new car only, but it is fun even for those who dream of owning their cars in the future.

Finally, Volkswagen also includes a cool feature that lets you know which car dealerships near you might have the car you just built.

The bottom line here is if you’re selling expensive products that need more attention, you need to give people an opportunity to visualize the product and be able to customize it so they don’t mind paying more to get exactly what they want.

a summary

Proper product marketing is hard work, it requires a deep understanding of your audience and their needs. But be sure that you will get the perfect marketing strategy once you know exactly what your audience wants.

Try to use the tactics presented to you in this article to present your product in the best way. Show people what makes your product the best and give them the opportunity to explore the product in detail to turn them from potential customers into customers for life.

What product marketing strategies will you use? What are the results you intend to achieve? Leave a comment below.