What is a Meeza card?

 What is a Meeza card?

What is a Meeza card?

The Ministry of Finance recently launched the Meeza card, as the Central Bank stated that it is the first national card bearing an Egyptian trademark, so most bank transactions, such as withdrawals and deposits, are carried out using the Meeza card, which has many advantages, and we will learn about them in our article.

Advantage card features

Customers who obtain a Meeza card from Banque Misr and the National Bank benefit from many advantages, as follows:

@. Customers over the age of 16 can obtain a Meeza card using their national ID card.

@. Obtaining an advantage card does not require opening an account with the National Bank or Banque Misr.

@. Banque Misr and the National Bank allow the availability of a Meeza card for any Egyptian citizen.

@. Funds can be received on a Meeza card without the need to pay fees.

@. There are no fees when issuing a Meeza card from Banque Misr, but at the National Bank, 25 pounds are paid for issuing a Meeza card.

@. The National Bank and Banque Misr provide a 3-year advantage card validity, provided that the renewal takes place after the expiry of the period and the payment of an issuance fee.

@. The possibility of paying gas, electricity and water bills through the Meeza card.

@. An advantage card that enables the customer to obtain an electronic wallet to facilitate purchases through his phone.

@. You will get an advantage card at the same time as requesting to extract the card from any bank branch.

@. The customer pays an annual fee for the Meeza card, if it is obtained from the National Bank.

@. It allows the customer to withdraw a maximum of 20,000 pounds per day.

@. A fee of EGP 2 is imposed on each withdrawal transaction from the National Bank ATMs.

@. While in the case of withdrawal from an ATM of another bank, a fee of 5 pounds will be charged.

@. The maximum withdrawal limit for pos machines is set to not exceed EGP 30,000.

@. Meeza card balance can be inquired through one of the ATMs affiliated to the National Bank or Banque Misr without paying any fees.

@. In the recent period, the official pension authority provided the possibility of receiving the pension through

Visa advantage from the National Bank

@. The Meeza Visa issued by the National Bank is the first electronic payment card that facilitates citizens to pay government dues electronically in an easy and secure way.

@. The National Bank Advantage Visa provides the customer with the ability to withdraw and deposit financial transactions throughout the day without going to the branch.

@. The Meeza card allows you to withdraw sums of money from Al Ahli Bank ATMs bearing the 123 mark without paying any fees.

@. To obtain a Meeza card from the National Bank, all that is required is a copy of the customer’s national ID card or passport, and to go to any branch of the National Bank.

@. The National Bank imposes a fee of 15 pounds when issuing a Meeza card, an annual fee of 10 pounds, and a replacement fee of 10 pounds.

@. The customer can withdraw money from any machines belonging to other banks using the National Bank Meeza card and pay a fee of 5 pounds.

@. The customer can withdraw 30,000 pounds per day, and the maximum monthly withdrawal with the card is 100,000 pounds.

How to use the Advantage Card

Using a credit card is a simple and easy feature. You can use it to:

Cash withdrawal from an advantage card

@. Any sums of money can be withdrawn through ATMs using the Meeza Card.

@. By inserting the card into an ATM, selecting a cash withdrawal and entering the required amount and password.

Pay with a credit card

@. Most government bills can be paid with a Meeza card.

@. Payment of any amounts for shopping operations on shopping sites can be made through the use of Meeza Card.

How to charge the National Bank Meeza card

The National Bank has provided several methods for the customer to be able to charge a Meeza card, and these methods are:

Recharge the Meeza Card through the ATM

@. The customer inserts the card into the ATM and then writes the password.

@. You will see a list of several services from which you will choose the deposit service.

@. You will put the amount that you want to charge the card with in the ATM slot for cash deposit.

@. You will wait for a while until the machine reviews the amount, then you will click on Confirm Deposit.

@. You will get a receipt of deposit that comes out of the machine showing that the shipment was successful.

Recharge the Meeza card through bank transfer

@. When issuing a Meeza card, a bank account linked to the Meeza card will be issued to you.

@. If you transfer an amount to this account, it can be used as a balance in the Meeza card, and you can withdraw and pay through it.

Online advantage card issuance

It is not possible to obtain a Meeza card online, so the customer must go to one of the banks that issue the Meeza card and obtain it on the same day, and from the banks available to issue a Meeza card:

*. Qatar National Bank QNB.
*. Cairo Bank.
*. Egypt Bank.
*. Ahli Bank.
*. United Bank.
*. Commercial International Bank CIB.
*. Emirates NBD Bank.
*. Arab Banking Corporation.

Activate Banque Misr Meeza card

After obtaining a Meeza card from Banque Misr, the customer can activate it by following the following steps:

@. After receiving the card from Banque Misr, the customer will contact a customer service representative on this number 19623 and submit a request to activate the card.

@. Then the customer will go to the nearest Banque Misr ATM and insert the card and write the card’s password for the first time.

@. You will follow the steps that will appear on the ATM screen by entering four numbers at random and then pressing “Continue”.

@. You have to choose the appropriate language to complete the process.

@. After that, you will choose “Other Services”.

@. Choose “Create or Change Password”, then you will enter the four random numbers that you entered in the first.

Egypt Post Advantage Card

*. The Egyptian Post provided the possibility of obtaining a Meeza card for free and at the same moment.

*. After obtaining the card from the postal branch, the employee will activate it by querying the POS machine, and the customer will enter the card’s password for the first time.

*. The Egyptian Post Advantage Card provides the ability to receive temporary employment grants and government dues.

*. Through the card, local purchases can be made online.

*. The possibility of paying traffic fines or any government dues through it.

*. The Egyptian Post Advantage Card allows you to pay purchases from any hypermarket inside Egypt.

An advantage card for pensions

The Pensions Agency has recently provided the possibility of receiving the pension from any ATM using the Meeza card. In order for the pensioner to obtain the Meeza annuity card, he must follow the following steps:

*. The pensioner goes to the nearest branch of the Egyptian National Post Authority.

*. After that, the customer attaches the required documents, such as the national ID card and pension papers.

*. The postal employee will present to the customer a form to apply for a pension benefit card, and the customer will fill in the information in the form.

*. After filling out the form and handing it over to the postal employee, the customer will wait for seconds and get a Meeza card without paying any fees.

Transfer money to Banque Misr Meeza card

Considering that the Meeza card is one of the best local credit cards currently, a money transfer service was provided to it after completing the card activation process. The process of transferring money to the Banque Misr Meeza card can be completed in several ways:

*. By going to a bank branch and transferring the amount.

*. Money can be transferred through exchange machines by inserting the card, selecting the deposit process, entering the amount to be transferred in the place designated for placing the money in the machine, and writing the password. The amount entered will appear on the screen, and the customer will press Confirm, and a message will appear on the screen that the transfer has been successful.

*. Money can be transferred through Fawry.


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