How to mine the electronic digital currency

 How to mine the electronic digital currency

How to mine the electronic digital currency

Mining of the digital electronic currency takes place in more than one way, with the aim of facilitating those interested in mining, and to attract a larger segment of customers. The electronic currency has become more widespread than previous times, so its management is trying to provide many mining and financial services to its customers.


1 How to mine the electronic digital currency
2 Mining the electronic digital currency through the phone
3 Mining through e-wallet and mining software

How to mine the electronic digital currency

Electronium currency is considered one of the most important digital currencies that has been widely spread and has many users, and it is symbolized by the symbol (ETN). Therefore, we will show you how to mine this currency, and that will be done in two ways, the first through the phone application, and the second through mining programs.

Mining Electronium cryptocurrency by phone

Mining through the phone was one of the difficult ways, but an application was created that facilitates the process of mining the electronic currency through it.

*. We must download the application for mining the currency through the Internet, install it on the phone, and choose a password to make it difficult to hack. The password must also be new, and no one else knows it, in order to protect your account from being stolen, and enter your data.

*. You will be asked to write your name, email, country, and age, so follow the steps that the application shows you, until an account is created for you. You must write the data correctly, so as not to close your account, or not be able to withdraw your balance from mining the digital electronic currency. After that, your account will be activated, and you can mine through the application daily, and you are also allowed to transfer from it.

*. This method is easy to use the application, and it also provides security and privacy for its users, so that no one can view your account. The application for mining does not have any harmful effect on the device, it is not heavy on it, and it saves the customer’s time and effort.

Mining through e-wallet and mining software

This method is the first method that was used in mining the electronic electronic currency, and in order for it to take place, the steps that we will present must be followed.

*. You must create an electronic wallet for currencies, through the following link from here, and have a secret number and keep it, and you should not forget it. After that, the Claymore mining program must be installed, through the link from here, and we must write the address of the e-wallet in it.

*. You must adjust the frequency of the card, and increase the graphic memory, and its code is VRAM, through a frequency of 2025 MHz. This is done through the MSI Afterburner program, and here your mining rate will increase to 27 from 25Mh/s.

*. Unzip the zip file to download the program, choose Edit from the menu, then press Right Click, then Start, and enter the wallet address. And you must write the address of the platform Mining Pool in the space provided, and then you can mine and use your program and account.

*. Then link your wallet to the program through which the mining takes place, link the platform to it as well, and follow the Pool website. And that is in order to follow through it your mining operations, all you have to do is enter it and write the address of the e-wallet. You will also know who has the total amount of money you got from mining the digital currency Elektronium, and you will find information about your platform as well.

*. The Payments page provides you with information about your financial transactions from the Mining Pool platform, your wallet, and it is indicated by the date and the number of currencies. In order to deal with and buy in the electronic currency, deal with sites that accept it, or register on speculative sites and sell the currency to convert it into money.

Digital currencies have many users in the world, so we have shown how to mine digital electronic currency in an easy and simple way. We also mentioned an application through which mining can be done on smartphones, in order to facilitate users of the electronic currency (ETN).


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