Where are the charming Maldives located?

 Where are the charming Maldives located?

Where are the charming Maldives located?

Where is the charming Maldives located, which is considered one of the most beautiful and oldest islands around the world, where the Arabs used to call it Dibat Al-Mahal in the past, but it was changed to become the Maldives, these islands are an important part of the Commonwealth, its capital is Male, the Dhivehi language is its official and widely spread language.

 Many people seek to visit and tourism it, due to its stunning scenery and charming nature, and in our next article we show you some important information about the Maldives, its area and population, and what are the most important tourist attractions of those islands.

Where are the Maldives located?

 @. The Maldives is considered one of the wonderful and beautiful islands, due to its suitable weather throughout the year. Its capital is distinguished by its beauty and valuable civilization, which is evident in its markets and mosques. These islands are located in the Asian continent, on the northern side of the western coast of the Republic of Sri Lanka, about 400 miles away from India. About 350 miles.

@. The Maldives is also 240 miles away from the south of the state of Diogo, in an archipelago, bordered on the northern side by the Arabian Sea, on the northeastern side of Lakadive and on the south and west side of the Pacific Ocean.

Important information about where the Maldives is located:

@. The Maldives includes many small wonderful islands. These islands are some areas designated for tourism and fishing, some others for tourist resorts and international hotels, and a part dedicated to the residents of the region.

@. The Maldives is one of the best tourist resorts around the world, and therefore many tourists seek to reside in it and enjoy its features, which made investors create many resorts that are distinctive in their design.

@. The population of the Maldives has its origins in the country of Sri Lanka and the western coasts. They are also famous for the trade in fish and seashells. They are very interested in fishing because of the great profit they receive due to the diversity and abundance of fish in the region.

@. The Maldives has a permanent rise in the amount of marine water, which makes it vulnerable to drowning, and many other risks.

@. The island’s climate is characterized by humidity due to its location on the Indian Ocean, which means that the sun’s rays rarely reach it.

@. The flag of the island consists of three colors, red, green and white, each color has a special significance, the red color indicates the blood of its martyrs, the green color indicates peace and safety, and the white color represented by a crescent indicates that it is a Muslim country.

Where is the Maldives located and what is its system of government:

@. The Maldives includes about 2,000 coral islands. These islands are coral reefs and some earthen barriers. As for the system of government in the region, it is a republican system in which the president is responsible for all powers, whether the presidency of the government or the presidency of the executive branch. He is the one who chooses the ministers.

Where is the Maldives located and what is its system of government:

@. The population of the Maldives reaches 393,400 people, according to the latest statistics. There are also many nationalities within the island, but most of them are Arabs, Sinhalese, and also some Indians.

@. The official language of the region is the Dhivehi language, and the English language is used in most of the works, while the writing system is inspired by the Arabic language in many times.

@. Islam is the official religion of the Maldives, and education is of great importance, and this shows that it has a large share of the country’s economy, where about 10% of domestic production is spent.

Economy in the Maldives:

@. The country’s economy depends on tourism, fishing, and also the design of small boats. Therefore, the country’s economy is considered one of the developing sectors. This is evident in the income of individuals, which is the lowest in the world. Therefore, most of the population depends on eating fish and growing fruits or vegetables to meet their daily needs.

@. Also, the economy depends there on exporting fish, which is considered one of the most expensive and rare species in the world, so investors sell it to foreign companies, which helps the country’s economy to flourish.

Tourism in the Maldives:

@. The Maldives is one of the areas that many people seek to visit for the purpose of tourism, due to its stunning natural scenery. Tourism is one of the most economic resources on which the economy depends, in addition to fish export.

@. Therefore, those in charge of the state paid attention to tourist resorts, developing them, and working to establish some other resorts, which works to develop tourism, as it is possible to visit more than 20 million tourists annually.

The most important tourist areas in the Maldives:

The Maldives includes many important tourist areas, the most important of which are:

@. Male Island: The importance of this island comes as the capital. It is characterized by the design of its buildings with great craftsmanship and wonderful colors that reflect the color of the water that surrounds the island from all directions. The island contains many historical places in addition to an ideal beach, in addition to many shops, restaurants, and others.

@. Helingili Island: This island is the destination for all tourists, as it is one of the best islands, whose beauty depends on the pleasure of diving, as there is a special diving school in the area, and it also contains the most prominent restaurants that serve the most famous international dishes.

@. Shwe Island: This island is considered one of the most important sports islands for water games, such as surfing and windsurfing, in addition to golf courses and table tennis tables.


At the end of our article, we hope that we have provided full benefit to you about where the charming Maldives are located, what is its area, what is its system of government, and a lot of important information.


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