The Highest Mountain in Africa

 The Highest Mountain in Africa

The Highest Mountain in Africa

Africa is one of the continents of the ancient world, as it is the second largest continent in the world, and in East Africa there is the Rift Valley, which includes many mountains with high peaks and an ocean helps you to get to know the details about the highest mountain in Africa.

It also has the highest mountain in Africa, where the mountains differ in terms of their height and nature, including the Rwenzori Mountains and the Kilimanjaro Mountains, and Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa.

The highest mountain in Africa:

The Kilimanjaro Mountains is one of the giant volcanoes, whose formation began more than a million years ago, when it was formed from lava, solidified and became one of the highest mountains in Africa and in the world.

They are mountains located in Africa, and they are a group of mountains, located in Kilimanjaro National Park, and there is the highest mountain in Africa, which is Mount Kibo in Tanzania, with a height of 5896 meters above sea level, and that height led to the diversity of its climate.

Therefore, it was considered among the seven highest peaks in the world, and Kilimanjaro is located in a square mile of 292 within Kilimanjaro Park, where its summit rises from the plains by about 5100 meters, near the town of Moshi in Tanzania, which made it the tallest standing mountain in the world.

Where the Kilimanjaro Mountains consist of three cones, which are Mount Mawenzi, Mount Shira is the lowest mountain in terms of height, and Mount Kibo is the highest of them, as it is the highest volcanic mountain in the continent of Africa, and the second highest volcanic mountain in the world, and it was registered in UNESCO as one of the landmarks heritage.

Mount Kilimanjaro is an important tourist attraction:

The peaks of Mawenzi and Shira are dormant volcanic peaks, while the summit of Kibo is an active summit, as its last activity was about 200 years ago, and this mountain is an important tourist site in Tanzania, as it is considered the closest peak covered with snow, and the mountain also includes nature reserves and national parks It has the highest peak, Uhuru.

It is an important tourist attraction, because it is the highest mountain in Africa, where tourists come to it from everywhere. About thirty thousand people come to it a year to climb it, but only a third of the number are able to reach its summit.

It is difficult to reach its summit because of its high altitude, as well as because of the very low temperature at the summit, which is covered with ice, as the temperature at the top of the mountain reaches -18 degrees Celsius.

It is possible to climb the mountain at any time, but the best time to climb the mountain is in the summer, as it is difficult to climb in the winter because of the possibility of cold winds, and here it becomes dangerous.

The mountain climbing trips are equipped with the necessary tools with a specialized team familiar with all the information about the mountain, and it consists of about ten tourists only, and there are people with the team to carry the tools of the tourists and their food, as the climbing period is long and may take a week, because it is on foot, and there Five ways to get to the top.

And the Makim Road is the most famous way to reach the top of the mountain through it, and it passes through the rainy forests, then reaches the great deserts, and then reaches the top of the mountain with a wonderful view that many dream of taking a picture of, because the summit has frozen rivers that capture hearts Especially when mixed with the sunset.

Tourists also come to see the animals, landscapes and reserves, and to spend the holiday where there are parks and picturesque places such as the forest and the famous Kilimanjaro Park, and to get acquainted with the mountain environment.

It includes savannah grass, mountainous areas, unique flora and fauna, tropical and mountainous forests, and there is the famous Erica forest because it is located at the top of the mountain, and it is considered one of the highest forests, and it is called the highest cloud in Africa.

First attempt to climb the highest mountain in Africa:

#. Where the first attempt to reach the summit was by Baron Karl, and the scientist Richard Thornton, but this attempt ended in failure, as they reached an altitude of 2500 meters and then retreated.

#. Baron did not give up trying to reach the summit. After a year had passed, he climbed with Otto Christine, and they reached a height of 4280 meters, but they also returned.

#. And the scientist Hans Meyer first arrived at the base of the mountain in 1887, but he did not equip himself with the necessary equipment to deal with the snow at the top, so he returned.

#. In 1889, the first real summit of the mountain was reached, as scouts Hans Meyer, Ludwig Bortscheller, and Marangu climbed it.

The reason why the Kilimanjaro Mountains are named by this name:

In fact, the reason for naming the highest mountain in Africa has not been identified by this name, and many theories have been issued that bear the reason behind naming it by this name, the most important of which is that this is a coastal word mixed from two words, the first of which is Kilima, which means mountain, and Nagaru, which means whiteness.

This is relative to its white summit covered with snow, and the pronunciation of the word Kilimanjaro in the European language is due to the word Kishaga, which means our failure to climb it.