What to do in Bali?-Best Bali Travel Guide

 What to do in Bali?-Best Bali Travel Guide

Top 15 things to do on a trip to Bali

Are you leaving soon and you don’t know what to do in Bali? Don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place! In this article I will give you all the activities that you should not miss when you come to visit Bali! Whether you are preparing your trip to Bali or you are already there, this article will help you organize your discovery of the Island of the Gods.

I have also written articles complementary to this one that you will find on the blog and in the various paragraphs of this article. They will help you especially if you don’t know when to go to Bali or if you are looking for more information on a specific place.

On the agenda of this article

What to do and what to see in Bali?

What to do outdoors in Bali?

  • Climbing Mount Batur
  • Discover the seabed in Amed
  • Discover Ubud
  • The Monkey Forest
  • Discover the Bukit peninsula and its sublime beaches
  • Jatiluwih rice fields
  • Enjoy the sunset
  • Watch dolphins at Lovina Beach
  • Enjoy the nightlife
  • Go to the Nusa Penida archipelago
  • Discover Indonesian culture
  • To do yoga
  • Visit the temples of the island
  • Taste the local gastronomy
  • Watch a traditional Balinese dance performance
  • Go to the Bali Arts Festival
Where to sleep in Bali?

My addresses in Bali

What to do and what to see in Bali?

Bali is one of the most popular destinations and it’s no wonder. With its superb fine sandy beaches, turquoise lagoon, volcanic mountains and coral reefs, this island located in the middle of Indonesia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

In addition to the ocean and the beaches, Bali has many other assets: magnificent temples, caves to explore, waterfalls where you can swim, markets with exotic fruits and vegetables. If you are curious about the island’s history and culture, you can learn more about local legends and Balinese traditions in places like Ubud.

If you like adrenaline and adventure, you won’t be disappointed during a trip to Bali: you can practice water sports, hike on volcanoes or take a hot air balloon ride! You won’t have time to get bored!

Well now let’s go for the Top 15 activities that I recommend to do in Bali!

What to do outdoors in Bali?
Climbing Mount Batur
I like to start my Top 16 activities to discover in Bali by climbing the Mount Batur volcano. For me it’s an essential step in Bali, you will not often have the opportunity to climb a volcano! It is a really very pleasant experience: on the program a night ascent of a volcano to watch the sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur. There are two volcanoes in Bali: Mount Agung and Mount Batur. Ascents are possible on both, but the ascent of Mount Batur is the “simplest” and the shortest.
The moment is magical, the sunrise is unforgettable. You can even eat an egg cooked in the vapors of the volcano and warm up a little in the vapors. I strongly recommend this activity, because for me it is unique and you will be able to tell your ascent of the volcano when you return.
Discover the seabed in Amed
If you are wondering where to dive in Bali, I strongly advise you to go to the northeast of the island. It is in the village of Amed that you can start diving with a mask and a snorkel. If you are more adventurous, why not try scuba diving? I advise you to go to Tulamben, a village a little further than Amed. The baptism of diving costs much less in Bali than in France, so why not let yourself be tempted?
You can even dive to discover a wreck a few meters from the edge, an old Japanese ship. If you are lucky, you may even see turtles, rays and other splendours of nature. If you don’t know what to do in Bali, I find that doing a diving initiation or simply passing a diving level is super nice.
If you are looking to dive in Bali, there really is an excursion that I recommend 200%! This is a dive with manta rays in Nusa Penida. With a mask, a snorkel and flippers, the guide takes you to meet the manta rays around Nusa Penida. You won’t be able to get there on your own.
Discover Ubud
I really liked the city of Ubud during my stay in Bali. It is a very central city, well located and even if the city is more and more touristic, it remains much more attractive than Kuta or Denpasar. Besides, there are a lot of activities to discover in Ubud and if you don’t know what to do in Ubud, I invite you to read my full article on this subject.
In Ubud, I advise you in particular to visit the rice fields, to treat yourself to a massage (Balinese massages are the best in the world in my opinion). If you are looking for a really original activity in Ubud, then I will direct you directly to a Balinese cooking class! You’re going to enjoy it and you can especially redo the dish at home 🙂 I keep a very good memory!
If you don’t know what to do in Bali or where to stay, then look no further and head for Ubud.
I spent more than 2 months there and it was really a great experience.
  • If you want to try your hand at Balinese cuisine, I advise you to do a half-day cooking activity. You’ll be picked up from your hotel where you’ll head to a local market to pick out your fresh ingredients before beginning your cooking class. You will also visit a rice plantation to learn how this staple is prepared and grown. Then you will do a traditional cooking workshop in a small village where you will prepare 3 starters, 4 main courses and a dessert. You can then taste your dishes. You can then taste your dishes. The cost of this activity? €31 per person.
The Monkey Forest

This monkey forest is located in Ubud directly. It is a very touristic activity, but I still advise you to take a tour. You will come across hundreds of monkeys in this forest. You can move freely in the Monkey Forest. Be careful though, monkeys can be thieves!! You have been warned 🙂
You can visit the monkey forest, the waterfalls as well as the rice fields during a private tour, it is a superb excursion to do during which you will have the opportunity to admire superb landscapes!
Discover the Bukit peninsula and its sublime beaches
If you don’t know what to do in Bali during your stay, what better than to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of southern Bali? Turquoise water, white sand, the most beautiful beaches in Bali are found on the Bukit peninsula. For me this is the best place to enjoy the beaches in Bali. The beaches are sublime with white sand, turquoise water.There are several beaches and as a result tourists generally stay at the most accessible beaches. But if you prefer to find yourself on a beach without tourists, it will be enough to walk a little. My favorite beach is Green Bowl Beach. There is both fine sand, turquoise blue in the water and vegetation around. The perfect place to rest, take pictures and decompress.
If you like surfing, there are several beaches with good spots like Pandawa Beach. You will find rental companies everywhere, moreover there are even many restaurants along the beach to enjoy a small cocktail or a good fresh fish!
Jatiluwih rice fields
If you want to see the most beautiful rice terraces on Bali, you have to go to Jatiluwih, in the center of the island, north of Ubud. This set of rice terraces is part of the cultural landscape of Bali. They have also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
If you want to see the most beautiful rice terraces on Bali, you have to go to Jatiluwih, in the center of the island, north of Ubud. This set of rice terraces is part of the cultural landscape of Bali. They have also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
More authentic than other rice fields in Bali, those of Jatiluwih are still exploited by the locals, you can also see them at work depending on the season when you go there. It’s beautiful, really very beautiful! For me today, these are the most beautiful rice fields I have had the opportunity to see in Asia.
Enjoy the sunset
If there’s one thing I love doing in Bali, it’s watching the sun go down. There are several nice and fairly quiet places, but I wanted to highlight the sunset in Seminyak. It is of course quite a touristic place, but for me the spectacle of the sunset is just incredible in this place. The sky is on fire and the colors are quite unrealistic!
There are several bars where you can have a drink while waiting for the sun to go down, but you can also walk a bit to be quieter (without the tourist crowds). You’ll have to check out Seminyak’s iconic bar, La Plancha, a bar with beanbags on the beach and colorful umbrellas to enjoy the view at the end of the day. It’s a must in the area.
In the evening, the party continues on Seminyak with many bars and parties on the beach. If you like to party, this is the perfect place to end your day 😉
Watch dolphins at Lovina Beach

If you want to see dolphins in Bali, there is one place they particularly like to go, it’s Lovina Beach!
Of course there are tourists (don’t expect to be alone), but the experience remains magical.
In the early morning, we pick you up at the hotel and head to Lovina Beach aboard a small boat. The dolphins are there quite early and take the opportunity to do a little sport and jump out of the water. It’s really a crazy 
experience, because it’s the place in the world where I saw the most dolphins at once. They are generally very numerous to come to this beach to play and hunt/eat. If you love dolphins, this is a must-do activity on your trip to Bali.
Enjoy the nightlife
In the evening, Bali is full of places to dine, sip a cocktail or dance! We can say that the majority of nightlife establishments in Bali are located in the south, especially in Kuta or Seminyak. I recommend that you target Kuta especially, you can of course party there but also other activities like going to the night market. First of all, take the time to admire the famous Kuta sunset! You will then find many restaurants, especially in the Bali Garden resort, then let yours be carried away by the effervescence of the city!
Go to the Nusa Penida archipelago
To get to Nusa Penida, you need to take a boat from Sanur or Padang Bai. The nicknamed “Island of Demons” will certainly amaze you with its landscapes as well as its sublime views. Surely you have already seen one of them on social networks, attracting more and more tourists.
On the archipelago, don’t miss the unmissable Kelingking beach accessible via a very special staircase. But also the natural site of Tembeling with its beach and its forest which shelters marvels such as natural springs or Hindu temples. Also go for a walk in Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong to take in the view! If you don’t want to bother organizing your discovery of Nusa Penida and you want to be sure not to miss anything during your visit, it is possible to opt for an organized excursion from Bali. Attention, to move around the island prefer the scooter, you can rent it when you arrive.
Discover Indonesian culture
To do yoga
You are not unaware that Bali is truly an island of well-being which calls for relaxation, meditation, yoga… During my last one-month stay in Bali, I was looking for new activities to do. on Bali and I had the opportunity to test yoga. I’m not very flexible and yet I really liked yoga. So much so that in the end, I did 4 classes a week over the month I was in Ubud.
What’s more, there are many superb places for a good yoga session: on the beautiful beaches, in the isolated mountains, with a view of the splendid rice fields… It is not surprising that Bali is a privileged place to do yoga. yoga retreats or even training to be a yoga teacher!
Visit the temples of the island
Bali is a real open-air museum, it seems that there are more than 10,000 temples on the island. Some families even have personal temples. It is the only island in Indonesia which is Hindu and not Muslim.
You will have the opportunity to see daily rituals, offerings and processions. In any case, there is a really pleasant atmosphere. When you come to visit Bali, consider discovering at least one great temple during your stay. I particularly like the temple of Tanah Lot in the south of the island, a temple on a rock in the heart of the ocean. It is a very touristic place, but there are beautiful photos to take, especially at sunset.
It is better to go there at low tide to be able to access the temple.
You can also discover the Uluwatu temple which is perched on spectacular cliffs. Besides, there is an excursion that includes a visit to the temple, a traditional Kecak dance show and a dinner in Jimbaran Bay.
Another really impressive temple in my opinion is the Ulundanu temple on Lake Bratan: It’s less crowded if you come in the morning when it opens and you can see the reflection of the temple in the water. The region is also totally different from the south of the island, it is much more mountainous 🙂
Taste the local gastronomy
You cannot miss the local specialties during your trip to Bali. We eat really well there 🙂! Among the dishes that should not be missed are nasi goreng and mie goreng. The first is a rice-based dish and the second is noodle-based. These dishes are typically Balinese and will be served with vegetables and/or egg + chicken. It is truly a treat! Plus it’s really super easy to make for when you get home and crave Balinese food.
There is also the dragon fruit to try! And of course the other fresh fruits that you will find every day for breakfast in almost all the stalls.
Watch a traditional Balinese dance performance
In the evening you can attend traditional Balinese dance shows (paid activity however). These are shows that combine art, song and dance! I love shows with fire for my part. That’s truly impressive.
For my part, I prefer kecak shows, the change of scenery is there. This sunset show is unique and the dancers go completely into a trance! A must see if you don’t know what to do in Bali in the evening!
You can attend a traditional dance performance “kecak” near the cliff, next to the Uluwatu temple where you can also observe a superb sunset over the Indian Ocean and if you wish you can enjoy a seafood grill dinner in Jimbaran Bay. This excursion is from €41/person.
Go to the Bali Arts Festival

Discover the talents and traditions of the locals at the Bali Arts Festival! This takes place during the month of June and lasts an entire month. You can attend concerts, parades in traditional costumes and all other kinds of artistic performances. It is also an opportunity to buy souvenirs or to taste local culinary specialties. The festival takes place in Denpasar, not far from the village of Kuta.
Where to sleep in Bali?
People often ask me where to sleep in Bali! For my part, I like to stay in the center of the island in Ubud. It’s quite central and I have a little crush on the city. It is both touristy and yet very quiet if you leave the center a bit. There are good restaurants and you can go all over the island from this point. If you want to know where to sleep in Ubud, I have an article dedicated to this subject that could help you!
The accommodations will depend on your budget. There are some with swimming pools, others simpler where you will just spend the night. Everything will depend on your program and the time you will have to enjoy (or not) your accommodation.
My addresses in Bali
If you are on the Ubud side, I advise you to stay at The Pesaren Ubud which offers a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool and a bar. The rooms are all equipped and for one night, it will take 51 €, breakfast included.
Located on Kuta Beach, Kuta Seaview Boutique Resorts is a stunning resort featuring a spa, beachfront restaurant and outdoor swimming pool. The Balinese style rooms all have their own balcony. Count 140 € for one night in a deluxe room with breakfast.
The Kayu Manis Villa & Spa in Lovina offers rooms, an outdoor swimming pool from which there is a beautiful view of the ocean, a bar, a shared lounge, a garden and a terrace. Double rooms are from €60 with breakfast.
The Sri Lestari Banyuatis in Munduk offers attractive, well-decorated bungalows in a peaceful setting among the rice fields. There is also a beautiful swimming pool, a bar, a garden and a terrace. The hotel also offers massages. With breakfast, one night is €50 in a deluxe bungalow.
That’s all for this article, I hope you now know what to do in Bali! In any case, one thing is certain: you will love your trip to the Island of the Gods! If you are wondering when to go to Bali or if you want to have a 15-day itinerary in Bali, do not hesitate to consult my articles! 🙂