Subscription of new digital currencies

 Subscription of new digital currencies

ICOs are one of the most important ways to profit from the cryptocurrency market. Here are the best new cryptocurrency offering platforms.

New coin launches, often referred to as IDO platforms, are platforms for launching new coins and increasing the level of project liquidity. These platforms play an important role in the digital world, especially when it comes to decentralized finance, which makes them believe that they are the future of the digital world.

IDOs are crowdfunding platforms that any new project launched on a decentralized exchange can benefit from. Since most of the digital projects are based on the blockchain, people from all backgrounds can contribute to it. According to CryptoMinati Capital, Launchpads provide regular investors with some of the opportunities previously only available to large venture capitalists.
If you are looking for new ICO opportunities, be sure to take advantage of some of the virtual communities that can guide you. For example, Telegram channels like Crypto Gaming Bulls help people with limited knowledge in gaming worlds. The community of these channels discusses the most important advantages or disadvantages of the project in a way that enables them to assess whether the project is worth investing in or not. In addition to this, the success of the project in achieving good results often leads to an increase in the value of these currencies, and this in turn leads to an increase in the profits of the first shareholders. This level of mutual benefit encourages more and more investors to participate in ICOs.
Below, let’s get acquainted with a group of the best platforms for participating in the subscription of new digital currencies.
New digital currency offering platforms
BSCPad: Binance’s first decentralized new cryptocurrency offering platform
The BSCPad IPO platform provides a great way to distribute coins and increase liquidity in a decentralized and fair manner. BSCPad aims to be the next generation of blockchain launchers that address the issues of mining and verification, as existing IPOs are challenged by a real problem in providing investors with enough coins to participate in the ecosystem in a prohibited manner. Even if the investor is already involved in coin mining, a place for the allocation can never be guaranteed.
This platform, in turn, ensures the benefit of all coin holders and allows for fair new cryptocurrency issuance processes in a way that allows traders of all sizes and denominations to invest in the best upcoming Smart Chain projects on Binance. The BSCPad platform is distinguished by its two-sided system which ensures that each level receives a customization to suit it. With market-leading advisory, investment, development, influencer marketing, and legal support services, this platform specializes in offering the investor a unique approach from ideation to action. The BSCPad platform works with a variety of users and organizations, including small and medium businesses, large corporations, private business owners, non-profit organizations, and government. BSCPad market price  This platform has a supply of 79 million BSCPad coins in circulation with a total supply of 176 million.
GameFi: The best new cryptocurrency IPO for the best returns
The GameFi platform is an esports ecosystem that includes fantasy games, betting games, lotteries, PVP games, and a non-fungible token market (NFT). GameFi aims to become a global platform where users can interact with gamers and play games without any restrictions in any country they are. Its occlusal system is designed to be chain neutral.
Since companies that provide such services charge a lot of money, most users are disappointed. GameFi aims to solve this problem by coding the platform to allow faster transactions and better executions. The GameFi platform is a completely different type of platform because the payout for bets is approximately 51%. This platform also uses Solana blockchain technology to secure user data. It is also very cost effective and fast.
Since most fantasy sports are not powered by blockchain technology, GameFi provides a hassle-free experience to its users, taking care of all the technical processes, allowing players a seamless gaming experience. GameFi records and displays every action in the game to create more transparency and fair play. Gamefi uses cryptocurrency as a payment method, so everyone can easily play on this global platform.
Seedify: A platform for issuing new cryptocurrencies on the blockchain
Seedify is a decentralized underwriting platform that enables upcoming innovations for the blockchain ecosystem. This is often done through community driven governance and using different feedback and participation and funding mechanisms. Any innovator or entrepreneur can submit their business to Seedify to get a community vote for their seed funding.
If an investor wants to know what are the latest known platforms where they can get seed funds, the names are Kucoin and Pancakeswap. The Seedify Launchpad provides a way for new crypto companies to promote their projects. This platform offers a major advantage to investors, which is to provide early access to launch pricing for new projects looking to raise funds before they are launched.
TrustPad: The most secure multi-chain cryptocurrency issuance platform
TrustPad is a multi-chain decentralized fundraising platform. This platform allows organizations to raise funds while reassuring early-stage investors that their funds will be safe. It is another unique Binance ICO launch platform. This platform also supports Certik Skynet, Ethereum, MetaMask, Solana, Trust Wallet, and WalletConnect. The purpose is to provide users with an integrated experience by avoiding the friction  associated with existing platforms.
Users can execute orders to make a profit leading to a long-term ecosystem where new traders can learn more about the processes that support transactions. TrustPad works with mid-sized businesses, small businesses, enterprises and freelance users. Its partners include Tokenova, Lupa X, GD10 Ventures, BlockSync Ventures, X21 Digital, Meridian Capital, Wealth Union, Twin Apex Capital and 4SV.
DAO Maker: A Successful New Coin IPO Launch Platform
DAO Maker is a retail-oriented, secure IPO financing platform. After its launch, it has evolved to encourage low participation frameworks allowing many retail and individual investors to participate in venture capital. DAO Maker is now available on many online trading platforms. This platform does not enable investors to buy currencies directly for fiat money, but they can be obtained by buying Ethereum through any of the other crypto exchanges.
This project always seeks to develop its own growth techniques and financing methods while minimizing investors’ risks. This makes it a great choice for anonymous projects looking to do their IPOs and reach as many users as possible. DAO Maker integrates with platforms such as MetaMask, 1 inch, Ronin, WalletConnect, and Wanchain. 
Bounce platform: a decentralized finance cryptocurrency subscription project
This platform represents the decentralized auction solution needed by anyone interested in creating, designing, connecting, collecting and trading various assets and non-fungible tokens. The Bounce platform powers the auction product ecosystem. It is widely offering its services to many blockchains, which opens more opportunities and possibilities.
This emerging ecosystem allows creators to launch their own auction that will contain emergency, permissionless execution, and operate with on-chain governance. This system gives the investor the opportunity to choose from multiple types of auctions such as fixed barter, sealed bid, Dutch and English auctions. This Ethereum-based coin is said to be the original currency that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as supporting the incentive system on the protocol, payment, providing governance rights, as well as ensuring many advantages for its holders on the platform. This platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for developers, which makes it easy for them to take advantage of the advantages of decentralized auctions.
PAID Network: Decentralized Application Platform
PAID is a decentralized application platform with a blockchain-based ecosystem. On this platform, users can create their own policies to ensure they get paid. This platform is the first to create Smart Agreements which are streamlined business contracts that can be signed across the chain.
Standard contracts come with smart auto-fill features. Insurance pooling and collateral disputes are subject to community stakeholders. In addition to these features, PAID uses other DeFi tools such as borrowing, lending, and insurance aggregation. Payment holders can deposit their coins in liquidity pools for lending and insurance, as well as obtain loans for their business projects. The PAID network is compatible with a range of platforms such as the Apollo-X Launchpad, Binance Smart Chain  (BSC), Ethereum, and Ignition Launchpad.
Starpunk: A platform to launch new cryptocurrency offerings in the gaming world
Starpunk is a new decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to connect emerging blockchain-based non-fungible token gaming companies with a global community of players and crypto investors. This platform relies on play-to-win technology to do just that. Starpunk’s goal is to create an IPO platform for new games. It also aims to create a virtual world, where anyone can play, earn and create anything of their imagination.
To release the best blockchain-based NFT games, Starpunk is collaborating with leading game studios in Vietnam. Once a game is ready, they speed it up on a starboard, the Starpunk Games launchpad, to promote it and raise seed funding. The first gaming project launched on Starpad is Heroes and Empires. With features such as a white label marketplace, wallet, Defi and auction services in its ecosystem, Starpunk provides an easy and seamless gaming experience to its users.
Red Kite: An innovative cryptocurrency IPO launch platform
There are many types of new cryptocurrency IPOs available in the market, which can help new cryptocurrency projects to properly IPO and Red Kite is among the new entrants in this market. This platform helps investors to get good results. Red Kite also helps investors to transparently sell their cryptocurrency to new crypto projects. The main reason why new cryptocurrency projects usually fail to raise a good amount of capital is often because they rely on poor marketing techniques. Fear of being defrauded is also a major reason for this failure.
Red Kite has built good relationships with influencers and marketing partners who are driving new crypto projects with good VC funding. The projects on Red Kite go through strict scanning to prevent any kind of scams in the future. Red Kite is also developing multi-chain support technology, which means it supports Ethereum and BSC pools. It will soon power Polkadot to become the first platform on the Polkadot network to have flexible pooling types and whitelist conditions.
New cryptocurrency IPOs provide regular investors with access to opportunities previously only available to venture capitalists and other large-scale investors. However, there are two main reasons why you should choose to invest in ICOs via launch platforms. The first reason is that you want wider access to the various new cryptocurrency IPOs and the second reason is that you believe that the value of the cryptocurrency will increase over time. New cryptocurrency IPOs such as Starpunk, GameFi and TrustPad are among the best options for you as an investor.
We always recommend our investors to conduct their own research before making any investment decisions regarding cryptocurrencies in general. They should also be careful not to invest any money that they cannot afford to lose because investing in ICOs especially involves higher risks.
Disclaimer: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. The information provided should absolutely not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation. No warranty is made, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information or data contained herein. Users of this article agree that Money Secrets does not accept responsibility for any of their investment decisions. Not every investment or trading strategy is suitable for anyone. See the risk warning statement.

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