How to Earn Money From a Blog | 4 Ways to Make Money Blogging

 How to Earn Money From a Blog | 4 Ways to Make Money Blogging

How to Earn Money From a Blog | 4 Ways to Make Money Blogging

The number of blogs on the Internet is increasing every day. Creating your own blog has become very easy, but the real challenge lies in how to turn your blog into a source of income.

You will learn about the best ways to make money from an online blog. Then we’ll share with you five easy ways to develop the perfect strategy for getting followers on your blog.

4 ways to make money blogging

Does your blog get a lot of traffic? Perhaps it is time to answer the question “How do I make money from a blog” and turn these visits into profits. Use any or all of the following methods together to increase your chances of making money

1- View the advertisement

You must have seen digital advertisements for mobile phones, credit cards and other products on the websites you visited. Companies can offer to run ads on your blog as well through a program like Google Adsense. You decide what types of ads are shown and where they appear on the page, and you get paid each time a reader clicks on them.

“Seeing $30 or $50 checks can be the motivation new bloggers need to continue their blog and eventually get paid,” says author of “Make Money Blogging” Joseph Hough.

2- Re-employment of blog content

Why not redistribute your content in another format? Turn your blog posts into chapters of an eBook that you can sell on Amazon.

Self-publishing probably won’t make you rich, but it’s an “excellent source of passive income.” This means that you can collect some money from time to time without giving it much attention and effort. You can also make use of your blog as a complete marketing platform.

3- Commission marketing

If you often mention products on your blog, look for affiliate marketing opportunities. Let’s say you have a blog about smoothies. You can market a specific blender that’s sold on Amazon in one of your posts, and if a reader clicks on the link and buys the blender, you’ll get a commission.

To find advertisers and products for your site, join an affiliate network, such as ShareASale, CJ Affiliate,, Rakuten Marketing, or Amazon Associates.

Affiliate marketing is a serious profit for many bloggers. In 2017, Hogue earned nearly $2,000 a month this way. He also knows who uses this method to bring in tens of thousands each month.

This method works best for blogs that get a lot of traffic. The higher the readership, the more likely someone is to see your post, click on the link, and purchase the product.

4- Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is when companies pay you a fixed fee to publish a post about their product. You or the blender company will create a post on your smoothie blog about a particular blender, which can include a link to a website where readers can purchase it.

It can be difficult to get sponsored content opportunities if your blog is not getting a lot of traffic. But Hough says that even low-traffic bloggers should ask for at least $100 when the opportunity arises. You can order more if you have to write the content yourself. You can command hundreds of dollars per time once your blog gets a bigger audience.

You can find these opportunities on ad networks or by communicating with potential sponsors. You may also receive spam emails offering money for a sponsored post.

This tactic is not for everyone. Some bloggers don’t feel comfortable promoting a product for money. Hogue suggests promoting only products you’ve actually tried and recommend. The products should also be relevant, so don’t bother about carpet cleaner on your smoothie blog unless you’re prone to spilling your drinks.

5 ways to attract followers to your blog

Appearance: Guests judge your blog by its appearance, as the latter gives an idea of ​​who you are and the quality of your content. Adding pictures and matching colors may suggest that you are an organized and tidy person. In no way do you need an extravagant design, all you need is a design that is in line with your goal, and the guests feel a kind of comfort and motivation. Remember to avoid boring gray designs.

Website design: An organized blog clearly defines the functionality of your site, and therefore its success. It should be easy to locate an RSS feed subscription tab to encourage followers to stay informed. Provide an RSS link at the top of your blog. Adding opt-in links to your readers can also drive activity. It is important to expand in all forms of communication on the Internet such as Facebook, web directories or other blogs, and you must constantly expand your sphere of influence in the blogosphere. It is also important to provide visual links to these media on your homepage, because what is the use of them if they are difficult to access.

Content: Your goal as a blogger is to attract the largest number of followers and gain popularity. You can only achieve this by providing the right content to the right audience. Your blog should provide news, trends, information, etc. to the audience you want to target. If your content is disorganized or boring, your subscribers will not want to follow you. Keeping up with the latest trends and information will give you an edge against those who rework old businesses.

Target audience: Subscribers are the lifeblood of any successful blog. When entering the world of blogging, know that those who increase your reputation are your followers. Therefore, try to attract a specific audience and stick to it. Although there are very few blogs on the site, you should keep your followers craving for more posts. Make sure you remain yourself and provide meaningful and friendly content that is relevant to the type of audience you are targeting. Investing in a CPC or CPM ad network can generate a solid source of income if your traffic is significant. Google Adsense is among the most efficient advertising programs on the web, as it scans the content of your posts and then inserts ads relevant to your blog visitors.

Expansion and expansion of the base of subscribers: Expanding the base of subscribers may seem daunting, but with perseverance and hard work, you can achieve anything. Start by commenting on other people’s blogs to prove your presence. Joining a close-knit community of bloggers increases your traffic exponentially. This is a free marketing technique where the blogger builds an audience among all his blogs. Establishing relationships with other writers also increases traffic to both sites. Email communication can also be helpful, but avoid spam.

Blogging is a great form of personal expression in all areas of interest. It’s a great way to highlight anything you can imagine and gather opinions on it. Whatever the motivation, following these guidelines will definitely contribute to the success of your blog.

Before you think about how to make money from a blog

No matter what tactic you choose to make money with a blog, making money blogging takes patience. You won’t be able to make big profits until your blog gets strong traffic and appears high in Google search results, and that takes time. Hogue recommends subscribing to blogs about blogging and sites that delve into search engine optimization.

Regardless of all the dedication and effort required to make money with your blog, you’d better choose a topic that you’re passionate about. “You’ll talk about it a lot, and sometimes that passion is the only motivation to do it,” says Hough.